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Died 0 FE
Abilities Seeker
Titles Alendi the Conqueror[1][2]
Nationality Khlenni
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Alendi is a Seeker,[3] the last ruler of Khlennium on Scadrial, and author of Alendi's journal.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Little of Alendi's appearance is known, however Kwaan's inscription does mention a few of his features. Kwaan says that he is very tall, towering over most others and has a bearing that demands respect. [4] He also has a birthmark on his arm and his hair turned grey when he was barely twenty five, minor details which served to further convince Kwaan that he was the Hero of Ages. [5]


Alendi grew up as the son of a blacksmith.[6] Certain circumstances forced him to leave his home village[7] and led him to Khlennium.[8] It is likely that these circumstances started exactly sixteen years before the Well of Ascension was refilled[9] and included the first signs of the Deepness.

During his first months in Khlennium, Alendi met the Worldbringer Kwaan and became his assistant for an unknown time.[10] A couple of years later, Kwaan slowly became convinced that Alendi fit the Terris prophecies and must be the Hero of Ages.[11] Initially the other Worldbringers met Kwaan with scorn when he announced this[12] but after a while even the other Worldbringers became convinced that Alendi must be the Hero of Ages,[13] as Alendi fueled these rumors to persuade the world of his cause,[14] and Ruin slightly altered the prophecies to fit Alendi.[15]

At some point in time Alendi became king of Khlennium,[6] possibly by marrying the previous king's daughter.[16] Under the growing threat of the Deepness, Alendi united several nations (including Terris),[17] some by diplomacy,[18] and others by conquering them.[19] Except for a few dissenters, Alendi was able to create a general unity on Scadrial under reign of Khlennium.[18]

During his encounters with the Deepness, he Snapped and his Allomantic powers were awakened.[3] He believed that he had sensed the Deepness' mind, and noted that it was not hateful, but would destroy the world as part of its nature. After Alendi spent a decade leading armies, the Terris Worldbringers decided that Alendi, the assumed Hero of Ages, should set forth to the Well of Ascension[20] and give up its power in the name of the greater good.[21] However, Kwaan realised that some being deceived them all by altering the prophecies, but he couldn't convince Alendi and the other Worldbringers[22] that the power at the Well should not be released.[23] Soon Alendi departed towards the Well of Ascension, giving no heed to Kwaan's warning since Alendi surrounded himself with other counselors who told him what he wanted to hear.[24]

Once arrived in Terris Alendi replaced his normal attendants by Terris packmen who could carry his gear in the cold unforgiving mountains,[25] they were a group of Feruchemists led by Rashek.[26] Alendi started keeping a logbook,[27] in which he also described hearing pulses coming from the Well[28] due to his abilities as a Seeker.[29] [expand]

What Alendi did not know was that Kwaan instructed Rashek to do everything in his power to keep Alendi away from the Well of Ascension,[22] and if necessary even kill Alendi to prevent him from giving up the Well's power.[22] Since the pulses coming from the Well drew Alendi closer with each beat,[28] Rashek could not lead him astray and was forced to kill the King of Khlennium shortly before arriving at their destination.


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