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Edgard Ladrian
House Ladrian
Spouse Allrianne Cett
Descendants Edwarn, Waxillium, Telsin, Hinston, Maxillium, Tindwyl
Abilities Soother
Aliases Breeze, Counselor of Gods
Groups Kelsier's crew, Venture army
Residence Luthadel
Ethnicity Noble
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

My dear friend, the entire point of life is to find ways to get other people to do your work for you. Don't you know anything about basic economics?

—Breeze to Hammond.[1]

Edgard Ladrian, better known as Breeze, is a member of Kelsier's crew on Scadrial.[2] He is a brass Misting (aka a Soother).

Appearance and Personality[edit]

He is commonly described as "portly", though he has lost weight at various points.[3] He wears extremely colorful clothes, and has black hair and a mustache.[expand] Breeze is often lazy, and delights in getting people to do things he doesn’t want to do, such as fetching him drinks.[3] He is viewed by many as a manipulator due to his skills with Soothing, but at his core; Breeze is a kind and caring man.[4]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

He is a Soother, who subtly Soothes everyone he comes across. This leads him to be mistrusted by many people. They are reluctant to do anything for him, as they are worried he might be Soothing them.[3] He is believed by Kelsier and many of his crew to be one of the most skilled Soothers on Scadrial. He helps to teach Vin some of the more in-depth aspects of Soothing. He has a refined and intricate control over his Soothing, and is skilled at Soothing people without them noticing. He does this to Vin on a few occasions.[5] He could influence several hundred people at once. His Soothing abilities are second nature to him, and in many cases he Soothes without being able to help it.[6]


Early Life[edit]

Breeze's age is never explicitly stated, but can be estimated. He claims that "Allrianne is half his age"[6] and that he has spent 30 years in the underground.[7] This implies a birth date between 980 FE (assuming he joined the underground at the age of 14) and 988 FE (a literal double of Allrianne's age). As a full blooded nobleman[8][9][10], it is fairly safe to assume he did not join the underground before the age of 10 and that 30 years in the underground can mean no less than 26 years, even if he is rounding by decades rather than the more usual 5 years. This puts the very latest date at 988 FE, but it is probably more around 984 FE. However, during the Siege of Luthadel Vin notes that Breeze's hair is not turning gray despite him being in his mid-forties.[11]

Kelsier's Crew[edit]

Breeze was invited by Dockson to attend Kelsier's meeting in Camon's old lair. He and Ham arrived around the same time and met Vin. She got angry when she realized he was Soothing her. When Kelsier explained his plan, Breeze joined his crew.[3]

In the crew, Breeze was often used by Kelsier to interact with nobles, and he had several aliases among the different noble families.[1] During the overthrow of the Final Empire, he operated with a team of Soothers and Rioters to recruit skaa for their army.[5] During one of the meetings he taught Vin how to use zinc and brass. After the rebellion when Elend became king, Breeze helped him write his speeches, as he was very skilled with persuasion even without using his Soothing. At some point he left to spy on Cett. He began a relationship with Allrianne Cett while he was in the service of Lord Cett. When Cett attempted to invade Luthadel, he reunited with the crew. He tried to deny Allrianne because of the huge age difference between them, but was brought into close contact when she arrived begging for protection.[12] It was later discovered that she was a Rioter, and had been Rioting Breeze's emotions.[6]. It is unclear how much of his affection for her is due to genuine attraction for her and how much is due to this Rioting, but she considers her conquest of Breeze one of her proudest accomplishments.[13] Breeze often Soothed members of the crew to make them more confident, although he did not want anybody to know about this because he would lose his reputation for being uncaring.[14]

Elend's Crew[edit]

During the Siege of Luthadel, Breeze acted as an advisor to Elend and bolstered his confidence during public appearances,[14] routinely helping control the mood of the crowd during them. This backfired, however, when Cett pointed out that Elend had soothers in the crowd following his speech at the start of the election for king.[15] During the Battle of Luthadel, Breeze placed his soothers in various squads to bolster the garrison, doing the same himself[16] until he eventually broke when Clubs was killed by a koloss in the fighting, causing him to become catatonic until Ham managed to find him and bring him to safety.[4] He remained unresponsive for the rest of the book.

The Siege of Urteau[edit]

Breeze arrived in Urteau with Sazed and Allrianne to continue the task of taking over the city from the Citizen. Upon arriving Breeze noticed that Spook had done a great deal on the city, and was much more confident in himself. Breeze spent his time in Urteau going to secret taverns with the crew in order to Sooth those gathered there, but also to learn as much information as possible.[17][18]

During a Noble execution, Breeze notices that he feels the urge to rise up an rebel, but he recognizes the touch on his emotions as Allrianne Rioting him and many others. Breeze tells her that 'now is not the time',[19] but then works with her to Sooth their fears, while she Riots their sense to calm the crowds when the fires start to get our of hand.[20]

After the fires and while Spook is recovering from his burns wounds, Breeze spends his days making proclamations and listening to disputes. Breeze rules in Urteau, though Quellion is still in authority.[21]

Post Catacendre[edit]

After the Catacendre, Breeze becomes the Counselor of Gods to the Lord Mistborn.[22] He establishes the Ladrian House and continues his life with Allrianne.[10]

At some point after his death, VenDell took his hands, and still has them by 342 PC.[23]



Do you know what it’s like, Clubs...Being a Soother?

—Breeze to Clubs during a drinking session[24]

Clubs and Breeze have a special relationship, that originally started out strained, as Clubs did not trust Breeze due to his Soothing and manipulation skills.[25] However, their relationship grows into a solid friendship, to the point where they end up drinking together every night.[6] During the Battle of Luthadel, Clubs saves Breeze from death by pushing him out of the way of a Koloss' sword, which resulted in Clubs nearly being cut in-two.[26]


Honestly, Hammond. I think your jokes are getting worse as you age. One too many hits on the head while sparring, I suspect.

—Breeze to Hammond after his long time in Fadrex City.[11]

Breeze has an interesting relationship with Ham. The two often spend much of their time talking and traveling to and from meetings together. While Breeze can be, at times, annoyed with Ham's warrior philosophy mentality; he enjoys the majority of their time together. They are overall, good friends and colleagues.

Allrianne Cett[edit]

Breeze met Allrianne during his time in the Western Dominace at Fadrex City and in Ashweather Cett's army. Allrianne cares deeply for Breeze, and goes as far as to abandon her fathers army encampment, to seek asylum from Emperor Elend to be near Breeze.[12] Allrianne uses her Rioting as regularly and effortlessly as Breeze uses his Soothing. So much in fact, that Breeze initially kept Allrianne at arms length because he couldn't tell whether or not she was manipulating his emotions to make him fall in love with her. Breeze feels guilty for his affection for Allrianne, and considers himself a "Dirty old man" for his relationship with her. However, he does allow himself to love her following the events of the Siege of Luthadel.[27]

House Ladrian[edit]

It was believed that he is a half-skaa, but is truly a nobleman in hiding by the name of Edgard Ladrian.[8][9][10] After the Final Ascension, he becomes known as the Counselor of Gods,[28] and founds House Ladrian. He is the ancestor of Waxillium Ladrian. One of his hands was given to a Kandra, and is still in use after the Catacendre.[23]


Preceded by
Position Created
Head of House Ladrian
 ? - ?
Succeeded by
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