Sea of Lost Lights

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Sea of Lost Lights
Sea of Lost Lights.jpg
World Shadesmar
Universe Cosmere

The sea of beads rolling against itself began to sound soothing. Even rhythmic.

Adolin watching the Sea of Lost Lights[1]

The Sea of Lost Lights is a large sea in eastern Shadesmar, the subastral of Roshar.[2] The origin of its name is unknown.


The Sea of Lost Lights lies in the region of Shadesmar corresponding to the Physical nations of Alethkar, Jah Keved, and Herdaz, as well as the Frostlands, Unclaimed Hills, and Thaylenah.[3][4] To the west, it flows into the Sea of Souls; to the east, it reaches the shores of the Expanse of the Broken Sky and Expanse of the Vapors.[2] A stretch of land separates it from Thaylen Sea, the Cognitive representation of the island of Thaylenah.[4]

Topographical Features
Name Type of Landform Relative Physical Realm Location[4][5]
Sea of Oracles Sea Northern Alethkar and Jah Keved
Salavashi Trench Sea Sunmaker Mountains
Glasswater Deep Sea South Alethkar/ western Frostlands
Luminous Shallows Sea Southern Frostlands
Smolderbrand Channel Waterway Eastern border of Alethkar/Eastern Crownlands
North Hallen Channel Waterway Eastern Crownlands
South Hallen Channel Waterway Unclaimed Hills
Celebrant Channel Waterway Border of Sebarial Princedom and Eastern Crownlands
Emberdark Channel Waterway Border of Sebarial Princedom and Eastern Crownlands
Nor Channel Waterway Border of Bethab and Sebarial Princedoms

Topographical Features[edit]

Like all "seas" in Shadesmar, the Sea of Lost Lights isn't filled with water, but rather small beads that represent the various Cognitive aspects of physical objects.[6] There are no winds in Shadesmar, and the only known weather phenomenas are the highstorm and the strips of clouds common to the subastral.[7] Nonetheless, the sea roils and the beads constantly move and clack against each other.[1]

The Sea of Lost Lights has numerous peninsulas, corresponding to Physical rivers, and several small islands, equivalent to lakes.[4] The land is made from a material akin to dark glass or obsidian.[6] Channels are occasionally cut through the peninsulas to make sea travel easier.[8] Many of these channels are cut through the peninsulas that represent the Deathbend River.[5]


There is a variety of plant life in Shadesmar, which, like in the Physical Realm, appears to differ based on region. In the northern section of the Sea of Lost Lights, fernlike plants and mushroom-like trees can be found growing along the peninsula shorelines that reflect rivers in Alethkar.[9][7]Further south, a jungle made of black trees with multicolored leaves, red trees that end in minerals, and moss, can be found on the island representing the Longbrow's Straits.[10] Along the southern edge of the Sea of Lost Lights, there are crystal trees with spikey limbs and no leaves.[11]

A fairly sizeable population of non-sapient spren that live within the ocean of beads.[6][9][7]

Notable Locations[edit]

True spren live in a number of cities and other settlements within Shadesmar. The Sea of Lost Lights includes the following settlements;


At some point in recent past, honorspren attempted to conquer all of Shadesmar, including the Sea of Lost Lights. The attempt left them with a poor reputation among other sapient spren.[12] For this reason, they are rare in places like Celebrant, although their warships still sail there.[13]

At the beginning of the True Desolation, many cities in the Sea of Lost Lights were taken over by the Fused, although they ruled rather lightly, save for occasionally setting things on fire.[13]

After being transported to Shadesmar through the corrupted Kholinar Oathgate, Shallan, Kaladin, and their spren, as well as Adolin and Azure, got trapped in the Sea of Lost Lights.[6] They traveled to Riino's lighthouse, where they managed to find passage to Celebrant on a ship crewed by Reachers and pulled by mandra.[14] There, they were chased by the Fused and ended up taking refuge on the honorspren ship Honor's Path.[13] When the Fused were seen chasing the ship, the humans and their spren escaped, before traveling over the island that represented Longbrow's Straits to reach Thaylen City.[10][15]

At some point around 1175 the Ghostbloods created a shipping route through the Sea of Lost Lights with the intent to move Investiture through the area.[16]


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