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Profession Bodyguard & Servant
Groups Diagram
Residence Urithiru
Nationality Thaylen
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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Mrall is a Thaylen bodyguard and one of the most trusted followers of King Taravangian and the Diagram.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Mrall is a thick-armed, Thaylen man who shaves his head and eyebrows.[1][2] He claims that he can simply turn off emotions and stop feeling a certain way, but is still awed by the level of destruction caused by the war they created in Jah Keved. He also considered Valam's request for his bastard son to kill him cruel.[1]

He is no scholar but is a full participant in the Diagram organization. He believes in the cause and is not afraid to speak his mind. [2] He is very supportive of the methods used by his organization to "save what they can" from Odium, and considers themselves "the only victors of the day" when Taravangian is received in Jah Keved with cheers.[1]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Mrall has a keen sense of awareness of his surroundings and experience commanding guards.[1] Though not a scholar, members of the Diagram take his opinions on their course of action into consideration.[2]


Once, on the day that Taravangian solved Fabrisan's Conundrum, Mrall had to have Taravangian locked up because Taravangian believed that it was reasonable to draft a law requiring all citizens below average intelligence commit suicide for the good of Kharbranth.[1]

Do you realize that the Eighty’s War between Emul and Tukar has lasted six years, and hasn’t produced nearly this level of desolation? Jah Keved ate itself in a matter of months!

—Mrall to Taravangian at their arrival to Vedenar[1]

Mrall accompanied Taravangian to Vedenar after the Veden civil war where Taravangian gained control of the Veden throne. When Szeth arrived to confront Taravangian, Mrall had his guards separate Taravangian from the Veden soldiers so Taravangian would not be associated with the Assassin in White. Mrall made excuses, claiming the king was old and overcome with grief. Mrall then brought Taravangian to see Highprince Valam on his deathbed.[1]

When the Alethi discovered Urithiru, Mrall accompanied Taravangian and other key members of the Diagram as they took up residence in the tower city.[3] On a day of notable brilliance in Urithiru, Mrall had to revise his original restrictions on Taravangian, after Adrotagia realized he had cheated the test. Mrall was later disturbed to see that Taravangian had made changes to the Diagram.[4]

After Dalinar Kholin did not yield to Odium at the Battle of Thaylen Field, Mrall questioned the Diagram's accuracy, concerned that it might be flawed. Prior to Taravangian's meeting with Odium, he suggested drafting a change of plan.[2]



Do you accept this assessment and these restrictions, Your Majesty?

—Mrall to Taravangian[1]

Mrall is Taravangian's bodyguard, but the king also considers him one of his closest and most loyal friends.[2] Not only is he close to the King himself, but is the final adjudicator of his daily capacity. He is the one to decide what tasks he would be allowed to do without supervision, based on daily tests and the elderly man's behavior.[1][4]


Adrotagia trusts Mrall and seems to be his confidant when it comes to Taravangian's state and decisions. They also seem to be friends.[4]


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