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Type Airship
Creators Southern Scadrians
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Bands of Mourning

What, you think Wilg flies on clouds and dreams?

Allik expressing incredulity at Marasi’s comment[1]

Wilg is a small Southern Scadrian airship. It is an example of a class of ships known as skimmers[1] and serves as a tender of the larger airship Brunstell.[2]

Appearance and Function[edit]

Wilg is a small ship, approximately six feet wide and twice as long, with a flat bottom. It fits seamlessly into the hull of the Brunstell like a drawer in a dresser, and can be accessed through a trapdoor inside the larger ship. It can be deployed by pulling a lever that mechanically pushes it on a "shelf" out of the side of the Brunstell's hull.[2][3] It has a seating compartment, similar to an automobile, with a glass windshield and sides open to the air. Passengers sit in a few chairs that are bolted to the floor.[2]

The ship is able to fly through the use of Allomantic steel. A Coinshot holds handles that are strapped to the floor and Pushes downwards on a metal plate underneath the ship to take off. Additionally, passengers use Southern Scadrian medallions that include iron to reduce their weight, like a Skimmer. Once in the air, a large fan powered by an Allomantic primer cube can be activated to keep the ship aloft; passengers adjust their weight with Feruchemical iron to control the ship's altitude. Pontoons with additional fans also drop into place to provide forward thrust and steering. The ship is only intended to hold six or fewer passengers, plus their supplies.[3]


It survived the crash of the Brunstell and was used by Allik and Wax’s group to escape from the Set at the Dulsing crash site.[3]


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