Longbrow's Straits

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Longbrow's Straits
Map LongbrowsStraits.png
Type Body of water
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere

Longbrow's Straits is a waterway that separates the island of Thaylenah from the Frostlands on mainland Roshar.[1][2] The straits are likely named for the famous sailor Longbrow.[3]

The straits are lined by tall, sleek lighthouses for navigation.[4] Various creatures live in the water, including santhidyn, khornaks, redwaters, and schools of small fish.[2] The straits become narrow near Klna City, but in some areas they are wide enough that it can be difficult to see land.[2]


In 1173, the Wind's Pleasure traveled the straits, taking Shallan and Jasnah on their journey from Kharbranth to the Shattered Plains.[2] The seas were relatively calm at the time, but Tozbek implied that sailing the straits could sometimes be difficult.[2] Shallan noted the dark appearance of the distant Frostlands and the cliffs visible on Thaylenah. She sighted a rare santhid and ordered the crew to lower her into the water so that she could sketch it.[2]

In Shadesmar[edit]

Longbrow's Straits corresponds to a landmass in the Rosharan subastral (Shadesmar). It is located at the south end of the Sea of Lost Lights and it borders the Glasswater Deep and the Luminous Shallows.[5] It contains the Cognitive Realm version of Thaylen City and a small lake that is hated by Nazh.[5]

When Kaladin and his companions were trapped in Shadesmar in 1174, Kaladin realized that the Honor's Path would sail relatively close to Longbrow's Straits, and he hoped to reach the landmass there to try and seek out the Oathgate in Thaylen City.[6] They eventually sighted Longbrow's Straits, and Kaladin flew the party onto the land, which contained a strange, empty glass forest.[7][8] After a long journey through the forest, they reached Thaylen City, where the Oathgate was guarded by thousands of enemy spren.[8]


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