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Died 0 FE, killed by Rashek
Abilities Seeker
Titles Alendi the Conqueror[1][2], Hero of Ages[3]
Nationality Khlenni
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Alendi is a Bronze Misting (aka a Seeker),[4] the last ruler of Khlennium on Scadrial, and author of Alendi's journal.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Little of Alendi's appearance is known, however Kwaan's inscription does mention a few of his features. Kwaan says that he towers over most others and has a bearing that demands respect.[5] He also has a birthmark on his arm and his hair turned grey when he was barely twenty five, minor details which served to further convince Kwaan that he was the Hero of Ages.[6]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Alendi is a Seeker, snapping in Preservation's Mist.[4] This allows him to detect the use of Allomancy and hear the Well of Ascension. However, due to the fact that Allomancy is close to unknown before the Lord Ruler’s Ascension, Alendi probably only uses his abilities unconsciously.

Alendi had Hemalurgic piercings, and was therefore influenced by Ruin. [7]

He is a skilled general with the nickname "the Conqueror", able to defeat and conquer several countries.


Alendi grew up as the son of a blacksmith.[8] Certain circumstances forced him to leave his home village[9] and led him to Khlennium.[10] It is likely that these circumstances started exactly sixteen years before the Well of Ascension was refilled[11] and included the first signs of the Deepness.

During his first months in Khlennium, Alendi met the Worldbringer Kwaan and became his assistant for an unknown time.[12] A couple of years later, Kwaan slowly became convinced that Alendi fit the Terris prophecies and must be the Hero of Ages.[13] Initially the other Worldbringers met Kwaan with scorn when he announced this[14] but after a while even the other Worldbringers became convinced that Alendi must be the Hero of Ages,[15] as Alendi fueled these rumors to persuade the world of his cause,[16] and Ruin slightly altered the prophecies to fit Alendi.[17]

At some point in time Alendi became king of Khlennium,[8] possibly by marrying the previous king's daughter.[18] Under the growing threat of the Deepness, Alendi united several nations (including Terris),[19] some by diplomacy,[20] and others by conquering them.[21] Except for a few dissenters, Alendi was able to create a general unity on Scadrial under reign of Khlennium.[20]

During his encounters with the Deepness, he Snapped and his Allomantic powers were awakened.[4] He believed that he had sensed the Deepness' mind, and noted that it was not hateful, but would destroy the world as part of its nature. After Alendi spent a decade leading armies, the Terris Worldbringers decided that Alendi, the assumed Hero of Ages, should set forth to the Well of Ascension[22] and give up its power in the name of the greater good.[23] However, Kwaan realised that some being deceived them all by altering the prophecies, but he couldn't convince Alendi and the other Worldbringers[24] that the power at the Well should not be released.[25] Soon Alendi departed towards the Well of Ascension, giving no heed to Kwaan's warning since Alendi surrounded himself with other counselors who told him what he wanted to hear.[26]

Upon arriving in Terris, Alendi replaced his normal attendants with Terris packmen who could carry his gear in the cold unforgiving mountains.[27] They were a group of Feruchemists led by Rashek.[28] Alendi started keeping a logbook,[29] in which he recorded his quest for the Well, describing hearing pulses coming from the Well[30] due to his abilities as a Seeker.[31] In this journal he also expressed regrets about the death and fear he has caused [32][33], doubts about his own sanity[34], but also his fear of the Deepness [35], and his faith that it needed to be defeated [36].

Unbeknownst to Alendi, Kwaan had instructed Rashek to do everything in his power to keep Alendi away from the Well of Ascension,[24] and if necessary even to kill Alendi to prevent him from giving up the Well's power.[24] Since the pulses coming from the Well drew Alendi closer with each beat,[30] Rashek could not lead him astray and was forced to kill the King of Khlennium shortly before arriving at their destination.


Alendi's logbook was kept by Rashek and, over a thousand years later, was found by Vin in Kredik Shaw[37]. It was translated by Sazed as part of the efforts of Kelsier's crew to discover the Lord Ruler's weaknesses.


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