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Sea of Lost Lights

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Sea of Lost Lights
Sea of Lost Lights.jpg
by Isaac Stewart
World Shadesmar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

The sea of beads rolling against itself began to sound soothing. Even rhythmic.

Adolin watching the Sea of Lost Lights[1]

The Sea of Lost Lights is a large sea in eastern Shadesmar, the subastral of Roshar.[2] The origin of its name is unknown.


The Sea of Lost Lights lies in the region of Shadesmar corresponding to the Physical nations of Alethkar, Jah Keved and Herdaz, as well as Frostlands and Unclaimed Hills.[3] To the west, if flows into the Sea of Souls; to the east, it reaches the shores of the Expanse of the Broken Sky and Expanse of the Vapors.[2] To the south, a stretch of land separates it from Thaylen Sea, the Cognitive representation of the island of Thaylenah.[4]

The Sea of Lost Lights has numerous narow strips of land, corresponding to Physical rivers, and several small islands, equivalent to lakes.[4] The land is made from a material akin to dark glass or obsidian.[5] There are scant few plants growing, but the population of non-sapient spren is fairly sizeable.[6] The strips of land are known as channels, and most of the notable ones correspond to Deathbend River and its tributaries.[7] They are:

Like all "seas" in Shadesmar, the Sea of Lost Lights isn't actually filled with water, but rather small beads that represent the various Cognitive aspects of physical objects.[5] There is no wind there, nor any weather phenomena other than strips of clouds common to all of Shadesmar.[6] Nonetheless, the sea roils, the beads constantly moving and clacking against each other.[1]

The Sea is divided into several sections, most notably:[4][7]

Notable locations[edit]


At some point in recent past, honorspren attempted to conquer all of Shadesmar, including Sea of Lost Lights. The attempt left them with poor opinion among other sapient spren.[8] For this reason, they are rare in places like Celebrant, although their warships still sail there.[9]

At the beginning of True Desolation, many cities in the Sea of Lost Lights were taken over by the Fused, although they ruled rather lightly, save for occassionally setting things on fire.[9]

After attempting to use the Kholinar Oathgate, Shallan, Kaladin, their spren, as well as Adolin and Azure, got trapped in the Sea of Lost Lights.[5] They travelled to Riino's lighthouse, where they managed to find a passage to Celebrant by a ship crewed by Reachers and pulled by Mandras.[10] There, they were chased by the Fused and ended up taking refuge on a honorspren ship Honor's Path, which eventually ferried them to the shore, to the narrow peninsula separating it from Thaylen Sea.[9][11]


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