Siege of Luthadel

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Siege of Luthadel
Date 1023 FE
Era Post-Collapse
Effects Battle of Luthadel
City Luthadel
Dominance Central Dominance
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1
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The siege of Luthadel was a major event following the end of the Final Empire on Scadrial.[1]

The armies of Straff Venture, Ashweather Cett, and the Koloss army of Jastes Lekal besieged Luthadel, King Elend Venture's throne. Originally, Straff Venture's numerically superior force was poised to take control of the city, leading to some diplomatic overtures between Cett and Elend in response. However, this balance was upset by the entry of the Koloss army, with the potential to defeat any of the human armies present. Elend was deposed and the city raised Ferson Penrod to be king. Vin intimidated the opposition through the use of duralumin-enhanced emotional Allomancy upon Venture and an assault upon Cett's force within Luthadel's walls. However, Vin's apparent need to seek the Well of Ascension and save Scadrial from the Deepness led her to leave the city, accompanied by Elend and Spook, on a journey to Terris before the battle for the city began.

The Battle of Luthadel was triggered by the lack of control that Lekal held over his Koloss force, who attacked the city of their own accord. The Koloss force successfully breached the city walls, which, punctuated by so many gates, were difficult for the defenders to hold. During this assault, Dockson, Clubs and Tindwyl were all killed by the Koloss.

Upon realising that the well was in Luthadel and that she, Elend and Spook were sent away for their own safety, Vin returned to the city and took control of the Koloss using emotional Allomancy. Her swift execution of Straff Venture and her control over the Koloss army allowed Elend to retake control of Luthadel and be crowned Emperor of the New Empire.


History of Scadrial
Collapse Siege of Luthadel Battle of Luthadel
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