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World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Aether is an unusual substance seen on Roshar.[1]


Mem is tasked with removing a stain on Mraize's Azish cavalrylord's suit; its composition is unknown, but she thinks it is a combination of oil and blood. She has a great deal of difficulty removing the stain, but eventually cleans it off without damaging the suit's delicate Mycalin dye, surprising Mraize and earning her a bonus.[1] He mentions that the stain was "aether", and Mem is clearly unfamiliar with the word.[1]


Mraize is confirmed to have aether in his collection of curios.[2][3] Because he is a Worldhopper,[4] the provenance of the aether is unknown. Mraize owns several items related to Investiture on other planets, such as an Aviar from First of the Sun[5] and white sand from Taldain.[6] If the aether has magical properties, they have not been revealed, as Mraize cannot activate them.[6]


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