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Abilities Feruchemist (formerly)[1]
Titles First Generation
Species Kandra
Nationality Terris
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Haddek is a member of the First Generation of the kandra and acts as the leader of the Firsts.

Appearance & Personalty[edit]

Instead of a True Body, Haddek, like the other Firsts, wears his own original bones.[2]


Before the Ascension of the Lord Ruler he was one of Rashek's fellow packmen.[expand] The changes made by Rashek during his Ascension included making Haddek into a mistwraith, and then after this he was given Hemalurgic Blessings, and became a member of the First Generation of kandra.

During the Battle of Hathsin, Haddek teaches Sazed the original Terris prophecies and aids the discovery of Ruin's true intentions. However, once it became clear that Ruin had begun to influence the kandra he declared that the Resolution had come, prompting most of the kandra to remove their blessings.[3]


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