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World Roshar
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Thaylenah is an island kingdom of Roshar South of the Frostlands and Kharbranth. It is separated from the mainland by the Longbrow's Straits.[1]


The Kingdom holds five Shardblades and three suits of Plate, each owned by a different house.[2][expand]



Thaylen people have long eyebrows that they tuck behind their ears as a sign of respect.[3] Silk patterned vests, shirts, and skirts with removable hems are fashionable for Thaylen woman to wear. It is mentioned that Thaylen bread is puffy, like cake,[4] with a long and rounded shape.[5] Thaylens have a distinctive accent; they give emphasis to unusual syllables and run words together. They seem to have a habit of ending sentences with "you see."[3][6]


The dominant cultural tradition in Thaylenah is Alethi Vorinism. Thaylen culture diverges slightly from pure Vorinism in some ways. Despite discouragement from the Ardentia, belief in the Passions is common.[7] Many Thaylen men also learn to write using Thaylen script.


Thaylen merchants travel with wagon caravans to trade items throughout Roshar. Master merchants are legally fathers, or babsks, to their apprentice merchants. Traditional merchant clothing, consisting of a flat-topped conical hat and starched robes, identify master merchant from their servants and guards.


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