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Worldhopping is an ability which is used to move from place to place in the Physical Realm. Anyone who worldhops can go to different planets, as well as move about on the planet they're already on. So far this ability is only confirmed to be able to be used by those with access to certain manifestations of Investiture. (Note that worldhopping is not instantaneous movement akin to teleportation, as implied by a (paraphrased) quote from Brandon Sanderson: if you plan to worldhop often, a longer life expectancy is useful.)


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Worldhopping is possible in several ways: the first is to travel via space (since all the cosmere is in a dwarf galaxy) using Allomancy and Feruchemy or AonDor (as it is used at the end of Elantris to fast travel) the other is to travel to the Cognitive Realm using some ability of their magic system. Only one magic system, Surgebinding, has been confirmed to allow access to the Cognitive Realm. However all Shardworlds have their own ways of reaching it.[1] Since Galladon and Demoux are somehow able to worldhop, it is likely that AonDor and Allomancy or one of the other Metallic Arts allows access to the Cognitive Realm. This is further confirmed by the fact that someone from Scadrial accessing Shadesmar is a plot point for a future book.[2]

Once a person is in the Cognitive Realm, provided they have the knowledge of how to do so, they can worldhop wherever they want.[3] The exact process for worldhopping is unknown, beyond the fact that it requires leaving the Physical Realm.[1] At some point in Sel's distant past, Odium killed the Vessels of both Devotion and Dominion and Splintered the two Shards.[4] The collective power of the Splintered Shards became somehow trapped in the Cognitive Realm, and is now what Selish people call the Dor.[5]

Because of this, while travel to Sel is possible via the Cognitive Realm (for example, one can use a Perpendicularity that exists in the form of a pool of sapphire-colored liquid near Elantris), the raging uncontrolled power of the Dor makes travel in that manner "really tough"[6][7].

Perpendicularities can be used by some people to worldhop.[8]

Known Worldhoppers[edit]

Worldhopping groups


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