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Spouse Jedal
Children Spook
Siblings Cladent
Ethnicity Skaa
Homeworld Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared The Hero of Ages

Margel is a skaa woman from the Eastern Dominance of the Final Empire on Scadrial. She is the mother of Spook and the sister of Clubs.[1]


Margel lived with a young Spook and other skaa in a dirty shack. Spook often ducked out of the house to run around with the other skaa children, learning eastern street slang in the process. Margel's husband, Jedal, blamed her for Spook's lack of discipline.[1]

Spook Snapped when he was only five years old.[2] Margel presumably soon discovered that he was a tin Misting; Allomancy was known to run in their family.[1] She sent for her brother, Clubs, in the hopes that he would take the boy so that he would not be killed due to the Lord Ruler's stringent laws against skaa Allomancy.[1] Clubs used forbidden routes and spent a significant sum to travel to Margel's home from Luthadel.[3] By the time Clubs arrived, other skaa (including Jedal) had learned that Spook was a Misting and were prepared to kill him to avoid the wrath of the Steel Ministry. Clubs offered Jedal money in return for taking Spook; Jedal was angry with Margel, but she convinced him to accept the offer, and Spook left the family forever.[1] Margel was not a good mother to Spook,[3] but she felt that this was the most she could do for him.[1]


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