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Malwish Consortium
Ethnicity Malwish
Capital Unknown
Ruled by Unknown
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn
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The Malwish Consortium is a nation state on Scadrial located upon the Southern Continent. It is a confederation of the five South Scadrian nations under the Malwish banner.[1]


Originally, the Malwish Consortium was five separate nations; they later banded together upon the discovery of the Elendel Basin and their taking of the Bands of Mourning. As part of this merging, the other four nations adopted the banner of the Malwish nation.[1]

The tensions between the Malwish and Elendel Basin grew stronger during the six years of the unification of the South because Wax gave the Bands of Mourning to the kandra, and the Malwish believed that they were the rightful owners of the Bands.[1]

Wax worried that news of the Consortium forming would make Elendel politicians believe that the Elendel Supremacy Bill was needed more than ever.[1]

The Malwish sent Admiral Daal as an ambassador to Elendel.[1] When the select council received Wax's message about the bomb the Set sent to Elendel, they decided to use the Bands of Mourning to push it away. Admiral Daal said that the Bands would have to be surrendered, since this would break their treaty.[2] When Adawathwyn tried to use the Bands and discovered that they were drained, Daal said that this still met his terms for exchange and took them. After that, he fled Elendel.

Six months after the detonation of the Set's bomb, the tensions between the Malwish and Elendel were growing even stronger because the Basin felt that the Bands were taken unjustly and the Malwish claimed that the Basin had shown aggression by even considering using them. There was talk of closing borders to Northerners.[3][4]

Two years after the detonation, the Basin sent Marasi Colms as an ambassador to the Malwish Consortium.[4]


At first, the Malwish consortium and the Elendel Basin establish tenuous trade relations.[5] While the Malwish consortium does appear to have trade-focused airships,[6] most trade with the North still goes by regular ships.[7] However, following the Bands of Mourning being drained, the consortium bans most forms of trade with the North, especially that of harmonium, as well as all tourism.[4]

Notable Malwish[edit]


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