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Sazed by Diego López.jpeg
Abilities Feruchemist, Shard of Harmony
Titles Hero of Ages, Rabzeen, The Anamnesor, Master Vaht,[1] Holy First Witness, The Announcer, Chief Ambassador of the New Empire, Harmony, God
Aliases Saze
Profession Keeper, Steward
Groups Kelsier's crew, Venture army
Nationality Terris
Homeworld Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared Mistborn: The Final Empire
By the Forgotten Gods!
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The religions in my portfolio weren't useless after all. None of them were. They weren't all true. But they all had truth.


Sazed is a Terrisman steward from Scadrial and the current Vessel of the Shard Harmony.[3] He is part of Kelsier's crew and is a Keeper, considered something of a rebel by the others of his kind.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

People are valuable, Mistress Vin, and so—therefore—are their beliefs.




Tall and long-limbed, Sazed has the build of a scholar.[4] His arms and legs are a bit too long for his body because of a medical condition caused by his being castrated as a boy.[5] He has a shaven head,[6] his earlobes have been stretched out, and the ears themselves contain studs that run around their perimeter. He wears the lavish, colorful robes of a Terris steward—the garments are made of embroidered, overlapping V shapes, alternating among the three colors of his master’s house. He is soft spoken, with a higher pitch and an almost melodic accent.[3]


His description varies as a Vessel. At times he is described as wearing a Terris garb, with a cloak of timelessness trailing behind him, made of storms and winds, clouds and rain, deserts and forests. His robe was the Terris V pattern, where each V reflected an entire age, akin to a strata of time.[7] Other times, he is described as being at the centre of two wings, one white and one black, mixing together in the middle with their edges reaching out to infinity.[8]

Around 348 PC, he is described by being trailed by a shadowy reflection of himself.[9][10]



When feeling confident, Sazed is a person who—without raising his voice, without seeming to make demands—can control a group and get the information he desires. He always claims that he's no leader, but he's actually a fantastic one when he puts his mind to it. His calm sense of purpose puts people at ease and makes them do as he requests.[11]

Sazed is kindly, peaceful, and respectful, but with a smart tongue, which is unusual for a steward. As a Keeper, he has many earrings, bracelets, and bands that act as his Feruchemical metalminds.[6] However, for a time after the death of the Lord Ruler, he has to stop wearing much of the jewelry to avoid tempting bandits.[4] As a Keeper, he is also necessarily secretive, for the Lord Ruler has hunted them practically since the Day of Ascension itself.[6]

He at first believes in all religions, embracing their contradictions but respecting what he considers the truth behind them all.[12] This changes after the loss of Tindwyl, when he loses all his faith and decides to read each religion in detail in search of the true one and discard them if they have any contradiction. This leaves him hopeless, as he finds contradictions in each one.[13] Again, this changes after his last battle in Urteau where, with the help of Spook, he finds his way back to faith.[14] This rediscovered peace stays with him until he becomes Harmony.[2]

Sazed enjoys researching and working on texts or engineering, and he keeps his workspace orderly and structured.[15] As a Terris man, he has specific speech patterns that are also recognizable in the sentence constructions of Tindwyl, Kwaan, the Lord Ruler and Alendi.

Vessel of Harmony[edit]

As Harmony, his personality was warped by the powers that he took up. Though he ultimately remained a calm and kindly individual, who deeply cares about the good of mankind.[16][17] He is very formal to those that he has not met, and often apologizes for his formality.[18]

He does not enjoy being worshipped, and encourages his followers to not worship him, for he considers doing good in the world as worship enough.[16] Even as Harmony, he continues to hold his omnist worldview, that all faiths as holding a grain of truth, and encourages his followers to study the religions recorded in the Words of Founding to learn from their moral codes.[16] This, alongside his humility and belief in the free-will of all people, likely plays a role in his acceptance of people following religions other than his own.[citation needed]

He sees even human flaws as strengths, and encourages his followers to find strength in all of their flaws.[16]

He professes to find the idea of forced breeding to create perfect people, that is to say, eugenics, to be nauseating.[19]

Despite his ability to manifest however he wishes, he still manifests as a Terrisman in Terris garb, displaying a lingering connection to his old body.[7] He also appears to still consider himself Terris.[19]

He believes in an afterlife in the Beyond. Though professes a lack of objective knowledge on whether or not an afterlife truly exists, he also openly admits that he is not truly omniscient. As such does not attempt to put up pretenses of omniscience or omnipotence, admitting to his limitations.[7][20] He even admits his own naïveté.[21] As a man open to sharing his limitations, he is even willing to admit his growing difficulty in taking action.[22] Much like other aspects of his personality, this can be seen rooted in his humility.

He finds great discomfort in his inability to take action due to his nature as Harmony.[citation needed] He considers himself to be one with Ruin and Preservation, as they make him up, and thus he finds it difficult to separate his mind from the power he holds.[23][24] He also considers the choice to not take up a Shard to be a wise one.[25] He considers himself to be new to the role of a Shard, despite his centuries holding on to it.[21][18]

Support of Free Will[edit]

He holds to the belief that humanity should discover new technologies and advancements by their own power, arguing that they are subtle consequences to helping them along too much. Alongside this, he believes that humanity should find their own path through the cosmere.[19] He also believes that if he intervenes too much, mankind could become overly reliant upon him, he trusts mankind to be able to solve their problems on their own, as he believes in humanity.[7] Furthermore, he believes that people shouldn't have their lives controlled or moved by others, and interprets his Intent as creating a way for as many people as possible to make their own choices.[26][27] This is all a part of his belief in free will and self-actualization, both on an individual and societal level.

His belief in free will of all people can be seen in his aforementioned religious tolerance, and support of people forming their own moral compass based on their own thoughts and research.[16]

Manipulations and Utilitarianism[edit]

Due to his inability to more directly act and effect the world, as mentioned above, he is willing to manipulate people in order to groom them for the good of Scadrial. However, he does not take pleasure in it, he feels sorrow for their pain and what he made them do, but he does not feel sorrow for making them do what he felt had to be done.[7] He does this despite fundamentally believing in human freedom, this contradiction has been observed to cause him internal conflict and guilt.[26][8][27]

For example, he manipulated Wax into his Sword, so that he could fight for the good of Scadrial, by sending the kandra Paalm in order to effectively groom him into said Sword.[28] He made Wax commit many painful actions in the furtherance of his plans for the future of Scadrial. He respected Wax's hatred of him, and even when put in peril by the encroaching threat of Trell, he continued to try and stop it through other methods. This was until he began to feel that Wax was his last choice, in which he came begging.[8] In the end, he informed Wax that nobody controls his life, and that he is deeply sorry for making him believe otherwise.[27]

This shows a degree of utilitarianism in his personality, as he is willing to go against his own moral compass, which advocates for free will for all people,[26][27] and manipulate individuals against their will, for the greater good of all of Scadrial. This does not, however, mean that he feels no pain at having to do this;[7][8][27] it also does not mean that he finds any means justified by the good it could potentially do for Scadrial.[19]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

… When the Steel Ministry no longer holds sway—men will wish to return to the beliefs of their fathers. On that day they will look to the Keepers, and on that day we shall return to mankind his forgotten truths.


A Terrisman Keeper, Sazed is a Feruchemist. This grants him the ability to store certain physical attributes inside bits of metal.[6] His most important power is the ability to store his memories in copperminds giving him access to a huge amount of knowledge. He holds mostly the information of old and current religions. This includes five hundred and sixty-two different religions: their prayers, their beliefs, and their mythologies.[1]

Religious rites are not the only things that Keepers store in their uncanny memories; his metalminds contain a vast wealth of information on culture, philosophy, and science. With this, Sazed has the capacity to be knowledgeable and skilled at several other things, such as healing, sanitation practices, or farming.[29][30] He stores many other abilities in his metalminds that allow him to be a better help in the rebellion, his body weight in iron, his physical speed in steel, his five Senses in tin, his strength in pewter, his mental speed in zinc, his body warmth in brass, his wakefulness in bronze and his health in gold.[6] After fighting several times with these powers, Sazed actually becomes a very good warrior.[31]


Sazed grew up as a Terrisman and became a Keeper due to his Feruchemist abilities. He listened to another Keeper recite his entire collection of histories, facts, and stories. Sazed memorized each sentence, then shoved those memories into a coppermind for later retrieval. Sazed remembered very little of the actual experience, but so long as he had the bracers on he could draw forth any of the books or essays he wished, placing them back into his mind and gaining the ability to recollect them as crisply as when he’d first memorized them.[5] He wasn’t content with feigned subservience and wanted to get involved in the rebellion, even if the other keeper said that was madness.[30] He became a rebellious Terrisman, though this was still considered docile for a normal person; he wanted to be part of a change to make the world better.[32]

The Skaa Rebellion[edit]

The only Terrisman to actively support the skaa rebellion, Sazed's main task was to gather information. He was used as messenger several times.[33]

Sazed was Kelsier´s steward appointed to serve Lord Renoux and later Vin, whom he prepared to play the part of a noble woman.[3] He helped her memorize the names of powerful families, practice dinners, learn conversational etiquette, memorize gossip, and learn to dance, among other things.[1][34] He accompanied Vin to Luthadel balls. At the start of them he stayed as close as possible, giving advice and support, but later he moved to the steward’s dinner to gain intelligence.[35] Afterward, he would report all the details he noticed, including the people who asked Vin to dance.[29]

Sazed found Vin missing after she followed Kelsier to Kredik Shaw and went after her. He managed to get there just in time to retrieve her, though she was severely wounded, and he also took a book they found there.[36] After that event, he spent most of his time translating the book, which turned out to be Alendi’s journal; at the time, he believed it was written by the Lord Ruler himself. He spent long hours in the library, poring over its pages with an uncharacteristically excited air.[37]

Sazed was fascinated with the information from the journal, mostly with the information from his people (Terris) and with how the land looked (green).[6] He and Vin also tried having her use some of his stored powers by burning his metals, but they found the feeling was similar to what it feels to recover information from the metal of a different Feruchemist. This was the key to understanding the immortality of the Lord Ruler.[33]

After Kelsier’s death, Sazed continued to believe in their cause and explained to Vin and the crew that his death might have been just part of his plan. With this, he inspired Vin to return to the highly secured chamber of the palace complex.[38] True to his vow to protect Vin, Sazed followed her. When she was captured and imprisoned, he left himself get weak, captured and beaten. He was placed in very bad shape into the cell next to her. However, he was able to use his metals to grow strong and force open the cells. He almost got her out before his strength ended, but in the end Elend came with some of his men to save them. With that support, Vin was able to find the cloak they had taken from her that contained her vials. They defeated the guards, and Sazed took Elend out into safety so Vin could go and fight the Lord Ruler.[39]

After seeing to Elend's safety, Sazed came back for Vin. She had beaten the Lord Ruler, but had not fully killed him. The two of them heard the Lord Ruler explain that by killing him they had doomed themselves, and then Vin finally killed him with a spear.[40]

Sazed figured out that the Lord Ruler was both a Feruchemist and an Allomancer, thereby understanding how he had kept himself young and powerful. This also explained the Terris breeding program and the Lord Ruler's hatred towards the Terris and Keepers: he had a fear that someone could gain his same powers.[41]

The Siege of Luthadel[edit]

After the Lord Ruler's death, Sazed left Luthadel to fulfill his duty as a Keeper and spread the knowledge of the time before the Lord Ruler to the people of the Final Empire. Sazed carried the complete knowledge of the Terris people, but his specialty was religion, especially those from before the Final Empire.[4] He went south, the direction where Kelsier thought the eleventh metal stories came from, he was frustrated not have information on it.[42]

He saw the land was full of chaos, death, hatred, and disorder now that the Lord Ruler’s no longer patrolled those places. Sazed was disappointed to understand that the people were hoping for him to come back and didn’t understand or care enough to learn a new religion, thus he decided to teach them more practical things. After the year passed and the dispassion of the people and the rejection from his kind continued, Sazed’ started to question the results of the rebellion.[30] He also came across mysterious deaths somehow related to the mists.[4]

He was then found by Marsh,[30] who led him to the Conventical of Seran where the Inquisitors had left after slaughtering all servants. He found spikes and started to ask questions on how Inquisitors were “created”. He also found the last words of Kwaan inscribed on a metal plate where he confessed to having found and later betrayed Alendi looking to avoid him from completing his quest. Sazed copied the information by marking it with charcoal and decided to go back north to pass the information.[5]

On his way back, he found a village where the people had died inside their homes from starvation and dehydration. One surviving man explained the people did not go out scared of the mists that came during the day. They found that from the people that did go into the mists, some people fled, but some had died. Sazed got the person to a safe place and left him there hoping he could manage and left in a hurry to Luthadel, understanding that the wrongness in the world was more than bandits and chaos.[43]

Before arriving at Luthadel, Sazed also encountered Jastes Lekal with an army of over twenty thousand Koloss. Sazed stood his ground and managed to talk his way out of the camp taking a message to Elend. His former friend wanted the atium and was ready to use his army to get it.[43]

When Sazed finally reached Luthadel, he found the city had been sieged by two other armies (one from Cett and the other was Straff's) so the Koloss army he brought added to the complexity of the situation. He also let them know of the mists, however, this news was not fully believed.[44]

He spent much of his time translating and studying the writings of Kwaan, comparing it to his previous knowledge and the writings in Alendi’s journal.[45] He also supported Elend on his research to find lawful ways to keep his throne.[15] Sazed also took the time to take care of the desperate people with no resources as well as the wounded, sick, and starving. They were at the warehouse, where Breeze used his soothing to help Tindwyl feel the need to listen and support Sazed with his studies, and they probably fell in love.[46][47] Both being Keepers, their research was deep and passionate with access to much more information than anyone could have had. They found the inconsistency of Kwaans actions towards Alendi.[48]

When he was sure that Luthadel would fall to the enemy armies and koloss, he pulled together the old crew except for Elend, Vin, and Spook, there they decided that the latter would be tricked into leaving the city before battle along with Tindwyl and Allrianne.[49]

Sazed defends the city from the koloss

Just before the Battle of Luthadel and under Dockson’s command, he moved to defend the Steel Gate, which was the farthest the koloss were likely to reach and should send messengers to Keep Venture in case of attack. Tindwyl decided to stay and declared her love to Sazed just before a battle.[50] However, as battle drew closer, his confidence flew from him, he asked to be removed from the command chain. He spotted skaa going into the city and went to them, asking to hide again. They were calling him Holy First Witness and looked up to him. Uncomfortable he kept asking them to hide but pulled in some courage and used his Feruchemy to fight a koloss, giving the order to fight. They did.[51] His gate was the last one to fall. He fought with his men bravely, though very few survived.[51] His gate fell around the time Vin came back so he moved back to the northern gate hoping koloss would have left by then. He found Breeze and moved the people to carry the wounded.[52] He later went to see Vin recover the city and beat Straff’s army, she asked him to secure the city and get supplies, then left. At that moment, he decided she was the Hero of Ages.[53]

Tindwyl died in battle, leaving Sazed to mourn her and leading him to doubt his religions. He stopped believing and entered a time of despair. In his mourning he decided to continue looking into the contradictions of the information on the well and its power, until he was attacked by Marsh.[54] Marsh was about to kill Sazed, but by mistake gave him his metalminds, which gave him the power to battle him until rescued by Ham.[55]

Completely torn from the last events, Sazed left Luthadel and went to the Conventical. There he realized the words of what he read had been changed and understood that only words in metal could be trusted. The last of his faith left him.[56]

The New Empire[edit]

Sazed was named Chief Ambassador of the New Empire and was sent to King Lekal’s palace to negotiate and sign the treaty with Elend Venture, they succeeded.[57]

A year had passed since he had lost Tindwyl and it not only hurt but he had been unable to recover his faith. He stopped wearing his copperminds and decided to study one religion at a time trying to find truth in them, but he added “Religion not true” every time he found any contradiction.[13]

He is appointed to lead the team to control Urteau. He accepted reluctantly as he didn’t feel strong in his faith and understanding of the world.[58] On his way he separated from the group to visit his people who now lived in the Pits of Hathsin. There he was received as a noble, with people calling him Lord or even Majesty.[59]

His short stay was enough to understand the mists did not affect the Terris people. He also made sure important information was kept in metal. Additionally he gave them suggestions on sanitation, food, and others. The people asked him to stay and lead them, but Sazed didn’t consider himself worthy.[60]

Urteau and last battles[edit]

Breeze and Sazed along with around 200 people reached Urteau to bring their rebellion down and find the cache to continue feeding their population. His first conversation with Quellion who ruled the city under the name “The Citizen” did receive them but made sure they understood Elend and his rule was not welcomed. They left his building but stayed in the city where they found Spook. He took them to their refuge (the Ministry Canton of Inquisition) where the "cache" was hidden, along with the water from the canals.[61]

During his time in this city, he took time to talk to the people and find ways to bring them to good terms with Elend. It was in one of the bars he discovered they believed in a "Survivor of the Flames."[62] During an execution, the new hero appeared and they recognized him as Spook. To avoid him getting beaten, Sazed and the others organized a riot and helped him escape.[63] After a long time Spook finally came back to their place. He cared so much for the city and acted so confident that Sazed decided to follow him as opposed to leading. His depression had taken him to not care anymore so he believed it was the best choice. His task would be to reverse-engineer the engine that would flood the canals again.[64]

He enjoyed this task and engrossed himself in the research of the engine, and continued to support Spook, who he grew to respect more even if he knew he was hiding something about his abilities.[65]

Sazed finished the engineering to flood again the canals, they had everything ready, but the riots got out of hand and the city started to burn. The captive Beldre shoot coins at her guards to get out, therefore there was no one to flood the city. Sazed, Beldre, and Spook went back to it, finding the building in flames. He gave up, but Spook went into the flames and, with his last energy, pushed the mechanism and saved the city.[66]

With Spook deeply wounded and the city saved, Sazed turned to finish his religion review and despaired as he finished the last one without the answers he was looking for. Meeting with TenSoon, who called him "the Announcer," got them talking into the realization that the first generation of kandra were Rashek's Terris companions and that his religion was not really lost. Sazed accompanied him to their homeland to speak to them.[67] He talked all the way to meeting with the first generation. There he learned all about Ruin and Preservation, their creation of the world, and the betrayal. Finally, he understood the atium was Ruin’s body and it was all there at the Pits in the kandra Homeland.[68]

Their prophecy also said that in the end, they would have to kill themselves by taking out their spikes and becoming mistwraiths. They called it "the Resolution." Because of this, KanPaar, a second-generation kandra, decided to betray them and take control, taking Sazed and the first generations as prisoners.[14] TenSoon and MeLaan freed Sazed, but they all had to fight their way through. They found the first generation again and helped them regenerate.[69] TenSoon turned against Sazed, forced by Ruin's spikes, and almost killed him, but Haddek from the first generation called for the “Resolution” and they became mistwraiths again. Sazed fully recovered his faith and believed Vin was the Hero of Ages.[31]

He was found by Elend and Demoux. Sazed, a full believer and confident now in Vin as the Hero of Ages offered faith to continue fighting. He also showed them the atium the kandra had cared for, and they burned it for their last fight.[70]

The Final Ascension[edit]

I am, unfortunately, the Hero of Ages

—Sazed’s first words as Harmony in the book left after the final Ascension[71]
Harmony Ascending

Vin defeated Ati; both died and Sazed was the one to find her lifeless body. After a moment of despair, he understood, he was the Hero of Ages. “The Hero would be rejected of his people, Sazed thought. Yet, he would save them. Not a warrior, though he would fight. Not born a king, but would become one anyway.” He took the power of both Ruin and Preservation. He used all his knowledge of religion and other information to re-craft the world, mostly how it used to be, but with some changes. He became a God; Harmony.[2]

After the Final Ascension, the new world was created by Sazed. He also left for Spook to find the complete but lifeless bodies of Vin and Elend along with the book where he explains how it all happened.[71]


With Kelsier and the other members of his crew


A very good man, Mistress. One of the best I’ve known.

—Sazed to Vin answering if Kelsier was a good man[3]

Sazed served Kelsier but did so willingly. He got to know Kelsier well and they had several religious and philosophical conversations.[72] They tend to talk often of different religions, which Kelsier sometimes used to keep his spirits up.[33]

Even after Kelsier’s death, Sazed continued to believe in him and decided to record his stories. It is implied he knew of his plan to die to become an inspiration to finish with the Lord Ruler.[38]

From the cognitive realm, Kelsier followed the events and was there with Sazed when he took the power. They were united thereafter.[73]


Sazed was appointed to coach Vin to play the part of Valette Renoux, a noblewoman. He saw that her hair, makeup, and clothing were appropriate, accompanied her to the balls and guided her as much as possible. During this time, he also offered information on religions to see if Vin would find one interesting.[1] He recovered and cared for her after she was severely wounded in Kredik Shaw,[29] and did so again after she was badly wounded while saving Elend from assassins.[74]

Sazed initially discouraged Vin to meet with Elend, believing that he only followed her to annoy his family.[34] He would ultimately change his mind and agreed that his initial assessment was wrong, instead coming to believe Elend was a good man.[44] Sazed ended up marrying them just before the fight for Luthadel.[75]

At the siege of Luthadel, they reconnected, this time to discuss the "Deepness" and the research of the Hero of Ages.[45] He would later come to believe that Vin herself might be the Hero of Ages.[76]

After Sazed lost Tindwyl and his faith, Vin was one of the few who noticed and was concerned about his mental health.[58]


Sazed did not initially trust Elend[34] but later changed his mind and believed him a good man.[44] He supported Elend with the law creation and was very vocal on his being a good man, good king and doing the right thing.[76].

Sazed married him to Vin just before the fight for Luthadel.[75]

Studying with Tindwyl


Spook and Sazed became closer during their time at Urteau. As Sazed became more depressed, Spook took over the leadership of the crew. Sazed, even though he suspected he was getting Mistborn powers like burning pewter, grew to respect him more and more.[65] Spook asked Sazed’s support with religion during the time he thought he could hear Kelsier.[77] Sazed, on the other hand, was inspired by Spook to find his faith back.[78]


You…you’re strong like the wind. Always there, so willing to bend, but never apologetic for the times when you must be firm.

—Tindwyl to Sazed on why she loves him[50]

Sazed asked Tindwyl, a Terris member of the Synod, to go to Luthadel to train Elend on being a King. She thought of him as the soul of what it means to be Terris (calm, humble, careful, and respectful), but didn’t like him defying their leaders. She didn’t believe in him at first and wanted him to continue with teaching to fulfill his keeper’s duty.[44] One day on the warehouse, she was soothed by Breeze into supporting Sazed with his work.[46] This brought them closer and they talked to each other with fondness and eventually fell in love.[47][50]


He appears to have known Hoid to some extent before his Ascension, or at least Hoid knew him.[79]

Following his Ascension, he became more aware of Hoid, and knew that he hid from him. He has a benevolent feeling towards the man, and his confused by why, and how, he hides from him, and asks that he come openly.[17][80][81][82] He respects him enough that he actively tried to help him upon request, reaching out to other Shards, and requesting all that would listen to heed his warnings.[83][84] He also felt comfortable enough with him to open up about his own impotence, as a result of his conflicted natures.[22][85][86]

He refers to Hoid as his friend.[17]


I’ve heard distressing things, Waxillium Ladrian, that you’ve been worrying about. I would like to promise you something. With all the essence and axi of my being, I declare this.
No one else moves you.
Your life is yours.
And you have my deepest apologies that I had a hand in teaching you otherwise.

—Harmony to Wax[27]

He has a fragile relationship with Wax, with Wax being a former worshipper of him,[16] that came to despise him and renounce his faith, and lose respect for Harmony, due to Harmony's own actions and manipulations. He also came to hate Harmony for his inaction, and the suffering his inaction has brought about on Scadrial.[87][7] Even after his hatred for him waned, his desire to have nothing to do with him grew stronger.[8]

Despite Wax's anger, Harmony continued to love him, and felt terrible for the pain that he caused him, and how his actions led him to feeling as if his life wasn't his own.[8][27] He also wanted to avoid calling upon Wax again to help fight off Trell; knowing that he was happy, he didn't want to pull him back into the fold. But the fear in what destruction and domination they would bring to Scadrial, he was led to requesting his help again.[8] He also respected his wishes to never again speak into his mind, using Marsh as a medium of communication.[27]

He no longer will use Wax as his sword, promising that stopping the bombing of Elendel and arrival of Autonomy was his final request.[8]


He uses Marsh as his agent in the cosmere, using him for various tasks across Scadrial. Marsh obeys his commands, and appears to hold a deep respect for him.[88][27]

[expand][citation needed]


  • He was sometimes referred as “Vaht”, apparently, the proper title for a Terrisman steward.[1]
  • Each Keeper carries several bracers like this, filled with knowledge—songs, stories, prayers, histories, and languages.[6]
  • Sazed's character was inspired by “The Mummy”. At the moment when the oily little thief character gets confronted by the mummy, and pulls out a whole pile of holy symbols. He goes through each one, praying to each god, looking for one that would help him.[89] He was also inspired by a Buddhist monk Brandon met in Korea.[90]
  • The epigraphs in The Hero of Ages are taken from an in-world text, the Words of Founding, which was written by Sazed and use his unique style of speaking.[91]
  • Sazed wouldn't want to play video games, but would be very good at them because of his Feruchemy.[92]
  • Sazed's hair would be black if he didn't shave it.[93]
  • When asked what his skin color or tone would be, Brandon compared him to Keegan-Michael Key, though stated he often imagines him looking like Teferi Akosa from Magic: The Gathering.[94]


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