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The Deepness by creativityinajar.jpg
Related to Preservation, Mist
World of Origin Scadrial
Universe Cosmere

The Deepness was considered an evil blight on the world of Scadrial prior to the Ascension of the Lord Ruler.[1] In reality, it was the mist banks, created by Preservation, used to Snap the people of Scadrial in anticipation of Ruin's release.[2]


During the time before the Final Empire, when the Well of Ascension was about to become full, Ruin's influence in the world increased. Instead of trying to destroy the mists, like Preservation had predicted he would, he encouraged the mists to cover the land during the day, blocking off sunlight and causing plant life to die off.[3] The mists also started attacking people, which was Preservation's way of Snapping potential Allomancers, although some people died in the process. With crops unable to grow and the mists apparently killing people directly, the people of Scadrial interpreted the mists as a threat, one which could not be fought with traditional means. This phenomenon became known as the Deepness.[2]

When Rashek harnessed the power of the Well of Ascension, he moved the planet closer to the sun in an attempt to burn the Deepness off. This caused unlivable global warming. In another attempt to fix this, Rashek created the ashmounts, volcanoes that spewed ash and cooled the air. Again, this caused problems. He finally "solved" the problem by granting living beings the ability to inhale ash.[4]


The mists returned to normal soon after, only coming out at night and remaining harmless.[5] After many years, details of what happened became lost to history as Rashek's new role as the Lord Ruler was solidified and his original identity hidden.[6] The Steel Ministry depicted the Deepness as a formless enemy that the Lord Ruler defeated prior to his Ascension.[7] Few people knew that the Deepness was the same as the nightly mists, although many Skaa still fear to go out at night because of frightening stories told from generation to generation about how the mists could steal people's souls.[8] Most nobles, particularly Allomancers and especially Mistborn, were unafraid of the mists.[9]

After Ruin was released from his prison, he once again made the mists remain during the day. This caused the same problems it once did, making people realize what the Deepness actually was.[2][5]


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