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Voidlight by Ari Ibarra.jpg
Related to Voidbinding, Odium
Type Investiture
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

She stared at that terrible light, and—from the songs—knew it for what it was. The forms of power had been associated with a dark light, a light from the king of gods.


Voidlight is the visible form of Investiture similar to Stormlight, but associated with Odium.[2]

Acquisition and Properties[edit]

Little is known about how Voidlight is generated or stored. In the past, Ba-Ado-Mishram is said to have provided it.[3] In the present, where it comes from is uncertain, although it's not directly from Odium.[4] The Fused enter the Physical Realm suffused with Voidlight.[5] It's possible the Everstorm brings it to Roshar.

Voidlight takes the form of dark, nearly black vapour, glowing violet.[6] When a person is infused with it, Voidlight spreads over the surface of their skin rather than sinking in.[6] On the skin, it pulses, and when a person infused with Voidlight moves, they leave behind trails of violet light.[5][7] However, Voidlight does not leak, at least not from the Fused.[8]

Voidlight doesn't appear capable of suffusing gemstones in the Everstorm, although Voidlight-infused spheres do seem to exist.[9][1]


A Fused glowing with Voidlight

Historically, the Regal forms of the singers are associated with Voidlight, which is said to come from the king of gods.[1] In the present day, it's used by the Fused to access Surges, similarly to how a Surgebinder uses Stormlight. Also similarly, Voidlight provides healing to the person infused with it.[7] However, Fused do not lose Voidlight when not using it, and it can power their Surges for far longer, albeit more weakly.[8] Holding it has some sort of emotional impact, though different from Stormlight's.[10]

Several Unmade are associated with Voidlight. Bonding with Yelig-nar causes a person to grow violet crystals, including a gemheart pulsing with Voidlight.[11] The sphere containing Nergaoul glows dark purple.[12][1] Moreover, when Dalinar sees Odium's true nature, the fire it burns with has the same coloring.[13]

Larkins are capable of feeding on Voidlight, with no apparent ill effects.[14]


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  • The appearance of Voidlight is inspired by Stygian colors, a type of chimerical colors.[15] A chimerical color can be "perceived" when a person stares at one color until the cones in their eyes tire, then looks at another, with an afterimage causing the colors to mix into imaginary shades in the observer's brain. Stygian colors are a subset of those occurring when the second color is black.[16]
  • The black sphere given to Eshonai by Gavilar may contain Voidlight.[1][17]


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