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Abilities Splinter of Honor
Species Honorspren
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Phendorana is a honorspren on Roshar. She has some level of importance or authority among her kind.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

She takes the form of a human-sized person with long hair and an elegant gown.[1] This is noticeably larger than Sylphrena's usual appearance in the Physical Realm, which is about a handspan tall.[2] Syl vaguely recalls Phendorana reprimanding her when she was searching for Kaladin, implying that Phendorana has a leadership role among the honorspren.[1]


According to Notum, all of the honorspren except for Syl became deadeyes on the Day of Recreance. The Stormfather created ten more honorspren after several hundred years of mourning, and Phendorana was either among those ten spren or was descended from them.[3]

In 1174 Lunamor noticed Phendorana watching the Windrunner squires and hopefuls of Bridge Four training on the Shattered Plains.[1] Lunamor was the only person who saw her, due to his ability known as alaii’iku that allowed him to see spren that were invisible to other people.[4] She was surrounded by several dozen smaller honorspren, more than Lunamor had ever seen in one place.[1] Lunamor referred to Phendorana as "ali’i’kamura", the most important god present;[1] he had previously mentioned ali’i’kamura as a god that could offer protection from danger.[5]

He asked Sylphrena if Phendorana was similar to an Unkalaki clan leader called a nuatoma, and she replied "kind of maybe sort of halfway".[1] Syl recounted getting into trouble with Phendorana and the other honorspren when she started seeking Kaladin, as spren had generally shied away from the Nahel bond since the Recreance.[1][6] It is likely that Phendorana established (or was at least aware of) a large reward that had been offered for Syl's capture and return to Lasting Integrity.[7] After Kaladin and other humans began bonding spren once again, Syl believed that Phendorana decided to ignore her because she did not want to admit that she was wrong.[1]

Lunamor tried to think of a suitable offering, and ruled out bread and stew. He eventually approached Phendorana with a bowl full of Stormlight-infused spheres. Phendorana regarded him, then put her hand over the bowl and drew out the Stormlight before departing as a ribbon of light.[1]


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