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Mistborn is a fantasy series by Brandon Sanderson. It is a major part of the cosmere sequence and is set mostly on the planet Scadrial.

It is most well known as the trilogy of Mistborn: The Final Empire, The Well of Ascension and The Hero of Ages, but there have been additional installments. Brandon originally planned a "trilogy of trilogies" but this has been expanded into a number of series over various eras in the history of Scadrial.

Era 1: Original Trilogy[edit]

Artwork for the Brazilian and Spanish releases of the trilogy

The first Mistborn trilogy chronicles the efforts of a secret group of Allomancers who attempt to overthrow a dystopian empire and establish themselves in a world covered by ash.

Book Title Order Length In-world
Notes Refs
2006 Mistborn: The Final Empire #1 Novel 1022 FE
2007 The Well of Ascension #2 Novel 1024 FE
2008 The Hero of Ages #3 Novel 1025 FE
2011 The Eleventh Metal #0.5 Short Story 1019 FE Released in the core rule book of the Mistborn Adventure Game, later in Arcanum Unbounded
2016 Mistborn: Secret History #3.5 Novella 1022-1025 FE Occurs concurrently with events from the end of Mistborn: The Final Empire to the end of The Hero of Ages. Should ideally be read after The Bands of Mourning.

Era 2: Wax and Wayne Series[edit]

Set about 300 years after Era 1, the Wax and Wayne series is about the exploits of Waxillium Ladrian, a "wild-west Deputy" forced to move into the big city who starts investigating kidnappings and robberies.

Book Title Order Length In-world
Notes Refs
2011 The Alloy of Law #1 Novel 341 PC
2015 Shadows of Self #2 Novel 342 PC
2016 The Bands of Mourning #3 Novel 342 PC
2022 The Lost Metal #4 Novel 348 PC [1]
2014 Allomancer Jak and the Pits of Eltania N/A Short Story 341 PC Released in the Alloy of Law supplement of the Mistborn Adventure Game, later in Arcanum Unbounded [2]

The Alloy of Law was initially conceived as one of several short stories Brandon wanted to set between the first and second main trilogies that eventually grew into a full novel, and then a series.[3] The Wax and Wayne series is a single four book series; The Alloy of Law stands more-or-less alone while the rest are plotted together like a trilogy.[4]

Brandon has also said that he may do some more stories before the second trilogy, set in a 1940's society.[4]

Era 3: Ghostbloods Trilogy[edit]

Mistborn: Ghostbloods, the third trilogy, will be set in the early computer age with 1980s technology. The main character is planned as a Terris woman who is a computer programmer and Nicroburst; her brother is also planned to be a character.[5][6] Peter has described her as a "brown Terris geek girl", though he does point out that this could change by the time the series is actually being written.[7] Brandon backs up this description,[8] and describes it as a sort of "how nerd culture works on Scadrial."[9] Brandon had initially planned for the trilogy to feature an Allomancer SWAT team, with a team of allomancers hired to take out a serial killer, but is now leaning more towards a spy thriller.[10][11] It will probably be released in the 2020s, after Stormlight 5 and the Elantris sequels.[12]

He will be writing it in a similar manner to the first trilogy, writing all three books before publishing so that he could properly foreshadow and edit past books.[13][14] He is greatly looking forward to writing book ten.[15] These will be returning to the length of the Mistborn Era One books.[16][17][18][19][20]

It is planned for these books to include a global map of Scadrial.[21][22][23] There are short comic books that are planned to be interspersed in them, similar to the broadsheets in Era Two.[24] There are going to be allomancy-involved sports,[25] and various characters are planned to be Twinborn with "really neat combinations."[26] It is planned to take place fifty to seventy years after Era Two,[27] by which time the Southern Scadrians will be well-known to the rest of Scadrial.[28] It will put more focus upon Kelsier and Trell.[29][30][31][32][33] MeLaan is also expected to play a role.[34]

Possible Cyberpunk Mistborn Trilogy[edit]

Brandon has interest in writing a "Cyberpunk" Mistborn trilogy between Eras Three and Four.[35][36] Whether he writes it depends on how Era Three plays out[37] and if he feels he has enough time to write more books before he gets too old.[38][39] The books would be similar in length to Era Two (around 100,000 words)[20] and be written around the same time as the second half of the Stormlight Archive.[40] This trilogy would become Era Four and push space age Mistborn to Era Five[40] and put Mistborn up to a fitting sixteen books.[41] If a whole trilogy isn’t feasible he wants to at least write a novella.[42] Nothing about the characters or plot are known but Brandon wants to play with unsealed metalminds as cyberpunk-esque “metallurgic wetware”.[43] As of 2024, he feels committed to the idea of writing the trilogy, but doesn't promise it with certainty.[44]

Era 4: Fourth Mistborn Trilogy[edit]

The fourth trilogy is going to be a space-opera with Allomancy-powered faster-than-light technology.[45] Hoid will be a main character in this trilogy.[46] The Sleepless, or Dysian Aimians, will also have a major role in this trilogy.[47] The Iriali are also planned to have a major role.[48]

There may be two more currently untitled cosmere series written before this trilogy.[49]

He plans for each Era 4 book to be around the length of a Stormlight book.[16]

Other media[edit]

Cover Galleries[edit]

Era 1
The Final Empire · The Well of Ascension · The Hero of Ages · (Mistborn: Secret History)
Era 2
The Alloy of Law · Shadows of Self · The Bands of Mourning · The Lost Metal


  • MISTBORN: THE HERO OF AGES (Tor, Fall 2008)
  • Audio rights (entire series) to Macmillan Audio
  • Bulgarian rights (entire series) to Studio of A.
  • Chinese rights (traditional; entire series) to Fantasy Foundation
  • Chinese rights (simplified; entire series) to Shanghai Wanyu
  • Czech rights (entire series) to Talpress
  • French rights (entire series) to Calmann-Levy
  • German rights (entire series) to Heyne
  • Greek rights (entire series) to Fantastikos Kosmos
  • Hebrew rights (#1-2) to Opus Press
  • Hungarian rights (#1-3) to DeltaVision
  • Italian rights (#1-3) to Fanucci
  • Indonesian rights (#1-3) to Mizan Publishing
  • Japanese rights (entire series) to Hayakawa
  • Polish rights (entire series) to Mag
  • Russian rights (#1-2) to EKSMO
  • Russian rights (#1-3) to Azbooka-Atticus
  • Serbian rights (#1-3) to Laguna
  • Spanish rights (entire series) to Ediciones B
  • Turkish rights (#1-3) to Arkadas
  • UK rights (entire series) to Orion/Gollancz
  • Film rights for MISTBORN to Chris Geary and Paloppa Pictures LLC[50]


  • THE HERO OF AGES — #21 on NY Times hardcover list
  • THE WELL OF ASCENSION — Finalist for Romantic Times Award, Best Epic Fantasy
  • THE HERO OF AGES — Winner of the Romantic Times Award, Best Epic Fantasy
  • THE HERO OF AGES — Finalist for the inaugural David Gemmell Award
  • All three Mistborn Trilogy books are SF Book Club selections
  • THE HERO OF AGES — selected as an Indie Next List Notable for Dec. 2008[50]


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