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Profession Airship Captain
Ethnicity Southern Scadrian
Nationality Malwish
Homeworld Scadrial
Universe Cosmere

Jordis is the Southern Scadrian captain of the airship Brunstell.[1] A dutiful captain, she leads her crew in a fight against the Set's soldiers near the Sovereign's temple[1] and returns Wax and his companions home to Elendel.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Since crashing in your lands, my crew has been incarcerated, tortured, and murdered. You seem to be itching for a war, Allomancer.

—Jordis to Wax[3]

Little is known of Jordis's appearance. Like most Southerners, Jordis wears a mask over her face at all times, signaling her expressions and moods with gestures of her hands.[3] As one of the Malwish, she likely changes her mask periodically depending on her profession or mood.[4] She is much shorter than Wax, but can still appear to tower over others when she is enraged.[3] Jordis also has harsh eyes that some think make her look like a soldier or a killer.[2] She is also tough, able to withstand frostbitten toes[1] and still not wear a warmth medallion so she can speak with Wax.[3]

Jordis is a confident and strong-willed woman, willing to demand her due and speak her mind even when faced with strong opposition.[3] Jordis is also a canny negotiator. When arguing with Wax about ownership of the Bands and the salvaged airship, she refuses to back down until she has secured a fair deal for her and her crew. While other Southerners are intimidated by his nature as Metalborn, she refuses to let him have their only method of returning home. Jordis instead threatens war in an attempt to bring her people home. She is no fool though, and understands not to push too far when she is already getting a good deal.[2] Even still, Jordis may have something of a temper; she is furious that they will return home without the Bands or their original ship.[3] She keeps this tightly controlled though, even though sometimes she appears on the edge of raging and shouting.

Jordis is also a devoted captain to her crew.[1] Even when she believes her crew are about to freeze to death, she spends her time comforting and encouraging them as she freezes as well. She is also brave and pragmatic, willing to fight back against the Set's stronger soldiers and be killed rather than slowly freeze to death. Jordis is also angry about the way her crew suffered at the hands of the Set, believing it to be enough to lead to war.[3]

Jordis may also be something of Malwish traditionalist, she grows annoyed with how often Allik removes his mask and his terrible dancing skills.[1]


Searching for the Bands[edit]

At some point in her early life, Jordis may have been a soldier.[2] By 342 at the latest, Jordis had become an the airship captain of the Brunstell,[1] which she claimed was a simple trading vessel.[2] Somehow Jordis obtained a map to the Sovereign's temple that had been brought back by the survivors of a failed expedition to destroy it.[5] Jordis took the Brunstell north with a crew of almost one hundred airmen, following the map to the Sovereign's temple in hopes of finding the Bands of Mourning.[5] While piloting the ship above the Seran Range near the temple, Jordis's ship was caught in a storm[5] and blown off course, crashing into the town of Dulsing,[6] and killing some of her crew.[5] While the locals were kindly initially, when the Set arrived, Jordis and the other survivors were captured.[5]

Journey to the Temple[edit]

At some point following, Jordis and the rest of her crew were brought to the Set's second site in the mountains of the Seran range.[7] Afterwards, Jordis and most of her surviving crew were marched under guard by Edwarn Ladrian and the Set[7] to lead them on an expedition to the Sovereign's temple.[5] Jordis struggled with the cold of the journey, she and her crew were given occasional access to the unsealed metalminds to keep them from freezing to death.[1] When they arrived at the temple, Jordis was imprisoned with the rest of her crew in a tent nearby. Despite only being kept by a single guard, Jordis believed the journey had been too hard on her crew and that they would all freeze to death soon. As her fingers and toes became numb, she crawled among her crewmembers, whispering words of encouragement to them.

Freeing Her Crew[edit]

One of those she spoke to was her enginemaster Petrine.[1] Petrine asked Jordis if they should attack, wishing to die quickly by their weapons rather than freeze to death. As Jordis considered those words, she heard the sound of Allik Neverfar dispatching the guard outside. Jordis stood up in shock at the sound as Allik entered. He offered them a bundle of warmth medallions he had stolen. Jordis took one and asked him how he had managed to rescue them. Allik explained that he had made friends with some of the northerners, as Steris? entered with an armful of rifles. As Jordis distributed the medallions to those most impacted by the cold, Allik told her that Steris wanted them to attack the men of the Set if they could. Jordis let Petrine continue passing out the medallions and armed herself with a rifle. She admitted that she did not know if her crew were strong enough to put up a fight, but that it was better than nothing. She ordered Petrine to arm their crew and prepare to attack the Set's soldiers. She led their crew outside to a position behind a rocky shelf and engaged the Set's soldiers in a firefight. As Wax persued Edwarn from fleeing in the Hunter's ship, he threw aside some of the Set's soldiers, helping Jordis in her fight. Jordis and her crew managed to drive back the Set's soldiers to the edge of the stone field in front of the temple.

Negotiating with Wax[edit]

We thank you for your help, but our appreciation does not allow us to ignore thievery. We expect that our property will be returned.

—Jordis to Wax[3]

After Wax secured the ship and the Set's soldiers were defeated Jordis lead her crew aboard the ship to secure it and make sure no one remained inside.[3] When Jordis finished her inspection, she swapped to the translation medallion and came to the field outside the temple with some of her airmen to talk to Wax and his companions. She thanked Wax for his help but explained that she expected her property, the ship and the Bands of Mourning, to be returned to her. To Jordis' anger, Wax refused to return them, claiming they were his by right of salvage. Jordis told him that her crew had been poorly treated by the northerners and he risked war by refusing to return their property. Wax still refused, saying that if there was to be war, he would not give them a powerful weapon to fight it with.

Steris interrupted their argument and convinced Wax to return the ship to Jordis, pointing out that the Southerners would have no way home without it and that they could trade access to Metalborn for ships with the Malwish.[3] Jordis was uneasy with this deal, explaining that she could not speak for the other nations among the southerners. Steris suggested then that the Bands be given to the kandra, only to be used in the event of an unprovoked attack by the southerners. Jordis was frustrated by this, feeling that she was walking away with a lesser prize, returning with a badly injured crew and an out-of-date ship and leaving the Bands behind. Steris continued to negotiate, explaining that Wax's seat on the senate would allow him to support favorable treaties with the Malwish. Jordis remained dissatisfied and furious, but realizing that Wax and Steris were offering her a much better deal than was necessary,[2] she reluctantly agreed and shook hands with Wax. Wax asked her for one more favor, a ride back to Elendel[3] in exchange for provisions for her journey home.[2] Jordis agreed with this also.[2] As they prepared to leave, Jordis likely had the skimmer from the Brunstell loaded aboard the salvaged airship as well.[3]

Returning Home[edit]

On the journey back, upon Wax's insistence Jordis allowed the airship to stop at one small town to send a telegraphed warning ahead to Elendel of their arrival.[2] They also prepared a draft trade agreement between the Malwish and the peoples of the Basin.[3] As they approached the city, Jordis piloted the ship herself as Marasi directed her to Ahlstrom Tower. Marasi invited Jordis to stay in Elendel longer to find out what the northern Scadrians are really like, but Jordis refused wanting to take on supplies and be away that very same night. Before they left, Jordis gave Wax a set of medallions to keep for himself before Wax and his companions surrendered their own back to her. After letting off the Northerners and the Set's prisoners, Jordis took the ship away, returning to the South.


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