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Dawnshard (novella)

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<Dawnshard (novella)>
Dawnshard cover.jpg
The Stormlight Archive
Follows Oathbringer
Precedes Rhythm of War
Setting Roshar, Cosmere
Released upcoming

Dawnshard is an upcoming novella featuring Rysn travelling to Aimia,[1][2] set between Oathbringer and Rhythm of War.[3] It is expected to be released in October 2020, about one month before the release of Rhythm of War.[4]


Brandon originally intended to call the novella Wandersail after the ship Vstim had given Rysn and upon which she would be sailing. However he decided to change it to prevent confusion with the Wandersail that Wit told a story about,[4] and to reserve Wandersail as a title for a potential picture book.[5]

Brandon decided to write and publish this novella between Rhythm of War and Oathbringer because Aimia has relevance to the story and Rysn was the character best able to go there, presumably because of her newly acquired ship.[1] The book should reveal some of the history and current situation of Aimia and the Sleepless.[6]

Brandon has confirmed Lopen to be a secondary viewpoint character in the novella.[5]


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