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Classical Scadrial or the Classical Era of Scadrial refers to the period of Scadrial's history directly preceding the Ascension of the Lord Ruler and the Final Empire.

The general level of technology before the Classical Era ended was more advanced than during the Final Empire. Before Rashek's Ascension, the people of Classical Scadrial had achieved steam technology, and were close to achieving locomotive technology.[1] During this time period, Allomancy was the least-known of the three metallic arts, with the isolated Terris people[2], Worldbringers in particular, using Feruchemy, and people using piercings to communicate with their god.[3]

There were many different societies and nations on classical Scadrial, including ancient Terris, the Astalsi, the Khlenni, Kordel, and the many religions that Sazed taught of during his life as a Keeper. Notable individuals born in this time period included Rashek, Kwaan, Alendi and Haddek.


History of Scadrial
The Shattering Classical Scadrial Ascension of Rashek
  1. They had steam technology, and were just about to hit the railroad era
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  3. Then, they were seen as a means of communicating with deity—which, indeed, they were
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