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This page contains a chapter by chapter summary of The Alloy of Law We hope this summary will make it easier to find specific areas of the book, as well as providing a quick plot refresher for anyone who doesn't want to take the time to reread the entire book.


Waxillium Ladrian, a talented Coinshot, finds himself in a gun-fight out in the Roughs - the territory surrounding modern civilisation as a barren outland where thugs and criminals liberate the law. Wax showcases previously unseen Allomantic techniques by creating a "Steel Bubble" around himself that deflects oncoming metal. He meets up with Lessie as they, and the rest of Wax's crew, are hunting Bloody Tan for the bounty on his head.

It is discovered later that Wax is actually a Twinborn - a Feruchemist as well as an Allomancer - and can also decrease his weight by storing it in his iron metalmind. Eventually, Wax finds Bloody Tan's hideout and finds that Lessie has been captured by Tan. Unprovoked by Tan using her against him as a hostage, Wax fires his Sterrion revolver at Tan who yanks Lessie into the path of the bullet. Lessie is killed instantly and Wax, horrified, shoots Tan in the head.

Chapter 1[edit]

Five months later. Wax is in attendance at a party back in Elendel, where he is known as "Lord Waxillium" or "Lord Ladrian," but is adamant in avoiding conversation.

He makes his way to the balcony to be alone. The death of Lessie still haunts him. Wax has returned to Elendel in the wake of his uncle's death to do his duty to his house. Lady Aving Cett appears on the balcony, urging Wax to rejoin the party.

Instead of returning to the party, Wax slips off the balcony and drops a bullet casing to Push himself over the garden wall. Spending his time bounding across rooftops and soaring through the air, Wax eventually comes across a bunch of criminals in an alleyway with constables blockading the entrance. Intending to deal with them he drops in their midst but hesitates as he hears a woman whimpering.

Wax narrowly avoids taking a bullet thanks to his steel bubble, barely missing his ribs. Still unable to shoot, Wax points his gun at the floor, fires, and uses the bullet to Push himself out of the alleyway. Watching from afar as the constables swarm the alleyway he realises the whimpering woman was actually a thug that had taken a bullet before his arrival.

Ashamed, he returns to Ladrian Mansion where he renounces his guns to Tillaume - Wax's butler - asking that they be stored in a safe place, and devotes himself to becoming Lord Waxillium Ladrian in the public eye.

Chapter 2[edit]

Six months later.

Wax has an appointment with Jackstom Harms, as suddenly the door chime sounds. A conversation with his house steward, miss Grimes reveals Wax's appointment with Lord Harms is to settle a marriage agreement between himself and Harms' daughter, Steris. In his hesitation to appear eager Wax enquires into house matters where miss Grimes informs him their second shipment of steel was stolen. House Tekiel is also having similar problems, losing five shipments.

Wax gets the urge to investigate an infamous gang of thieves known as the Vanishers but convinces himself that part of his life is over now. Making his way to the sitting room expecting to find Lord Harms and his daughter he instead encounters an old friend and partner. Wayne has the unusual habit of "trading" items in others possession with his own as he slips Wax's mantle clock into a pocket and produces a bottle of fine whiskey in its place, noting its roughly equal value.

As they discuss where Wayne should be - in Weathering, not Wax's sitting room - the door chimes again and Wax attempts to usher Wayne from the room; Wayne in his Roughs attire would give the wrong impression. Unable to get him from the room when Lord Harms barges in, Wax prepares to introduce Wayne as an old friend when Wayne, having put on a disguise, proclaims to be Wax's uncle.

Lord Harms introduces his daughter and she in turn her cousin, Marasi. While Wayne and Lord Harms exchange small-talk, Steris aims to get to the point of the meeting. Their arrangement, she describes, is to benefit both their houses - Wax who's is failing financially and Steris' could benefit from the influence of House Ladrian.

During the meeting, Wayne erects a speed bubble and hands Wax a bullet that Wax later discovers is made from aluminum. Once Lord Harms leaves, Wayne tells Wax of the Coolerim Playhouse robbery where one of the thieves dropped that bullet. Before leaving, Wayne tries to convince Wax of what he truly wants.

Chapter 3[edit]

Eight hours later. Waxillium attempts to distract himself with reading and ends up investigating the history of the Vanishers in old broadsheets. He begins to wonder about their methods when Tillaume enters the study with tea. Wax begins sketching out the events to help him think while Tillaume cleans the room.

Tillaume informs Wax he has duties to his house, disproving of Wax getting involved with the robberies. Needing answers he prays to Harmony in the Pathian way and comes to realise that Tillaume was right, that many people relied on him to be an effective lord.

After a while meditating, thoughts straying back to Lessie, Wax seats himself at his desk to work on house ledgers.

Chapter 4[edit]

Wax escorts Steris to the Yomen-Ostlin wedding dinner. They talk of the politics behind those in attendance and Wax's unorthodox reactions cause Steris to question his lack of decorum.

Their table is already occupied by Lord Harms and Marasi when they seat themselves. Wax enquires about Marasi's education and Wayne turns up, disguised as a waiter.

Wayne attempts to communicate secretly with Wax as Wax attempts, and succeeds, in shocking Steris with old tales of his time in the Roughs. When Wax and Marasi find themselves alone at the table, Wayne returns and sits down at the table after Marasi recognizes him. After a round of banter the talk turns to the investigation Wayne has conducted shortly before the doors at both ends of the ballroom are flung open.

Chapter 5[edit]

Wax estimates the Vanishers to be two dozen, perhaps three. Marasi makes notes of their physical descriptions while Wax attempts to mollify Wayne; he wants to fight the bandits while Wax is worried for the safety of everyone in the room and doesn't want to cause a bloodbath.

The bandits move through the crowd demanding people relinquish their jewelry. When one reaches Wax's table he hides Marasi's notebook and Wayne's dueling canes against the table with a gentle Push to hold them.

The apparent leader searches, looking at the drawings in his hand and at the people at each table, confirming Wax and Wayne's suspicion about the kidnappings - the theft is a ruse to allay suspicion.

Steris is the first hostage to be picked "at random." When the bandit leader declares they're taking two hostages Marasi is also chosen. Wax is contended between his honor and the lives of the people. Wayne attempts to fight only to have Wax try to talk him out of it again until Lord Peterus, having recovered from being knocked down earlier for his outburst, calls the bandit leader a coward, prompting the man to shoot Lord Peterus.

The bandit leader allows his minions to have fun, Wayne erects a speed bubble and Wax finally gives in to his inner instincts.

Chapter 6[edit]

As soon as the speed bubble drops, Wax kills two of the bandits, his gunshots setting off the group behind him while that in front, having seen Wax, take cover. Wax shows off more of his fanciful expertise with his powers and comes to a startling realization on the identity of the Vanishers leader.

Wax manages to rescue Marasi from Tarson - the bandit that took her - since Marasi made herself limp, knowing they needed her alive and couldn't kill her for being awkward. Tarson holds Marasi hostage similar to how Bloody Tan held Lessie that makes Wax freeze again. Only thanks to Marasi stunning Tarson was he able to bring his gun up, wounding the thug in the arm.

Wax and Wayne with a little help from Marasi wielding a rifle dispatch with the majority of the bandits only to allow the leader to escape with Steris right before the constabulary shows up. Constable Brettin berates Wax for causing havoc and Reddi gives him the casualty report which indicates that only Lord Peterus was amongst the civilian deaths.

Brettin is still displeased with Wax's stunt which draws the two into a quiet argument. Wayne steals one of the aluminum guns the bandits were using from the evidence pile that he gives to Wax.

Chapter 7[edit]

Marasi decides to visit Wax at his mansion where he is engaged with metallurgy, trying to discover the exact alloy used in the aluminum gun. Marasi informs Wax that Lord Harms is willing to bankroll Wax in his endeavour to rescue Steris.

The two of them attempt to reason the motives of the Vanishers and their operation and come to the conclusion that the women who were taken hostage by the Vanishers were taken for the purpose of breeding Allomancers. Meanwhile, Wax sends Wayne to investigate the Vanishers who were arrested.

Chapter 8[edit]

Wayne strides into the Fourth Octant constabulary offices disguised as a Seventh Octant Captain, seeking Captain Brettin. Wayne - Captain Guffon Trenchant - interviews some of the Vanishers.

With Brettin overseeing the interviews from the door, Wayne alternates between playing a constable and whispering in street accents hoping to convince the detainees to give up the information he seeks on the Vanishers.

Wayne manages to convince the information out of the two he interrogates and leaves with Brettin none the wiser.

Chapter 9[edit]

Waxillium and Marasi are debating philosophy and Wax's past is brought up again, as well as Marasi's education.

Wayne returns with the information he gained from the constabulary. Tillaume makes tea for Wax which Wayne procures for himself. Wax accidentally insults Marasi and Wayne discovers the tea has been poisoned.

Tillaume attempts to assassinate Wax with a gun who injures the butler instead. Concern for Wayne causes Wax to miss Tillaume triggering the bomb in the basket he'd brought with him. Wayne, having recovered a little thanks to his Feruchemical ability throws up a speed bubble just as the basket explodes.

Wax then taps the weight he had Feruchemically stored, breaking the floor and causing them to the room below, though Wayne is badly burnt on the back from the explosion. Presumed dead, they use the cover as an opportunity to go after the Vanishers.

Chapter 10[edit]

Wax, Wayne, and Marasi sneak out of Ladrian Mansion and take a carriage to the Fifth Octant where they'd discovered the Vanishers' hideout near a canal dock. Wax searches the building for traps before waving Marasi over.

They discover more clues to the Vanishers' operation and Marasi uncovers more of the duo's past when Wayne decides to play a cruel prank on Marasi and the two of them find an expensive cigar box left behind.

Wax returns after gleaning information from the local beggars. Wayne hands him the cigar box to which Wax responds by asking Marasi if she's heard of the name Miles Dagouter.

Chapter 11[edit]

Miles is talking with Tarson and Clamps about Wax having discovered the hideout. Miles rebuts that he is still a lawkeeper, but societies ideas of law do not coincide with his own moral laws, which is why he would not kill the beggars around the old hideout so they couldn't speak to Wax. He believes that to help the people in the Roughs he would need to make a difference here, in the city.

Mister Suit calls Miles in to talk about his recent "blunder" at the wedding reception. It is evident from this conversation that Suit has power and influence behind him and might actually be the one funding Miles' operation. Miles assures Suit that he intends to deal with Wax.

Wax and Wayne explain more about Miles to Marasi. Now understanding the full extent of the danger, Wax intends to send Marasi to some place safe - she objects of course - and Wax reveals he knows she is an Allomancer. It turns out that Marasi is a Pulser. She's not overly proud of that either, but Wax tries to convince her it is useful.

Chapter 12[edit]

Having lost his old hat, Wayne trades for the carriage drivers' hat.

Having taken a train the Outer Estates and then a carriage further in, Wax, Wayne, and Marasi investigate one of the scenes of the robbery, beside a canal paralleling the train tracks. Having an ear for accents, Wayne notes that Marasi uses more elevated diction around Wax than she did himself, as though she was trying to impress his friend.

They discuss potential scenarios for the robbery when Wayne turns to a personal subject with Marasi.

"You're pretty enough, particularly through the coppers." "The coppers?" "Sure. Word with a lot of curves like you."

— Wayne & Marasi discussing "personal" stuff.

Wayne seems to think Marasi would be a good match for Wax, who is busy inspecting the scene to overhear.

Back on the train, Wax is still pondering what Miles' motives are when a distant scream alerts him moments before the bullet tears into the carriage. Miles is no ordinary criminal that would go to ground. Being a former lawman he was accustomed to hunting, and Wax had upset his plans.

Chapter 13[edit]

Not wanting to risk bystanders, Wax Pushes himself to the roof of the railcar. Their battle is intense with Wax barely managing to hold out against the nearly immortal Miles. Mid-battle, Miles tries to convince Wax of his ideology shortly before knocking Wax off the train.

Pushing on the railway tracks Wax manages to catch up to the train. Tossing Miles a spent cartridge and Pushing sends Miles flying off of the train this time. Unable to Push, Miles is stranded on the tracks.

Wax speaks to the engineers, saying they couldn't stop the train under orders, even if they heard gunfire. Wayne and Marasi had been trapped in their cars; lengths of metal jammed into the locked mechanisms on the outer doors.

Marasi tends to Wax's wounds and they decide on a safehouse to avoid Miles should he attack again. They deduce that the safest place right now is Ranette's. Wax jokes that it might not be "safe" anywhere near Ranette.

Chapter 14[edit]

Ranette greets the trio with a less than warm welcome. Wayne manages to dissuade Ranette from shooting them by offering Wax's aluminum gun as a bribe. Ranette isn't too pleased to hear Wax lost his guns either, guns she custom made for him.

Ranette has been working on new types of ammunition she calls Hazekillers, to be used specifically against Allomancers. Though there seems to be tension between them, Ranette gives Wax her latest prototype gun - Vindication, named after the Ascendant Warrior - aslong as he promises to give her a field report.

Wasting no time, Wax scratches up a plan sending Wayne to "borrow" some shipping manifests and Marasi to buy strong fishing nets.

Wasing the where of needing

— the High Imperial message on the aluminum pistol

Chapter 15[edit]

Miles disputes his recent attempt on Wax's life with Mister Suit noting his honor for not shooting Wax in the back when he had the chance. Mister Suit belongs to a group he calls the Set, an organization that Miles speculates desire to see a revolution in Elendel as much as he does. Mister Suit wants Wax dead and Miles is counting on Wax making another appearance at night. Mister Suit declares he's leaving the city and leaves behind two of his men to "help" Miles.

Wax has plotted where Miles will strike next. He needs a new shipment of aluminum since most of it was lost at the Yomen party and Wax deduces where Miles might strike the next Tekiel shipment. Wax is aware of Marasi's feelings but neither of them voice it aloud as Wax deters the conversation before it escalates.

Chapter 16[edit]

At the train station, Wayne in an old woman's disguise tricks a guard into revealing information about the Breaknaught. When the guard grows suspicious at the questions Wayne makes a break for it, firing a shot into the air to instigate panic amongst the crowd. Out of sight of the pursuing guards, Wayne changes his disguise in a speed bubble and confronts the guards, sounding like a member of the Tekiel family.

Another quick change sees him in Tekiel guard uniform and he reports for duty with Wax as the "extra help" Lord Tekiel sent. A series of gunshots are the perfect distraction for getting Wax inside the Breaknaught. Faking a gunshot wound Wax is thrown into the Breaknaught by Wayne as the nearest place of safety for the "wounded" guard. Wayne then quickly shuts the door, the timer mechanism locking it and the train sets off with Wax still inside.

Chapter 17[edit]

Watching the train from afar, Wayne and Marasi observe how the Vanishers pulled off their robberies. The "phantom" train the Vanishers use turns out to be nothing more than a hand-propelled rail wagon behind a wooden engine façade. It consists of a powerful lamp that Marasi speculates must be powered by a chemical battery. The train carrying the Breaknaught stops to allow Tekiel guards to confront the Vanishers when the bandits open fire with a rotary gun. A boat on the canal containing a strong crane lifts the Breaknaught away from the train, depositing it on the deck and then replacing it with a replica.

Miles knows Wax is inside the Breaknaught, more through logical deduction as a lawkeeper than actual knowledge. Taking it back to his workshop, Miles orders his men to open fire on anyone inside the moment they get it open. The door is yanked off but nothing moves inside the safe. As Miles and his crew wait he notices a length of string extending from the train car to the door they'd just pulled off, ending at the dynamite taped to the back of it.

Wax pulls the string tight.

Chapter 18[edit]

Following the blast, Wax emerges from the Breaknaught. He notices Miles, recovered from the blast. Using a maze of boxes Wax evades the rest of the Vanishers, coming face-to-face with Tarson. The Pewterarm knocks Vindication from his hand. The roof explodes, gunfire halting Tarson's advance and Wayne drops through the hole in the roof.

Throwing up a speed bubble Wayne notices the Coinshot minion of Mister Suit's, gun aimed at Wax's head. Thanking Wayne for saving him, Wax leaps for Vindication as Wayne surprises Tarson, intending to take on the Pewterarm alone. The Coinshot-thug Pushes Vindication over Wax's head who Pushes it up through the hole in the roof. He follows it up and retrieves it. The Coinshot and now the Lurcher pursue him. The two enemy metalborn give Wax a tough time until Marasi is able to kill the Lurcher with a rifle. The Coinshot opens fire on the two, forcing Wax to Push Marasi and himself back into the warehouse.

Wax rushes in to assist Wayne who has been delaying the Vanishers. Wax sees Miles near the train car and dashes for its interior where he springs a trap on Miles following him in. Caught in fishing nets Miles blows himself up to escape, the explosion narrowly missing Wax who had Pushed himself out of the train car. Miles approaches an injured Wax but Wax escapes.

Seeing Wax hurtling towards the boxes, Wayne makes his way towards his friend, throwing up speed bubbles to put off the bandits. Almost as he reaches Wax a bullet takes his arm and another coming close when he throws up a speed bubble gets deflected. Seeing the Coinshot with Marasi's rifle he makes a decision to find Marasi, reasoning that it's what Wax would want.

The mists flood into the hole in the roof. Wax has a weird conversation with Harmony who suggests he's helped out Wax. Wax then notices his own trunk - the one Tillaume had stored his guns in - right in front of him.

You're welcome

— Harmony

Marasi had hidden behind the train car, stashing the rifle when the Coinshot came after her. She notices Miles outside a tunnel and tries to overhear his conversation with the Coinshot. Wax appears from the mists, wearing mistcloak, a pair of revolvers, a shotgun rested on each shoulder, and a smile. Without a word he blasts Miles in the side with both shotguns.

Chapter 19[edit]

Miles runs away, shouting back about his men going to kill Steris. Wax uses the Hazekiller round on the Coinshot, Pushing on it so the Coinshot does the same. The ceramic portion of the bullet takes the Coinshot right in the eye.

Pursuing the Vanishers, Wax rescues Nouxil, a gunsmith, and Steris. Wax crushes the building with his Twinborn abilities and lets Steris escape. Tarson takes Marasi hostage and Wax shouts for one of Wayne's speed bubbles. Through an ingenious display of marksmanship, Wax kills Tarson from inside the speed bubble and Wayne injures Miles long enough to escape.

Miles beats Wax up but this is just a diversion to keep miles occupied while Marasi is burning cadmium. The world outside Marasi's bubble is greatly accelerated giving Wayne enough time to mobilize the constabulary. They arrive just as Miles notices the speed bubble and arrest him.

You forgot the first rule of the Roughs. The more alone you are, the more important it is to have someone you can rely upon.

— Waxillium

Chapter 20[edit]

Wax compliments Marasi on her courage and turns her down when she seems to suggest her feelings for him, though he does feel slightly regretful.

Brettin gives Wax a citywide deputized forbearance, surprising Wax at his odd reaction. Steris shows her vulnerability, expressing her flaws and acceptance for Wax's personality. Wax intends to take up Brettin's offer to which she replies that every man must have his hobbies.

Every gentleman needs a hobby, and considering the self-indulgence of some men I've known, this wouldn't be problematic by comparison.

— Steris


Marasi watches Miles' execution. Wax sees his dead uncle, Mister Suit, aka Lord Edwarn Ladrian but Edwarn doesn't reveal his plans or the locations of the other kidnapped women. Marasi receives a book for Wax from Ironeyes.

Ars Arcanum[edit]

The arcanum displays a detailed chart of the metals (Metals Quick Reference Chart), a List of Metals with properties explained and a short essay, On The Three Metallic Arts. The last compares Allomancy with Investitures from Sel, as well as a mention that the Cosmere is greatly interested in Hemalurgy.


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