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Parents Fen Rnamdi, Kmakl
Titles Captainlord
Profession Soldier
Residence Thaylen City
Ethnicity Thaylen
Nationality Thaylen
Homeworld Roshar
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared Oathbringer

I regret only that I didn't speak loudly enough for you to hear the insults, despot.

—Kdralk to Dalinar[1]

Kdralk is the only known son of Queen Fen Rnamdi of Thaylenah and her prince consort, Kmakl.[2] As Thaylenah is an elective monarchy, he's unlikely to inherit the crown.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Kdralk is a young man, likely in his twenties. He's Thaylen, and has the characteristic long eyebrows of his people, which he wears spiked.[3] As the son of a queen, he's most likely a lighteyes.

He's enthusiastic, and wears his heart on his sleeve, always making his feelings and opinions clear. He does, however, have a short temper, and it's easy to goad him into losing it. Nonetheless, he's capable of thinking critically and when the push comes to shove, he's cautious. In a fight, he has good reflexes, holding back when necessary, though he can become frantic when pressed for time. Once presented with enough evidence, he's quick to change his opinion on others[1] When not hostile, he's exuberant and friendly.[3]

He's on good terms with his fellow officers, with numerous friends among them, and cares deeply about his parents.[1][2] After initially despising Dalinar for what he knows of the Blackthorn, he comes to admire him, and becomes eager to hang around him.[1]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Kdralk is a captainlord in the Thaylen military.[1] He has a keen understanding of naval warfare and strategy.[4] He's a skilled swordsman, and while not a Shardbearer, he has trained with the Stances.[1][2] He's also familiar with politics of Thaylenah and Rosharan economics, and can readily grasp the implications Oathgates have on both of them.[3]

He's fluent in the Alethi language, although he speaks with a heavy accent, mashing the words together.[1]


Kdralk was present when Dalinar Kholin visited Thaylen City for the first time. He was a member of a group of young Thaylen officers who were highly critical of the alliance with Urithiru, prompting Dalinar to goad him into issuing the challenge to the Blackthorn. After Kdralk managed to land a strike, Dalinar used stormlight to heal himself, sending the younger man into shock. This changed Kdralk's attitude, and he began to almost hero-worship Dalinar, even taking his bloodied shirt.[1]

He later came with his mother to Urithiru, and was an active participant in the multiple strategy meetings held there.[3] After Dalinar suggested sending Alethi battalions to Thaylenah, Kdralk was the one to point out that strategy works differently on the sea than on land.[4] When Dalinar revisited Thaylen City to examine its defenses, he was part of the group that was showing him around. During the subsequent meeting, he made a point of sitting next to Renarin.[3]

During the Battle of Thaylen Field, Kdralk took part in the fighting. After Adolin managed to return to the Physical Realm, he met with him, and together they pushed onward to aid Fen and Kmakl in a different part of the city. After they managed to join them, Fen sent Kdralk to recover the Shardblade of a fallen Thaylen Shardbearer, Estnatil, who had died when a Thunderclast had broken through the wall. He was additionally told by Adolin to try and hold the city's Low Ward against Odium's forces.[2]

His ultimate fate isn't specified; however, as Fen wasn't seen grieving after the battle, it's highly likely he survived.[5]


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