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by Exmakina
Type Spren
Abilities Nahel bond, Windrunner magic, Splinters of Honor
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive
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I bind things, Kaladin. ... I am honorspren. Spirit of oaths. Of promises. And of nobility.
Syl to Kaladin[1]

Honorspren are a type of sapient spren.

They are Splinters of Honor.[2][3] Bonding with one makes someone a Knight Radiant of the Order of Windrunners.


In the Physical Realm, honorspren look like windspren.[4] They can change their appearance and choose who they show themselves to.

In Shadesmar, honorspren are blue-white and as large as humans.[5] They appear to be wearing clothes, but the clothes are part of their essence and cannot be changed without Stormlight. Some honorspren buy physical clothes to wear instead.[6] Of all spren, honorspren have the most human mannerisms.[3]


The first honorspren were created by Honor. When his death approached, Honor gave the responsibility of creating them to the Stormfather. The Stormfather made a few, including Sylphrena. All except her were killed during the Recreance, becoming deadeyes. Believing her dead along with the others, the Stormfather went centuries without creating any new honorspren. When he did remake them, he only created ten.[3] Those ten created the rest of the honorspren as their children as did their descendants (the ten created some children of their own, those children created others, and so on).

The honorspren have previously tried to conquer Shadesmar. Their culture is similar to the Alethi, and they both have a reputation as warmongers. [7]

Syl was recently rediscovered to be asleep and brought back to the other honorspren. When she realized a new Desolation was coming, she left Shadesmar and went to the Physical Realm to form a Nahel Bond with Kaladin. This caused the honorspren to post a huge reward for her return.[6] After the Everstorm arrived, other honorspren started bonding with humans.


Honorspren are not liked by other types of sapient spren. In Celebrant, there are no honorspren on the streets.[6] They have their own cities. The capital is Lasting Integrity.[6] They also have a stronghold called Unyielding Fidelity near Kharbranth.[6]

Nahel Bond[edit]

Windspren and Syl are kind of cousins.[8] She becomes sapient by bonding with Kaladin. This bond gains her the ability to think in the Physical Realm and in return Kaladin gets something from this bond, too.[9]

I'm willing to stop it, if you want. But I would go back to being as I was before. That scares me. Floating on the wind, never remembering anything for longer than a few minutes. It's because of this tie between us that I can think again, that I can remember what and who I am. If we end it, I lose that.
—Syl explains to Kaladin about their bond[10]

The bond is considered extremely intimate, as it involves the mixing of souls.[3]

Notable Honorspren[edit]


  • Honorspren are able to detect the arrival of a highstorm days before it appears.[11]


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