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Ashweather Cett
House Cett
Spouse Allrianne's mother
Children Allrianne, Gneorndin
Descendants Edwarn, Waxillium, Telsin, Hinston, Aving, Westweather
Groups Venture army
Birthplace Western Dominance
Residence Fadrex City
Ethnicity Noble
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Ashweather Cett is a nobleman from Fadrex City during the Final Empire.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Cett is abrasive and takes delight in being purposefully rude. He also tends to use this to throw guests off balance, allowing him to have more control over the situation; when he meets with Elend Venture, Cett deliberately serves messy food to make Elend uncomfortable.[2]


After the Lord Ruler's death and the Collapse, he quickly takes control of the Western Dominance but is unable to keep control of Fadrex City.[3][4] Cett ended up in a struggle for power with Aradan Yomen, an obligator in the city. At some point Cett lost 2,000 soldiers in a battle against 500 koloss. After one year it began to become clear that Yomen would be the one to take control. Cett blamed his disadvantage on a lack of Allomancers (he only had 9). He was manipulated by Breeze who convinced him that the Lord Rulers atium cache was in Luthadel and that he could use the atium to buy Allomancers. He decided to lay siege on Luthadel with an army of 40,000 soldiers to take the Central Dominance and the atium from Elend Venture.[5]. Before his army arrived he sent 4 Pewterarms, a Smoker, a Lurcher, a Coinshot and a Mistborn with atium to kill Vin. The assassins failed and were killed, but made Vin use up her last atium.

In the Siege of Luthadel, Cett's Army was outnumbered by Straff Venture's forces of 50,000. Realizing this, he secretly entered Luthadel and presented himself to Elend Venture at a Luthadel Assembly meeting, proposing that his troops enter the city and the pair ally against Straff.[2] However, when Elend is attacked by Mistings, Vin believes these to be agents of Cett after recognizing one Thug supposedly as a servant of Cett.[6] Vin and Zane Venture then enter Keep Hasting, killing Cett's soldiers and almost killing Cett himself--Vin suspected him to be a Mistborn, although he was not.[4] Cett then leaves the city with his troops.[7]

After the siege, Vin forces Cett to pledge allegiance to Elend and Cett becomes a general in the new Emperor's army.[8] He takes part in the Siege of Fadrex City.[9]

During the siege he is glad to see that Elend has finally agreed to take back his own capital from Yomen. He helps to direct and manage the army. According to Elend, if should something happen to him, Cett would be third in line to take command of his empire, after Vin and Sazed, respectively.

During the planning of the siege, Cett puts forward some of the more brutal but effective ideas, such as sending parts of the army out to attack undefended small villages in order to force Yomen to play his hand, as well as simply assassinating him and taking control. Elend also requests that he drafts up a list of noblemen and informants inside the city who could possibly aid them with information or perhaps acting as double-agents within the city.[9] He thus gives Vin information on how to find and contact Slowswift as well as Hoid inside the city.[10]

During the battle against the koloss at Fadrex City, Cett stays behind the fighting and commands tactics while Elend goes out to help wherever his soldiers are having trouble with the koloss brutes.[11]

As part of the Final Ascension Sazed repairs all genetic defects and physical ailments in the people who were in the storage caches. This includes Cett, giving him the ability to walk once more. He is so shocked by this that he spends the entire epilogue walking around in the cavern, marveling.[12]


He is the head of House Cett and sired both Allrianne and Gneorndin Cett.[13]


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