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MeLaan 2020 by Shuravf.jpg
Parents TenSoon
Born Seventh Generation
Aliases Milan
Species Kandra
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn

"Here's a tip, kid. Save the wisecracks until your foe is dead. Like this. See how easy it is?" She kicked the corpse in the face.


MeLaan is a kandra of the Seventh Generation.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Pulling a gun from her chest

Thy snoring is rather loud. It doth be like unto a hundred angry koloss in the middle of a rockslide. Lo, and it doth come near to waking the dead.

—MeLaan to Claude Aradel[3]

Pre Catacendre[edit]

MeLaan was the only kandra raised by TenSoon and is considered his adopted daughter/little sister.[4][5] She has a hero-worship crush on him, inspired by his gruffness and his adventurousness, which makes TenSoon somewhat uncomfortable.[6] MeLaan wears a willowy True Body made of wood. Its form is unnatural and exaggerated, as are many of the True Bodies of her generation.[7]

Post Catacendre[edit]

Melaan often takes the form of a very tall (several inches taller than the notably tall Waxillium) and very busty woman named Milan. This True Body is made of a green crystal. However, she also has several others, including one that is ostensibly designed for combat. The skeleton underneath is revealed to be made entirely of aluminum, with many useful implements hidden inside including a reinforced compartment for storage of the part of her that stores her consciousness, needles for stitching wounds, and a set of picks for opening locks. This metal body is very durable (A Feruchemist Brute punched her in the face and his hand essentially exploded).

Notably, her personality is much more free spirited than most Kandra, and she gets along very well with Wayne, engaging in belching contests on occasion. She is also more lax about following the First Contract than other Kandra, and is willing to kill humans if she has to.


Life then was like life now, only you have better street food.


Pre Catacendre[edit]

MeLaan attended TenSoon's judgement trial. After he was publicly imprisoned, she approached him and offered to help him escape. She also offered to retrieve the Blessing of Potency he took from OreSeur. She believed his claim that Vin was the Lord Ruler's heir, and that the kandra's First Contract had been transferred to her. She took the changes in the outside world –- the mists that remained during the day and constant ashfall -– as signs and proof.

When TenSoon refused to rebel against the First and Second Generations, she accused him of abandoning his people. She was present at his sentencing, after which he escaped.

After KanPaar revolted against the first generation and imprisoned Sazed, TenSoon returned to the Kandra Homeland. He found that Sazed had been taken prisoner with the help of MeLaan. MeLaan then fetched the keys and released the first generation, as well as securing bones for them to inhabit.[9]

Post Catacendre[edit]

MeLaan was the kandra who gave Waxillium Ladrian his earring; a hemalurgic spike to let Harmony communicate with him.[10]

MeLaan once again met Wax at Lady ZoBell's party. She introduced herself as Milan, a slight mispronunciation of her real name. After seeming to flirt with Wax, she walked away.

After the party, she saved Wax from the Set agents who had ambushed him. She revealed that she was a kandra sent by Harmony to help him.[1]

Later, she met Wax, Wayne, and Marasi at a tavern. She went on to help them on their quest to defeat Bleeder. MeLaan impersonated one of Governor Replar Innate's guards and saved Wax from Bleeder after the rogue kandra revealed herself. [11]

With Bleeder unmasked and on the run, MeLaan attempted to impersonate Governor Innate in her stead with the intent of placating the angry crowed. While the crowd believed the ruse, MeLaan's natural inclinations to mimicry moved her away from the speech that Marasi planed and she ended up inflaming the crowd instead of calming the people down. Before a riot could break out Aradel intervened. He arrested MeLaan and gained the support of the gathered citizenry by promising them justice.[12]

MeLaan did not know about the true identity of Bleeder and was told only afterward. However she firmly believed that Harmony had done the right thing in not informing Wax of the true identity of his antagonist. After the defeat of Bleeder she continued to impersonate Governor Innate, "hanging" herself in her cell so that she did not have to falsely testify in a court of law.[13]

MeLaan dodging bullets during a gunfight

MeLaan agreed to accompany Wax, Marasi, Wayne and Steris on their mission to New Seran in the hope of curing ReLuur's insanity by restoring his spike.[14] Reluur was injured looking into myths about The Bands of Mourning. Wax couldn’t find MeLaan during the fight, and later found her topless with Wayne in a compartment.[15]

When the group arrived in the city MeLaan shocked several of them by turning into a man, indicating that she was comfortable as either sex.[16] MeLaan aided Wax and Steris at Kelesina Shores's ball, helping Wax escape from the scene after he was framed for Kelesina's murder.[17] After escaping, she traveled with the party to the crashed Brunstell, where she and Marasi found ReLuur's spike and liberated Allik Neverfar. Together the three of them reconvened with Wax and Wayne and escape on one of the Brunstell's ships called Wilg. After Marasi was injured in the escape, MeLaan was able to graft a piece of Marasi's own flesh onto the wound to heal her.[18] After retrieving Steris, they went to the second site to retrieve the Bands of Mourning. MeLaan's invulnerability proved critical in reaching the temple where they were supposedly stored, as she was able to survive the damage of the many traps the Sovereign had left behind.[19] However she was immobilized by Sequence on reaching the temple and losing her spikes, reverting to a mistwraith.[20] After the battle for the Bands, MeLaan's spike was returned by Wayne and her sentience was restored.[21] The Bands were left in her keeping to keep them from being used for political purposes or conquest.[22]


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