The House Record

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The House Record
The House Record logo.png
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Shadows of Self

The House Record is a broadsheet published in Elendel.[1]

The front page of the morning edition on Doxil 1, 342 is used as the interior art for Shadows of Self. It costs 3 clips per copy, or 20 clips for a weeks subscription. It is printed by Lesan Calour & Daughters & Sons

Gentlement Jak In The City of Fountains Part Six: The Sinister Soiree!


  • Elendel Feels Effect of Corbeau Flooding
  • Reckless Roughian Apprehends, Kills Marksman (about Wax)
  • "Street Racing" Threatens Grand Old Sport
  • Disturbance at Lord Winsting Innate's cottage
  • Cadmium misting slows time to "pulse" through stodgy board meetings
  • Famous baker decorates exquisite pastries with flakes of atium
  • Guest Editorial: The Nuisance of Negligent Coinshots!
  • Visitors from other Worlds featuring Nicelle Sauvage



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