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Oathbringer, the third Stormlight Archive book, is out. There's so much to do with it and stuff to update. It's hard to know where to start!

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We'll have a list of articles that need to be updated with Oathbringer stuff up soon!

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Featured Article: Miles Dagouter

An illustration of Miles by Ben McSweeney
I do what needs to be done, Wax. Isn't that the code of the lawkeeper? I haven't stopped being one; you never stop being a lawkeeper. It gets in you. You do what nobody else will. You stand up for the downtrodden, make things better, stop the criminals. Well, I've just decided to set my sights on a more powerful brand of criminal.
—Miles to Wax

Miles Dagouter, also known as Miles Hundredlives, was the former lawman of True Madil in the Roughs of Scadrial and leader of the gang of thieves and kidnappers known as the Vanishers. Miles was determined to bring the government of the Elendel to its knees in his quest to get justice for its perceived mistreatment of the people of the Roughs.


I was a dog, Wax. A hound, kept in line with false promises and stern orders
—Miles on his time as a lawkeeper

Miles is not a kind or gentle man. He is full of scowls, a grumpy man who would rather shoot a suspect than actually take the time to determine his guilt or innocence. Despite his character flaws, True Madil is kept clean of any wrongdoings by Miles, so his methods, though they may be harsh, are effective. Miles never brings back a criminal alive though, he kills each and every man that he hunts down. Miles is not afraid of change, due in part to his nature as an Augur. Early on in his life, Miles hated all who broke the law. His punishments were harsh and he was merciless, particularly towards those that once followed the law, but turned their back on it. The severity of Miles' punishments were due to his feelings of helplessness. He did not believe that he could really make a difference in the amount of crime in the Roughs.

After many years in the Roughs, an enduring hatred for the city of Elendel and its leaders grew within Miles. Early in life, this did not bother him as much. However, as time went on, Miles became more and more disillusioned by his role and the things he saw every day as a lawman. He began to believe the City had betrayed him and slowly grew bitter at the injustices he felt that he faced. He has come to believe that there is nothing truly sacred about the law, it is merely a tool of the wealthy to maintain their power and influence. He hates that he used to allow others to make rules for him. Miles will occasionally burn gold so that he can view the lawman he used to be and the criminal he is now. Although he finds it disturbing how much the two hate one another, he believes that this practice is good for him. Miles thinks this allows him to combine something of what he was and something of what he is into a new alloy of himself.

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