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Ethnicity Thaylen
Capital Thaylen City
Ruled by Fen Rnamdi
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Thaylenah is an island kingdom of Roshar South of the Frostlands and Kharbranth. It is separated from the mainland by the Longbrow's Straits.[1]


Thaylenah is an elective monarchy where the nobility elects the new king or queen after the death of the previous one, with the current ruler being Queen Fen Rnamdi.[2] As the state derives much of its income from trade, the merchant councils also hold significant power.[3]

The Kingdom holds five Shardblades and three suits of Plate, each owned by a different house. Shardbearers are referred to as highguards. Prior to the Battle of Thaylen Field, known highguards are Hrdalm, who wields the Shardplate Cvaderln, and Tshadr and Estnatil, who wield an unnamed Plate and Blade respectively. Following the Battle, Estnatil's Blade is now in hands of Kdralk, the Queen's son.[4]

The country has only two known major cities - Thaylen, in a large lait on the nothwestern coast, and Klna, a shipbuilding centre further east.[5]


During the Heraldic Epochs, the islands that now compose Thaylenah were part of the Kingdom of Thalath.[6] The current capital, Thaylen City, was likely the capital of Thalath, as it possesses that state's Oathgate.[7] It's unclear when the country broke apart.

Within the past few decades, Fen Rnamdi was elected as the Queen of Thaylenah. The coming of the Everstorm dealt massive damage to the country's economy as Thaylen City was devasted, first by the storm itself, and then by the local Parshmen stealing the ships and leaving.[8] Having no other choice, the Thaylen allied with Urithiru, remaining even after the alliance with other countries broke up.[9]

Most recently, the country was the site of one of the True Desolation's first major engagements, the Battle of Thaylen Field.


A Thaylen woman, with the characteristic long eyebrows and a glove instead of a full safehand.


Thaylen people have long eyebrows that they tuck behind their ears as a sign of respect.[10] Silk patterned vests, shirts, and skirts with removable hems are fashionable for Thaylen women to wear. Thaylens have a distinctive accent; they give emphasis to unusual syllables and run words together. They seem to have a habit of ending sentences with "you see."[10][11]

It is mentioned that Thaylen bread is puffy, like cake,[12] with a long and rounded shape.[13]

Language and writing[edit]

Thaylen words can be recognized by clusters of consonants (babsk, Cvaderln, Kdralk). Fittingly, their own writing system, the Thaylen script, is an abjad - it contains no vowels. In contrast to most other Vorin countries, Thaylen men seem to be permitted to learn how to read or write the script, although it's not a skill shown off publicly.[14]


The dominant cultural tradition in Thaylenah is Alethi Vorinism, albeit mixed heavily with local culture and native beliefs. Despite discouragement from the Ardentia, belief in the Passions is common.[14] The Thaylen women seem to eschew traditional Vorin full-sleeve safehand, instead covering their left hands with long gloves.[15]


Thaylen merchants travel with wagon caravans to trade items throughout Roshar. Master merchants are legally parents, or babsks, to their apprentices. Traditional merchant clothing, consisting of a flat-topped conical hat and starched robes, identify master merchant from their servants and guards.


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