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Type Criminals
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2
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The Set is a secret organization on Scadrial[1] whom serve the deity known as Trell, which is an avatar of Autonomy. Their primary purpose is to overthrow the Elendel Basin government[2] and rule Scadrial in order to prove to Autonomy that life on the planet can continue to exist.[3]


The Vanishers[edit]

Waxillium Ladrian's Uncle, Edwarn Ladrian, is a member of the Set. He faked his death[4] to enter the Set and operated under the alias Mister Suit. He provided funding for Miles Dagouter and the Vanishers.[5] The Vanishers were instructed to kidnap female descendants of the Lord Mistborn in order to breed more Mistings for some unknown purpose.[6] The Vanishers did this through a series of elaborate, and seemingly supernatural, train robberies. Wax discovered that his uncle lived after the capture of Miles Dagouter. During Wax's encounter with his uncle, Wax stole Edwarn's pocketbook that contained appointments and notes.[5]

The Bands of Mourning[edit]

Wax was provided with information from the kandra that the Set was operating in the city of New Seran, and that his sister Telsin was observed there.[7] While Wax and company traveled to New Seran they were attacked in a Set train robbery.[8] Professor Irich was present.[9] When they arrived in New Seran Wax and Steris attended a ball at the home of a local noble Lady Kelesina Shores. Wax learned about Set activities near Dulsing. When he confronted Lady Shores she was communicating with Suit through a strange metal box. Lady Shores was killed by a servant and discovered to be wearing a gold metalmind that was not keyed to an individual. The goldmind had a large amount of health stored in it and Wayne was able to tap it.[10]

The party then traveled to Dulsing, where a Set compound had been built around the entire town. They infiltrated the compound and discovered what appeared to be a large boat in the center. The boat was actually the Brunstell, a Southern Scadrian airship. Wax was able to rescue Telsin. Marasi and MeLaan discovered and rescued a Southern Scadrian named Allik who had been held captive in the offices of Professor Irich. They escaped the compound in the Wilg, an outrigger from the main airship.

From there they attempted to get to the Sovereign's temple to secure the Bands of Mourning before a Set expedition could. They arrived at the Temple first and the Set arrived shortly after. Suit used threats and was able to accompany Wax into the Temple. Wax and company were then betrayed by Telsin who was revealed to hold the Set rank of Sequence, a higher rank than Suit. Suit and Sequence were also revealed to have Hemalurgic Spikes, granting themselves three Metallic Arts abilities each.

The search for the Bands appeared to be lost. The Set was interested in the Bands of Mourning, but their primary objective was to secure the Hunter airship, and its bombs, that were abandoned at the temple.[2] Upon first entering the Temple Wayne took the spear tip from a statue of the Sovereign. He had put the spear tip in Marasi's bag. She discovered that it was in fact the Bands of Mourning. She was able to rescue Wax, who then used the Bands to confront Suit on the departing airship. He apprehended Suit and recovered the airship. The Set members were imprisoned and the airship was returned to the surviving Southern Scadrians. Sequence escaped from the Temple in the Wilg.

Accelerated Timeline[edit]

The Set had been planning for events a century or more away.

— Mister Suit[11]

The Set had evidently planned for its goals to be reached a century in the future. With the discovery of the Bands of Mourning, Southern Scadrians, and their technology, the timeline was accelerated. While held in an Elendel jail, Suit was visited by a mysterious creature with red eyes. He told Suit that the Set had decided that allowing civilization on Scadrial to continue was too dangerous and that they decided to "remove life on this sphere instead." The creature then activated an explosive device, killing Suit.[12]


The Set is an organisation with a strict hierarchy among their ranks, codenames are used to indicate where one is in this hierarchy.[13] The highest rank among them is 'The Key' who serves as the organisation's leader.[14] Each rank within the set must immediately report to the rank above them, serving at their direct orders, despite this rigidity however Autonomy encourages its members to be bold and thus it is common for those on the bottom rungs to try and climb up the organisation.[3] The lowest ranked members, Cycles, are those in charge of local hired muscle, this muscle is granted no rank themselves.[15]

The ranks within the set are:[14]

  • The Key
  • Series
  • Sequence
  • Suit
  • Cycle

Known Members[edit]

Though the Set have many accomplices, there appear to be a smaller group of ranked leaders. The members that control the Set are known as the "Series."

The Key[edit]




Unknown Rank[edit]

  • Professor Irich is known as an "Array" and appears to be outranked by both Sequence and Suit
  • Fed is a Skimmer ferring of an unknown rank.[11]
  • Getruda is of an unknown rank, presumably a Sequence like Dumad.
  • Gave Entrone is of an unknown rank but most probably is a "Series".

There is a military wing of the Set known as the Hidden Guard whose members wear red uniforms.[11]


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