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Allik Neverfar

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Allik Neverfar
Allik Neverfar-MotP.png
by Ben McSweeney
Ethnicity Southern Scadrian
Nationality Malwish
World Scadrial
Featured In The Bands of Mourning

Allik Neverfar is a Southern Scadrian.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

He is twenty two, and has a short wispy beard and moustache, which make him look younger.[1]


He wears a mask, and belongs to the tribe of people who change their masks the way "a lady in Elendel would change her hairstyle". He worked on an airship called the Brunstell until it was captured by the Set. He studied languages and mathematics while on board the Brunstell. He was once thrown overboard with a rope tied to his ankle for getting the cistern three-step wrong.


He was found by Marasi Colms and MeLaan in a cage inside the office of Professor Irich, at the Set compound in Dulsing. Marasi originally mistook him for an animal, and when she realized he was a captive human, she rescued him. In return he took Waxillium Ladrian, Wayne, Marasi, Steris, Telsin, and MeLaan on his flying lifeboat called the Wilg. He is extremely respectful of Wax, as the Southern Scadrial people believe metalborn to be godlike, but he occasionally makes veiled insults regarding Wax's true abilities. He educated Marasi about southern Scadrial culture.


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