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Residence Vedenar
Nationality Veden
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Mem is a washwoman in the employ of Mraize.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

She appreciates Mraize's refined manner and his taste in clothing, and enjoys the fact that he does not require her to use a servant's entrance. She believes that the notion of servants being "invisible" is a fallacy since they are usually closely watched by the house steward and their master's guests, and notes that Mraize's associates are particulary wary. She enjoys her work and finds it fulfilling, since there will always be a need for clean clothes.[1]

The need for clean clothing outlived disasters. The end of the world could come, but that would only mean more bloodstains to wash.



Mem was quite skilled at the art of doing laundry, with knowledge of many different dyes, fabrics, and cleaners. She washed clothes at a central location in Vedenar with other washwomen. Mem successfully cleaned a particularly tough stain from the Mycalin-dyed pants of Mraize's Azish cavalrylord's suit; she thought the stain was a combination of oil and blood, but Mraize referred to it as "aether". She earned herself a three-firemark bonus and high praise from Mraize.[1]

Mem, you are an absolute genius. Not every hunter carries a spear, and this is proof indeed.

Mraize, after Mem cleans the aether from his pants[1]

She briefly had Pom as an assistant, and thought she was surprisingly beautiful for a washgirl. She was flabbergasted when Pom destroyed one of Mraize's paintings, as she was not aware of Pom's true identity.[1]


  • She is a cameo for Emily Grange.[2]


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