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Spook portrait.png
by Laura MacMahon
Parents Jedal, Margel
Relatives Clubs
Born 1007[1]
Abilities Tineye, Mistborn, Hemalurgist
Titles Survivor of the Flames, Lord Mistborn
Aliases Jedal, Lestibournes
Groups Kelsier's crew, Venture army
Birthplace Eastern Dominance
Residence Luthadel
Ethnicity Skaa
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Spook is a skaa Misting on Scadrial in the Final Empire and works in Kelsier's crew. His original name is Jedal, after his father,[2] but goes by Lestibournes before Kelsier gives him his nickname of Spook. The name Lestibournes is a reference to the Eastern street slang phrase, 'lefting I'm born', which means 'I've been abandoned'.[3] He is a Tineye, and is Clubs' nephew.[4] He is fifteen during the Collapse.[1] He mentions to Beldre that in his family it had been his grandfather who had had noble blood. Although it is not mentioned explicitly it is likely that it was his grandfather on his mother's side, as Clubs was also an Allomancer. He also mentions that he never knew his grandfather, having grown up on the streets.[5]

Appearance and Personality[edit]



The Skaa rebellion[edit]

During the skaa rebellion Spook is mainly involved as a sentry or lookout for the crew's hideout. He participates in the crew's planning sessions, but rarely contributes to them. He becomes infatuated with Vin and tries to court her, but she does not reciprocate his feelings. He also gives Vin some tips on burning and using tin as she learns to be Mistborn.

Siege of Luthadel[edit]

The rest of Kelsier's crew asks Spook to help them lead Elend and Vin away from Luthadel so that they would not be killed in the siege. He leads them away to the Terris mountains under the pretense of showing Vin to the Well of Ascension. Vin and Elend eventually realize that they have been tricked, and Vin is able to return and save Luthadel.


During his stay at Urteau, he becomes an Allomantic savant, flaring tin all the time, to spy on Quellion and Beldre. He becomes so sensitive to light that he has to wear a blind fold, however, his other sharpened senses are able to make up for the inconvenience.[6] During a fight, Spook is stabbed with a sword piercing a pewterarm. The tip of the sword become a Hemalurgic spike and grants him the ability to burn pewter.[7][8] Thus he is corrupted by Ruin, which causes him to have visions of Ruin in the appearance of Kelsier. He eventually realizes this and pulls the spike out of himself.[9] Guided by Ruin, he survived Quellion's fire execution and is later called the Survivor of the Flames.[10] When Spook realizes Ruin's plan, he diverts water back to the canals to stop the raging fire, almost dying in the process. After Spook saves the city from destruction, he awakens from his collapse and is given a message to send to Vin by Kelsier in a vision.[9][11]

The Final Ascension[edit]

After the Final Ascension, he leads the survivors into the new world created by Sazed and is given the full powers of a Mistborn.[12] However, he does not have the strength of a lerasium Mistborn, but a Mistborn of the strength of a typical Allomancer around the end of The Final Empire.[13] Sazed also heals the damage Spook had done to himself by becoming a tin Savant.

Spook was referred to as the Lord Mistborn. It is not clear what his role in that early government is, but he is clearly very prominent and powerful, judging by the fact that his Eastern street slang becomes known as High Imperial. He is also known to have engaged in philosophy and appears to be somewhat aware of the inner workings of the Shards, and is noted for begging the question, "Having the has Sazed a metal?"[14] However, Spook is confirmed to be a "stud" after the Final Ascension,[15] having over a dozen children.[16] After the Catacendre, Spook had a relationship with Beldre.[17]

He is visited at some point by the cognitive shadow of Kelsier, who says they should work together to unravel the mysteries of the Cosmere, use the spikes from Koloss to make Spook a Hemalurgist,[17] and find a way to bring Kelsier back to the Physical Realm.

Steris implies that Spook ruled as an emperor for a century before stepping down from power.[18] Marasi later refers to him as a "governor" who ruled for a century.[19]


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