Aradan Yomen

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Aradan Yomen
Yomen by LittleGreyDragon.png
House Yomen
Descendants Joshin Yomen[1]
Abilities Seer
Titles King of Fadrex City, The Last Obligator[2]
Profession Obligator
Birthplace Luthadel
Residence Fadrex City
Ethnicity Noble
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Aradan Yomen is an obligator of the Final Empire on Scadrial.[3] He is an atium Misting (aka a Seer).

Appearance and Personality[edit]

He was youthful looking, round-faced with serious eyes, and shaved bald with obligator tattoos around his eyes. [4] He had a fondness for philosophic literature and believed that the Lord Ruler was the one and only god. He did not believe in the Lord Ruler's death and held the view that he would return someday to reign again.[5][6]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Yomen is a Seer - a Misting who can burn atium - which allows him to see an attacker's movements in advance.[7] The existence of this type of Misting is a secret the Lord Ruler worked very hard to guard,[7] and gives him an edge over his enemies as they expect him to be either a Mistborn or not an Allomancer at all. However, even with this power he is not a great combatant, as he lacks battle training[6] and the enhanced abilities and strength provided by pewter.[8]

The drop of atium he always wears at his forehead is more than just a display of power and authority.[9]


Rising through the ranks[edit]

Aradan Yomen was born as the son of a minor nobleman in Luthadel. From a very young age he felt destined to be an obligator; he entered the priesthood early and distinguished himself through scholarship and theology. As a philosopher and thinker he ended up in the Canton of Resource which was the best place for men with an analytical mind.[10]

Once Yomen joined the Steel Ministry, he was unknowingly given atium and forced into a series of physically draining rituals. His body instinctively reacted and burned the metal, which is how it was found out that he is a Seer.[11] After this discovery Yomen rose in ranks very quickly, being a valuable secret weapon to quell rebels or perform feats of wonder to keep the people in line.[12] When a position opened in Fadrex, Yomen jumped at it, as he knew it was a place where most obligators didn't like to serve because it was too removed from important events. Of all the obligators in Luthadel, he was the only one of any distinguished record who wanted to go, and he beat out more qualified obligators from other cities, as he had connections with the Ministry elite in Luthadel.[10]

Within five years at Fadrex, he'd risen to being the prelan of the local Ministry building, despite his youth. However, by going to Fadrex he gave himself a quick path to prelan, but this also more or less locked him out of any higher ranks.[10] After the Lord Ruler’s death, Ashweather Cett appointed himself King of the Western Dominance, but he and Yomen ended up in a struggle for power over the Dominance. After one year, Yomen managed to seize more and more power. In a corner, Cett was manipulated by Breeze to go for Luthadel in order to obtain the Lord Ruler’s Atium. This sealed Yomen’s power in Fadrex.[13][14]

King of Fadrex City[edit]

As Cett left, Yomen seized the chance to appoint himself as the new king of the Western Dominance.[4] He reintroduced the social structures under the Lord Ruler, which did not encounter resistance because the people were used to it.[15] He wore a diadem with an atium bead on it to show his power and led people to believe he was a Mistborn.[16] Ruin was able to implant Hemalurgic spike in Yomen, but Yomen removed it before Ruin got a firm grip on his mind. A logical and rational person, it was harder for Ruin to influence him, though Ruin tried hard.[17]

Some months before the Final Ascension, Elend Venture moved the army of the New Empire to Fadrex City, which led to the Siege of Fadrex City. After the fashion of the Lord Ruler, Yomen continued to host balls for the nobles. Elend and Vin took advantage of this and attended a ball to intimidate the nobles and Yomen. Elend suggested that Yomen submit to him and continue to rule under his leadership. Yomen firmly rejected the idea, because in his opinion only those chosen by the Lord Ruler had the right to rule.

After two weeks Yomen started the first attack on the army of the New Empire. It consisted of three small attacks, one coming from north and the second from south. Both were used as a distraction from the third one, taking place at the koloss camp. Eleven thousand koloss died under the fire of catapults or killing each other in bloodlust. The siege resulted in an alliance between Yomen and Venture.[18]


  • He was named for the winner of an auction by Brandon Sanderson for character naming rights, Aaron Yeoman.[10][19]


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