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Region Elendel Basin
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere

Dulsing is a small settlement at the edge of the Elendel Basin on Scadrial, roughly 50 miles (80km) northeast of New Seran.[1]


Dulsing is a remote farming village, isolated from everything.[1] The village is at the foot of the Seran Range and is close enough to high ground that it contains a small waterfall which has been fitted with a turbine to provide electricity.[2]


Dulsing was once the site of a landmark water rights case that Marasi read about in one of her textbooks.[1]

Around the year 342 PC, the Southern Scadrian airship Brunstell was searching nearby mountains for the Sovereign's temple when it ran into bad weather and crashed in Dulsing, killing some of its crewmembers.[1] The villagers were initially helpful to the remaining crew, but the Set soon arrived, imprisoned the Southerners, and took over the area.[1] The Set subsequently tore down most of the existing buildings in the village, replacing them with a heavily guarded walled compound, including a large hangar wherein they performed research on various Southern Scadrian items including the Brunstell, ettmetal, and unsealed metalminds.[2] Professor Irich led the research team, and hoped to make the Set so powerful that they would rule the entire Elendel Basin.[3][4] Meanwhile, the surviving crew of the Brunstell were presumably tortured into revealing the supposed location of the temple and the Bands of Mourning,[5] and most of them (including Jordis) were later taken into the mountains near the temple site where they nearly froze to death.[6]

After Kelesina Shores had one of ReLuur's Hemalurgic spikes removed,[2] Templeton Fig sent the spike to the research center in Dulsing.[1] Wayne later scared Fig into revealing this location, while Wax also learned that the Set was working on a large building project.[1] The team headed to Dulsing and discovered the Set's compound; MeLaan and Marasi found the spike as well as a primer cube and Allik Neverfar.[4] Wax also found Telsin Ladrian, and the group escaped on the shuttle Wilg.[7][5] The Brunstell remained in the Set's possession in Dulsing.[8]



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