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Winsting Innate
House Innate
Siblings Replar Innate
Died 342 PC[1]
Abilities Rioter
Profession Politician
Residence Elendel
Homeworld Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In Shadows of Self

Lord Winsting Innate is an Allomancer and a member of the Elendel Senate on Scadrial. He is the brother of Replar Innate, the governor of Elendel.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

He is well dressed, and wears a stiff white shirt, a cravat, and diamond cufflinks.[2] The diamonds are set in wood,[2] presumably to keep the cufflinks Allomantically inert.

He is not scrupulous, and openly sold his senate vote to the highest bidder.[2] He was cynical and materialistic, believing that the historical events around the Final Ascension were "fanciful legends" and that a fear of the mists is "superstitious nonsense".[2] He is a careful person, and his mansion contains a saferoom.[2] He sometimes uses his Rioting abilities even when it is not necessary, and employs a Seeker named Blome to ensure that other people do not use Allomancy around him.[2]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Innate is an Allomancer, a zinc Misting known as a Rioter. He can manipulate people's emotions.[2] He is presumably wealthy, as he owns a well-appointed mansion in Elendel that was his primary residence and he wears expensive clothing.[2] He takes his security very seriously;[3] he employs multiple bodyguards and at least one Allomancer for protection.[2]

He is a painter, and believes that he is getting better, although he is still not very skilled.[2]

He knows several crime lords, and is aware that Edwarn Ladrian uses the alias "Mister Suit".[2]


Winsting Innate became a senator when his brother Replar won the governorship.[4] Most people were not aware of his Allomantic abilities.[2] The constabulary knew that he was corrupt, but he was afforded protection by his brother and the general popularity of his family.[4] He had mostly pulled off small-time schemes, and Captain Aradel and others did not think he was worth their time.[4] Replar helped cover up Winsting's crimes, and also may have assigned him to some politically popular tasks to try and boost his reputation.[5]

Auction and Murder[edit]

During an auction at his mansion where he attempted to sell his vote to other House leaders and underworld figures, the party was attacked by Paalm. Paalm used Feruchemical steel to move around the ballroom at superhuman speed while firing her weapon, causing people to think that the shots were coming from rival attendees; a large firefight broke out and everyone in the ballroom was killed.[2] Winsting fled to his saferoom. One of his bodyguards, Flog, entered, but it was actually Paalm in disguise. Paalm slit Winsting's throat,[2] then cut out his tongue, symbolically indicating her plan to silence Harmony's supposed lies.[6][7] She then killed the rest of the guards to cover her tracks.[1]

Winsting's death was reported on in a rather sensationalistic manner by the Elendel broadsheets; the many criminal elements revealed to be present at the party raised concerns about government corruption.[8][1] Wax, Wayne, and Marasi investigated the murder,[4] setting them on a path that eventually led them to Paalm.


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