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Type Volcanoes
Region Final Empire
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

The Ashmounts were enormous volcanoes in the Final Empire.[1]

They were created by Rashek during his initial contact with the Well of Ascension to counteract his moving the planet too close to the sun. They are the source of the ashfalls which protect the planet from overheating by filling the air with massive clouds of ash. Aluminum found on Scadrial came from the Ashmounts' craters.

While Ruin was free, he caused the Ashmounts to emit massively larger amounts of ash than previous times as part of his plan to destroy the world.

During Sazed's Ascension, he restored Scadrial to its original orbit, eliminating the need for the ashmounts.

Ashmounts in the Final Empire[edit]

There were seven ashmounts in the Final Empire:

  • Tyrian, in the Central Dominance, near Luthadel
  • Zerinah, in the Southern Dominance, southwest of Luthadel
  • Doriel, in the Southern Dominance, almost due south of Luthadel
  • Faleast, in the Eastern Dominance, south-southeast of Luthadel
  • Morag, in the Western Dominance, west-northwest of Luthadel
  • Torinost, in the Western Dominance, north-northwest of Luthadel
  • Kalling, in the Northern Dominance, northeast of Luthadel


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