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Gneorndin Cett
House Cett
Parents Ashweather, mother
Siblings Allrianne
Groups Venture army
Ethnicity Noble
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Gneorndin Cett was the only son of Ashweather Cett on Scadrial.[1]


Gneorndin seems to have a strong protective instinct for his family. He dislikes Breeze for being in a relationship with his sister, Allrianne, who was much younger than Breeze.[1] When Vin threaten's his father's life, Gneorndin attempts to protect his father, despite his lack of powers and fear of Vin's abilities.[2] The bravery that such an action requires is incredible.


After the Collapse, Gneorndin invited Elend Venture to meet with Cett in a week to discuss Allrianne.[1] He accused Elend of kidnapping her, even though he knew it was not true. Gneorndin also seemed to know at that point that Breeze was in a relationship with Allrianne, due to the fact that he glared at Breeze and did not seem to like him very much.

When Vin launched her attack with Zane on Keep Hasting, Gneorndin was there.[2] Although he had no Allomantic powers, Gneorndin tried to protect his father from Vin's wrath. On Cett's request, Vin simply knocked him aside rather than seriously injuring or killing him.

After Cett joined his forces with Elend's, Gneorndin was at the meeting of the crew when Elend explained how the encroaching mists of the Deepness would soon make growing conventional crops impossible.[3]

As Gneorndin is the only known male member of House Cett (aside from Ashweather), it seems likely that through his lineage the house continued to exist past the Catacendre and into Mistborn Era 2 and modern Scadrial.[4]


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