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by Exmakina
Abilities Nahel bond, Bondsmith magic, Sliver[1], Splinter of Honor[2], Cognitive Shadow[3]
Bonded With Dalinar
Titles Rider of Storms, Storm Rider,[4] God of Storms,[5] Spren of Storms[6]
Aliases Jezerezeh, Kelek
Species Spren
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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I am that which brings Light and Darkness

—Stormfather explaining his role to Dalinar.[7]

The Stormfather is a powerful spren on Roshar. He is the personification of storms and the divine. In Vorinism, he is identified with the Herald Jezerezeh. Puuli identifies him with the Herald Kelek.[8] To the listeners he is known as the Rider of Storms.[9]


The Stormfather is a spren. He has also merged with the Cognitive Shadow of the Almighty[10]; in his own words, "the memory men create for him, now that he is gone."[11] Despite the Vorin view of him, he has stated that he is not a Herald.[7]

According to listener beliefs he is one of the spren who betrayed them and protected the humans instead of the listeners. Because of his power, they still respect him; however, and it is thought that he would kill any who do not respect him. This leads to a mix of awe and fear from the listeners.[9]


He controls the highstorms, and can summon them to a particular location.[7] He appears as a giant face during highstorms, although it's unclear whether non-Surgebinders can see him.[12] It was mentioned in listener songs that he could appear to some during a storm, although it was only in song and unheard of to actually happen.[9] He mentions to Eshonai that he would protect her from her own transformation into Stormform if he could, but that it was not within his power to shelter people.[9] He is not always present within the highstorms.[13]

The Stormfather is able to talk to others in a space that seems outside of time and space.[14] People experiencing this feel as if everything around them fades away except the area closest to them. Those in the air feel as if they are standing on solid ground and the wind and highstorm seem to stop in place.[6] After this it feels as if no time as passed. He is not omnipresent and can only see things he is directly over or is in the sight of someone he has bonded with.[15]

He apparently exerts some influence over honorspren and their ability to form Nahel Bonds, but could not hold back Syl so long as Kaladin said his oaths.[16] He has been bonded to multiple Bondsmiths as their spren and is currently bonded to Dalinar Kholin.[11]

He was the carrier of Dalinar's visions,[7] and was instructed by Honor to give the visions to someone who would best be served by them, as well as a future Bondsmith.[11][17] These visions can be given to anyone as long as they are close to a highstorm and can be given to more than one person at a time.[18] While experiencing a vision, a person will feel as if they have been transported to another place. The people they interact with will see them as someone else. The visions feel very real and the person can experience pain while in them. The visions often depict places of ancient times.[19] People cannot summon a Shardblade in a vision. While in a vision a person will attempt to act out what is happening with their physical bodies and may need to be restrained.[20] The language spoken will be specific to the time and place of each vision. Participants do not need fluency in these languages, nor do these languages need to be in current use on Roshar.[21][19] Languages that can be used include the Dawnchant.[22] When bonded to a Bondsmith, the Stormfather can give these visions to his Bondsmith at any time, even if they are not close to a highstorm. He can also have them be placed in a vision that someone else has been placed in.[17] When his Bondsmith is put into a vision, they can use Surgebinding,[18] and the Stormfather can show them any vision and transport them to different areas of the vision.[23] He can also slow down the time of the visions but leave those brought into it unaffected.[22] The Stormfather has almost complete control over the visions but others can override him and enter on their own, such as Lift using her boon from the Old Magic or Shards.[24][25]

The Stormfather has a large amount of raw Investiture, having more than the Unmade, but is very restricted in what he can do.[26]


The Stormfather is an incredibly powerful spren who likely had existed so long as there were highstorms. It appears he can hold onto memories perfectly or at least better than other spren, as he was aware of what had been done to the rest of the spren by their human counterparts.[27]

The Stormfather is first seen directly when Kaladin is strung up to face his judgment by order of Torol Sadeas. Kaladin glimpses him as a large face, as vast as the entire sky before him but later questions whether he had just been delirious from the onslaught of the highstorm.[28]

He is shown again directly the second time that Kaladin dreams of being the highstorm as it passes overhead. Here Kaladin recognizes the dream sequence and begins dreaming lucidly, allowing him to turn around and speak to the Stormfather directly. He accuses Kaladin of being a traitor who will hurt and kill Syl. He mentions that he believes humans cannot be trusted, and then gives Kaladin a warning and an apology before he wakes up.[27]

At one point Dalinar began seeing visions from The Almighty. The Stormfather did this as it was instructed to him by Honor but personally saw it as a waste of time, as the Everstorm materialized nonetheless.[11]

When Sadeas's assassination attempt on the Shattered Plains leads to Kaladin falling 70 meters into the chasm below he survives.

While Kaladin and Shallan are waiting out the highstorm in the chasms, the Stormfather appears again to Kaladin. Here he makes it clear that he has effectively killed Syl and that he would never again regain his powers. He is also seen by Shallan, although he does not address her directly.[29]

He later speaks to Dalinar during the Battle of Narak, where he claims that the Alethi side is lost but promises to conjure a highstorm later in order to sweep away their dead as a sign of respect.[7]

Kaladin could hear Syl arguing with him while attempting to protect Elhokar from Moash and Graves. Syl points out that he can only hold her back so long as Kaladin does not utter the words of the Knights Radiant and upon him doing so, the Stormfather reluctantly concedes that Syl may now rejoin Kaladin.[16]

After ascending to the top of Urithiru, Dalinar speaks with him, successfully bonding him. The Stormfather requires that Dalinar go without Shardplate or Shardblade, and tells him that if Odium killed Honor he will surely do the same to him, but nonetheless accepts the words.[11]

The bond allows the Stormfather to show Dalinar his visions at will.[23] He also marries Dalinar and Navani atop Urithiru.[14]


Being strung up in a highstorm is referred to as being judged by the Stormfather.[30]

He considers the honorspren to be his children.[7]


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