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by User: Exmakina
Type Spren
Abilities Windrunner magic, Splinter
World Roshar
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Honorspren are a subset of spren.

They are Splinters[1], presumably (at least mostly) of Honor. They are part of the magic of the Windrunners, an Order of the Knights Radiant.

Syl says she is an honorspren.[2]

I bind things, Kaladin. ... I am honorspren. Spirit of oaths. Of promises. And of nobility.
Syl to Kaladin[3]

At the time of The Way of Kings Syl is the only known honorspren, though there are more spren around.

While Syl starts as a Windspren, not all Windspren become honorspren. Windspren and Syl are kind of cousins.[4] She becomes sentient by bonding with Kaladin. This bond gains her the ability to think in the Physical Realm and in return Kaladin gets something from this bond, too.[5]

'I'm willing to stop it, if you want,' she said. 'But I would go back to being as I was before. That scares me. Floating on the wind, never remembering anything for longer than a few minutes. It's because of this tie between us that I can think again, that I can remember what and who I am. If we end it, I lose that.' ...

'If I'm not cursed,' Kaladin said softly, 'then why do I live when others die?' 'Because of us,' Syl said. 'This bond. It makes you stronger, Kaladin.'

—Syl explains to Kaladin about their bond[6]


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