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Lessie portrait.png
Spouse Waxillium Ladrian
Born Third Generation
Died Suicide, 341 PC[1]
Abilities Hemalurgist
Aliases Bleeder, Lessie, Replar Innate
Species Kandra
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

They dress in painted sequins. They drink wine. They laugh, and smile, and play, and dance, and eat, and quietly kill. All part of Harmony's plan. All actors on a stage. That's what you are too, Waxillium Ladrian. It's what all men are.

—Bleeder speaking in Wax's head for the first time.[2]

Paalm was a female kandra of the Third Generation. She was an agent of Harmony sent to protect Waxillium Ladrian in the Roughs, under the guise of a human woman, Lessie.[1]

Sometime after Lessie's supposed death, she chose to remove one of her Hemalurgic spikes. She used only a single spike at a time to avoid being under Harmony's influence.[3] She used spikes of a metal unknown even to Harmony to grant herself Allomantic and Feruchemical powers.[4] During that time she went by the alias Bleeder.[3] She colluded with the Set to execute a plot to free Elendel from Harmony's influence.

She ultimately committed suicide to avoid being taken control of by Harmony after she was shot by Wax with a second Hemalurgic spike.[1]


As a Kandra of the Third Generation, Paalm excels at creating bodies. Her considerable expertise comes from her history of service to the Lord Ruler, and the time she spent crushing entire kingdoms and rebellions for him. She also knows a great deal about Hemalurgy, having learned how to grant herself Allomantic and Feruchemical abilities with spikes of an unknown metal. She is proficient at using her stolen abilities though seems to prefer Feruchemical steel. She knows how to create at least one new kind of Hemalurgic construct using only a single spike in the creation. She is able to hide herself from Harmony's sight by spiking herself with a Trellium spike.[3][5][6][7][4]


The Final Empire[edit]

Paalm served the Lord Ruler directly. She was specifically reserved for his missions. She stopped rebellions and toppled kingdoms in his service, and became intimately familiar with the workings of Hemalurgy. She was utterly loyal to the Lord Ruler until the Final Ascension, when she switched her loyalties to Harmony, to the point of fanaticism.[5]


At Harmony's direction, Paalm took the form of a human woman named Lessie to seek out and protect Wax in the Roughs.[1] As Lessie, Paalm swore by the God Beyond, showing that she has rudimentary knowledge of him.[8]

Wax first encountered Lessie at The Weeping Bull, where she was disguised as a dancer. During their second encounter, he remarked that she was very uncoordinated and wore a pink garter. Wax formally met her while hunting Granite Joe. She claimed to be hunting him as well but was actually in Granite Joe's employ. As Paalm was working to protect Wax at Harmony's behest, Lessie seemingly had a change of heart when Wax told her that he still thought her legs were pretty, and Lessie shot Granite Joe in the neck with her crossbow, killing him.[8]

After this time, Lessie became a law-woman alongside Wax. During their time together, the two became romantically involved and were eventually married.

While hunting Bloody Tan in his lair in the town of Feltrel, Lessie and Wax split up. At some point, she was taken hostage. Wax attempted to shoot Bloody Tan, who was using Lessie as a human shield, but he pulled Lessie into the path of Wax's bullet, making her take the shot to the head and seemingly killing her.[9]

As part of Harmony's plan, Wax moved back to Elendel, and Paalm's time as Lessie was over. Some time afterward, she went on a murderous rampage and broke free of Harmony's influence, disobeying her contract with him.[1][3][5]


Wax holding Paalm as she died

She doesn't just kill. She Ruins.

—TenSoon talking to Wax about Paalm

Paalm took the name Bleeder and set about a plan to free the people of Elendel from Harmony's influence. At some point, she allied with the Set to achieve her goals. She killed Idashwy with a spike to steal her Feruchemical power.[10][11][12]

Using her newly acquired power, Bleeder disrupted Winsting Innate's auction for his Senate vote, firing several shots at the guests to get them to begin attacking one another. She then entered Winsting's saferoom ahead of him; murdering him inside and cutting out his tongue in a symbolic gesture, removing Harmony's voice. As she left, she killed his bodyguards outside the saferoom.[8][10][13][14][15]

Bleeder killed and impersonated Governor Replar Innate to rile up the people of Elendel. She impersonated a man named Johnst who blew up a dam, causing food shortages and economic instability. She impersonated Larskpur and killed Father Bin inside a church with spikes in his eyes -- another symbolic gesture, removing Harmony's eyes[15] -- to turn the Survivorists against the Pathians. When the people grew aggressive, she exposed the Kandra who attempted to calm the violence and pushed harder for violent rebellion against Innate. Exposing the Kandra was symbolic for deafening Harmony, as they were his ears.

When Wax confronted her, she attempted to flee by use of a spike granting herself Allomantic steel. Wax gave chase, stopping her at the Eastbridge. In that confrontation, Bleeder attempted to convince him that she was Lessie, finally succeeding when he shot her with his Pathian earring, reforged as a bullet. Before Harmony could fully take control of her, she committed suicide.[15][16][17] After death, she asked Harmony to look after Wax.[18]


  • The name "Bleeder" is possibly derived from the doctors of antiquity, who would force patients to bleed profusely, in an effort to purge sickness and disease. This is comparable to Paalm's actions in Shadows of Self in which she causes great harm to Wax, and the Basin, to cleanse them of Harmony's control.
  • According to Brandon, writing her character was "probably the darkest I've gone in one of my books, ... but it was also somewhere I hadn't explored before, and so it was really interesting to me.".[19]


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