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Wayne hatted smile.jpg
Born ~310s PC[1]
Died 348 PC[2]
Abilities Bloodmaker & Slider twinborn, Hemalurgist,[3] Mistborn[4]
Aliases Maxil,[1] Abrigain[5]
Residence Elendel
Ethnicity Terris
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2
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You're meant to be helping people.


Ain’t no fellow who regretted giving it one extra shake, ‘but you can bet every guy has regretted giving one too few.


Wayne is a Twinborn on Scadrial; a Slider and a Bloodmaker.

He is a friend and colleague of Waxillium Ladrian. He lived in the Roughs and worked with Wax to keep law and order. He traveled to Elendel to help investigate the Vanishers and attempted to convince Wax to return to the Roughs as a lawman.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Wax was a right good fellow, but there were a lot of things he didn't understand. Women for one. Hats for another.


Wayne is short, lean, and muscular, with a round, sharp-chinned face.[8][9][10] At the time of the hunt for the Vanishers he was about 30 years old.[11] He prefers to dress in Roughs clothing with a duster coat. He has an affinity for hats, which he says are essential to completing his elaborate disguises. He cannot grow a "proper" beard.[12]

He has an easygoing personality and is often seen manipulating his accent and style of speech depending on who he is with.[13] He and Wax often exchange witty banter when together.[14]

Wayne has little to no concept of boundaries and an almost pathological need to prove that he's not a bad person.[15] He is deeply troubled and has PTSD,[16] and did not cope well with the isolation he faced in the Roughs.[15] Wayne also has a problem with kleptomania. This is seen in his multiple episodes of "trading" items of different value and then making up convoluted reasons for why this "trade" is acceptable.[10] Wayne often has trouble taking things seriously and often makes inappropriate jokes, especially around Marasi.[17][18] However, he is sometimes capable of having a serious and helpful conversation.[19]

Attributes & Abilities[edit]

Metallic Arts[edit]

Wayne is both a Ferring and a Misting, making him a Twinborn. He is both a Bloodmaker and a Slider.


Not that the pain went completely away, mind you. But he and pain were old friends what shared a handshake and a beer now and then. Didn’t much like each other, but they had a working relationship.


As a Bloodmaker, Wayne can store health in his goldminds at the price of being unwell. He can tap into his stores later to heal wounds. As long as Wayne has an adequate storage of health, he can recover from any wounds that aren't immediately lethal, such as curing poison, regrowing fingers, and surviving bullet wounds. He prefers to fill his metalminds all at once by spending weeks sick in bed instead of traveling around while slightly sick. He often stores health whenever he has a hangover as he is going to have a horrible time of it anyway.[21][14] He sometimes uses his ability as a Bloodmaker strategically, by pretending that a bullet has actually killed him or incapacitated him, in order to make enemies dismiss him as a threat in a fight. However, many who know of his abilities aren’t fooled by this trick.[22] He eventually embedded his goldminds deep into his thigh to protect them from Allomancers.[23]


A large group of Vanishers had set up near the western tunnel, firing out at Wayne - who was in full form, burning through his bendalloy like a madman. He'd appear, draw fire, then vanish into a blur, then appear right next to where he'd been. He called insults as the bullets missed him, then moved again.

—Wax watching Wayne fight at the Vanisher hideout[24]

As a Slider, Wayne can burn bendalloy to form a "speed bubble" around himself, speeding up time for anyone inside it.[1] Once the bubble is made it cannot be moved, and Wayne can move about freely inside it, but if he leaves it, it will disappear. Anything moving from one side to the other, like a bullet, will be slightly thrown off course by the edge of the bubble. Using one nugget of bendalloy Wayne can compress two minutes of time into approximately fifteen external seconds. Wayne often used speed bubbles to converse in private, change in to a disguise or engage in a fight uninterrupted.

In the six years between The Bands of Mourning and The Lost Metal, Wayne practiced extensively with Bendalloy that he was able to purchase thanks to his newfound immense wealth.[25] This led him to be able to drastically reduce the time between activating his speed bubbles, as well as granting him a high degree of control over their size and shape.[26]

While trying to stop the Set in Bilming, Wayne burned a small amount of lerasium, making him a Mistborn.[4]


While trying to stop the Set in Bilming, Wax gave Wayne a steel spike, granting him Allomantic steel.[3]


Wayne's preferred method of fighting is to move in close to one opponent, create a speed bubble, and use his dueling canes for a close quarters one on one. In some cases, when he’s in disguise, he’ll use a set of wooden knucklebones as a melee weapon, employing the same speed bubble strategy that he uses with his dueling canes.[7] After beating his opponent he will drop the bubble and leap to the next one, starting the process over again. He seems adept at fighting, even against men with guns, though he does get shot on occasion, making his healing abilities extremely useful during combat.[27] When under heavy fire, Wayne uses his speed bubbles to abruptly change the direction he’s running, this making it harder for enemies to draw a bead on him. [22]


He had beggar costumes, constable costumes, and old lady costumes. A fellow needed to be able to blend in with his surroundings.[28]


Wayne is talented at disguising himself using various costumes and voices, and has been able to pose as various races, ages, and genders. He is a master at picking up accents and considers it the only thing he is allowed to steal. Even when living in the Roughs he made trips into the city for the purpose of picking up new accents. With the right hat and accent Wayne can easily disguise himself well enough to trick criminals or policemen into thinking he is one of them.[29][30] He uses his disguises to gain information,[7] sneak into places he otherwise couldn’t enter,[28] interrogate criminals,[29] or just for his own amusement.[11] He is known to be a method actor often thinking like the person he is disguised as. MeLaan says that he is 'Wasted as a human' when referring to his talent for accents.[31]


Early Years[edit]

Some mistakes though, you can’t fix by being sorry. Can’t fix them no matter what you do.


Wayne's father was a Feruchemist, and Wayne was aware of his abilities by the time he was 16, but never had access to any bendalloy or gold. Wayne had a natural talent for grabbing things without meaning to, and with encouragement from some friends he starting pick pocketing, and eventually robbed a man at gunpoint.[21] He accidentally killed the man, and was easily caught by the local lawman Jon Deadfinger. At the trial he found out that the man he killed had been a bookkeeper, charity worker, and father of three. Wax saved Wayne from being hanged, though the details of how are unknown. Ever since the two have worked together almost like a sheriff and deputy, becoming famous enough to be taught about in University. As a reaction to the death of the bookkeeper, Wayne is unable to hold a gun without his hands shaking, preferring to use dueling canes instead. He also sends half of the money he makes to the man's widow to help pay for her kids, one of whom was able to go to university. He visits Allriandre, the eldest child, at the University on the first day of every month to give her "blood money," but she has not forgiven him.[14]

Wayne spent much of his early adulthood as Wax’s partner, initially performing smaller tasks like keeping an eye on Wax’s horse[32], though eventually became more adept at fighting, and eventually began to fight alongside Wax.[20][11]

Investigating the Vanishers[edit]

Kidnapping people… well, there’s something goin’ on here. I’m gonna find out what it is. With or without you.

—Wayne to Wax about the Vanishers[1]

With Wax's return to the city, Wayne was left in charge of Weathering, a small town out in the Roughs, appearing now on the trail of the Vanishers; an infamous gang of thieves renowned for their bizarre theatrics and efficiency.[1] Wayne went to Elendel to meet up with Wax again, intruding on a meeting with Jackstom Harms and posing as Wax’s uncle. He tells Wax in private about the Vanishers, trying to convince Wax to go after them.[1]

Wax attended the Yomen-Ostlin wedding dinner, and Wayne went there disguised as a waiter.[27] The Vanishers attacked, and Wax and Wayne were forced to fight. Together they manage to quell the Vanisher attack, the survivors fleeing, carrying off Steris. In addition, the bandit leader Tarson took Wayne’s lucky hat, infuriating Wayne.[33]

Just gotta talk their language, son. Surprising how many people never figure that out.

—Wayne to Sindren[29]

Wayne infiltrated the Fourth Octant Constabulary, disguised as a constable, and interrogated a few of the captured Vanishers, pretending to be a Vanisher himself. Using his skill with accents and acting, he managed to find out the location of one of the Vanisher hideouts.[29] Wayne met with Wax and Marasi at Wax’s mansion, and Wax’s butler tries to assassinate them, using a bomb. Wayne used his abilities as a Slider to give them time to react, and Wax used his feruchemy to allow them to escape the blast by falling through the floor. Wayne used himself as a human shield, able to heal himself using his own feruchemy.[8] Using the information that Wayne had gathered, they investigated the Vanisher hideout. Though it was empty, Wayne found a cigar box that pointed them to Miles Dagouter.[21]

While on a train ride to the Outer Estates, Miles attacked their train and Wax managed to fight him off.[34] They visited Ranette for help, though Wayne received a cold reception, Ranette threatening to shoot them. Wayne bribed Ranette into letting them in, using an aluminum gun he’d stolen from the investigation scene at the wedding. Wax laid out a plan, and Wayne stole some shipping manifests.[35] Later, at a train station, Wayne disguised himself as an old lady to discover more information about the Breaknaught, a heavily protected train designed to withstand attacks from the Vanishers. Wayne and some others caused some chaos, faking an attack. Wayne used the chaos to throw a “wounded” Wax into the train car, then proceeded to lock the door.[5]

You ever notice how often he gets to be the one who rides in comfort, while I have to do things like gallop or walk all the time? Not very fair.

—Wayne to Marasi[36]

Wayne and Marasi watched the train from a hillside one evening, and observed how the Vanishers pulled off their robberies, by using a piece of machinery to swap out the train car.[36] While Wax attacked from within the train car, Wayne and Marasi followed to the Vanisher hideout to provide assistance. Wayne got into the thick of the fighting at the hideout alongside Wax, while Marasi acted as a sniper from above.[24]

Towards the end of the fighting Tarson took Marasi hostage, Wayne threw up a speed bubble for Wax, who managed to pull off a near impossible shot to kill Tarson. Wax then had a close quarters fight with Miles, Marasi discreetly burning cadmium to give Wayne time to go alert the constabulary. The constables arrived in time, and managed to capture Miles through sheer numbers.[37]

Chasing the Marksman[edit]

Look, Wax. We’ve got to go! The Marksman has made his move!

—Wayne arriving at Wax’s manor[9]

Some time after Miles’ capture, Wayne found Wax and told him the Marksman was on the move. They got in a motorcar with Marasi, and Wax then chased after the Marksman using Steelpushes. Wayne followed behind with Marasi, and the Marksman subsequently escaped into the slums.[9] While Marasi and Wax went to go interrogate people, Wayne used his acting skill to join in with a group of men living in the slums. He followed one of the men to where Marks was hiding. He attacked the building and apprehended Marks. They were attacked as they left the slums, and Marks was shot and killed.[7]

Chasing Bleeder[edit]

I killed your daddy. I mugged him in an alley for his pocketbook. I shot a better man than me, and because of that, I don’t deserve to be alive.

—Wayne to Alliandre[14]

Wax investigated a series of bodies at Lord Winsting’s manor, where a series of people were killed by a Steelrunner. Knowing that he’d likely need it soon, Wayne began storing up health. Wax wanted Wayne to got to The Village, but Wayne had to preform a special task he always did on the first of the month. He went to Elendel University, sneaking in to meet with Allriandre, the daughter of the man he killed. He offered her the usual monthly stipend that he gives her, and she showed him the picture of her father, forcing him to once again recite his crimes. She once again told him that he isn’t forgiven, and Wayne left.[14] Wayne and Wax visited the home of Idashwy, a known Terris Steelrunner. They found her dead with a hole in her chest. Wax and Wayne determined that the killer used Hemalurgy to steel Idashwy’s Steelrunner abilities.[38]

Our accents are clothing for our thoughts, my dear. Without them, everything we say would be stripped bare, and we might as well be screaming at one another. Oh look. The dessert lady has chocolate pastries again!

—Wayne to Marasi[28]

Wayne and Steris went to Lady ZoBell's party, but were turned away by the bouncer. Wayne used his bend alloy to determine that they were on a list of people to be kept out of the party, a petty move by the governor’s bodyguard. Wayne decided to act the part of Professor Hanlanaze, a mathematics professor, to get into the party with Marasi as his assistant. A colleague later recognized him, and he threw up a speed bubble while Marasi figured out how to respond to him. Wayne bluffed the man into a hasty retreat and concentrated on eating again.[28] At the party a young woman came up to him and slapped him, saying that he stole an invention from her now-destitute father. Wax found a suspicious server and chased him, Wayne tackling the man. He escaped, and Wayne stayed behind to protect the governor while Wax chased after him.[39] Wayne conducted an impersonation of the party staff, and concluded that the server Wax chased was not Bleeder, as the choice of impersonating a new waiter that nobody liked was too obvious.[40]

Well hang me. You’re that immortal, ain’t you?

—Wayne upon meeting MeLaan[41]

Wayne went to the temple of the Common Man, a location of a very loose religion revolving around Breeze and heavily involving alcohol. The temple was a bar, and many people in the place were morose or angry. Wayne cheered up everyone there by improving their beverages, and met MeLaan. They got off well, having a belching contest before Wax arrived and interrupted them. MeLaan filled them in on more details about Bleeder, saying that they needed to take out her spike, either manually or with a serum inside of a syringe that MeLaan gave to Wax.[41] While Wax investigated Bleeder’s trail of clues, Wayne stayed to guard Governor Replar Innate, later joined by MeLaan.[42] Wayne bonded more with MeLaan during their time guarding Innate, coaching her on her accents.[31]

Rioting in Elendel[edit]

Wayne went out into the streets to blend in with an angry mob surrounding a Survivorist priest, but Bleeder used a syringe to reveal the priest as a Kandra. Someone in the crowd recognized Wayne, and he was forced to flee the scene.[43] Upon returning to Innate’s manor, he heard Innate speaking and realized that the accent was off, revealing that he was Bleeder. [44] Wayne investigated but got too close to the window, and Bleeder spotted him. She attacked him, getting his metal minds off, drugging him, and stashing him in the closet.

Wax later found him and rescued him before chasing off after Bleeder for the final time.[45] Marasi decided that MeLaan should pose as the governor and give a speech to appease the rioting people of Elendel.[46] Due to his wound from Bleeder’s attack, Wayne stayed onstage near MeLaan in case things went wrong.[47] The speech didn’t work and the people began to riot. They stopped however, when Aradel put MeLaan under arrest for corruption. Aradel took control of the city, turning the crowds to his side.[48]

Death of Bleeder[edit]

It’ll pass, mate. My pa once said to me, ‘Son, keep a stiff upper lip.’ So if things get bad, you bash your face against a wall till your lip bleeds, and you’ll feel better.

—Wayne trying to console Wax[49]

After Wax returned from his chase of Bleeder, having killed her and found out that she had been Lessie all along, Wayne tried to help his friend with his grief at having killed his wife a second time. He saw the daughter of Remmingtel Tarcsel, the girl who slapped him at ZoBell’s party when he had pretended to be Hanlanaze. He talked to her, recognizing her father as the true inventor of the incandescent lightbulb, and offered her venture capital to help her fund her and her father’s inventions, to her extreme delight.[49]

Search for the Bands[edit]

Gonna go get smashed till I can’t piss straight. Happy weddings ‘n stuff

—Wayne’s note to Wax[50]

Wax and Steris were scheduled to have their wedding in a Survivorist church, and Wayne sent a note to Wax telling him he wouldn’t be there. Wayne had “the lads” sabotage the wedding, telling them to flood the church. They toppled an entire water tower to flood the church, and Wayne didn’t expect them to go so far. He faked being a head chef for the wedding feast, ordering around young assistants until Marasi came to reprimand him. They talked, and Wayne decided at the end of the conversation to give up on Ranette and move on.[51]

VenDell, a sixth generation Kandra who wanted to meet with Wax, decided to talk with Marasi instead. Wayne invited them over to Wax’s mansion, along with MeLaan. Wax arrived, and VenDell told them about the nature of Identity and Investiture, and of the possibilities of unkeyed and unsealed metalminds.[51] Wayne went for a stroll through Elendel, and met Ranette to tell her that he was giving up on her.[52]

Wayne, along with Wax, Marasi, Steris, and MeLaan, traveled to New Seran. Wayne enjoyed talking with people on the train and learning new accents. He also chatted with Marasi, Marasi asking him about being in Wax’s shadow.[19] Wayne and MeLaan found a luggage compartment in the floor, and were making out for the rest of the train ride, MeLaan topless. Though the Nightstreet Gang attacked the train, Wayne and MeLaan were too distracted to realize it. They only found out only afterward when Wax found them, fearing that something had happened to Wayne. Marasi was outraged at their behavior, but Wayne and MeLaan weren’t embarrassed.[53]

New Seran[edit]

The group arrived in New Seran, and they went to their hotel. Between Steris’s list of possible disasters, Wayne’s trading of objects, and MeLaan’s strangeness, the hotel owner was quite alarmed. Since Wax doubted Wayne’s usefulness at Kelesina Shores's party, Marasi borrowed Wayne to go dig through graves for ReLuur’s spike.[54]

Why, what happens when we have to thump some people, then run off with their ledgers? They’re gonna know it was us, and Wax’ll have to pay a big heap of compensatory fines.

—Wayne to Marasi[10]

Wayne and Marasi went to a bank, Wayne planning for them to pose as a rich lord and his niece. Marasi however, shocked Wayne by using her status as a constable to let them talk to the bank’s owner. Wayne swapped a rats tail with the man’s silver letter opener, and Marasi discovered than all of the city’s graveyard workers are crooked.[10] They went to a graveyard, and there Wayne disguised himself and Marasi, then talked to Dechamp, the night gravekeeper. Wayne bribed the man into digging up ReLuur’s grave.[13] DeChamp however, sent his young assistant to alert members of the Set. A group of gunmen arrived, and Wayne and Marasi took cover in the freshly dug grave. DeChamp was killed in the crossfire, and Wayne fought back against the gunmen, defeating several and causing the rest to retreat. Afterward, he went to the graveyard building, and found both Dechamp’s ledger and his stash of booze.[55]

Both Wayne and Marasi worked together to trick Templeton Fig, Dechamp’s boss. They caused him to think that he was being visited by Death, who was actually Wayne in disguise. Wayne learned from him that ReLuur’s spike had been sent to the small town of Dulsing.[56] Wax returned from the party, giving Wayne an unkeyed metalmind with a lot of healing stored in it.[20]


You can throw your wooden teeth at ‘em. Do some cane wagging as well. I’m sure you’re cross about stayin’ up so late.

—Wayne making fun of Wax’s age[57]

The group traveled by carriage to the small town of Dulsing, which has been turned into a huge construction site for some huge project. The area was well guarded, and Wayne has Wax Push him by his belt beyond the guarded border. Wayne used his healing to recover, then knocked out the power for the floodlights. Marasi, MeLaan, and Wax snuck in, and Wayne and Wax went to find Mr. Suit and Telsin.[20]

Wayne and Wax found Telsin in a guarded room,[57] and Wayne distracted the guards so that Wax could rescue her. The guards spotted them, and a massive firefight broke out. Swarms of soldiers and kill squads attacked, knowing not to stop firing at Wayne even when he feigned being down. Wax, Wayne, MeLaan, and Marasi fought back with difficulty, and eventually escaped into the massive ship at Allik’s urging. They went into a secret compartment, and Allik gave them weight-storing medallions, which Wayne and the others filled with weight. At Allik’s instruction, Wax Pushed the small aircraft into the air.[22] They escaped Dulsing, picking up Steris on their way out. They headed towards the Sovereign’s temple, where the Set was going. On the ride there, Allik told them about himself, Southern Scadrial, the Sovereign, and the Bands.[58]

The Sovereign’s Temple[edit]

They flew over Edwarn’s expedition, Wayne inadvertently alerting them by kicking a pack overboard when Telsin bumped into him. They arrived at the temple, finding the crashed wreckage of another South Scadrian ship. They found a statue of the Sovereign, who was holding a spear with a spearhead that they assumed to be aluminum. Wayne stole the spearhead, which unbeknownst to any of them, was the Bands of Mourning.[12][59] There were many booby traps in the temple, and MeLaan walked through them all, triggering them but remaining unharmed. Wayne stayed behind with Marasi and Steris, and soon Edwarn came forward with a flag of parley.[17]

With Edwarn claiming to know how to open the locked door at the end of the temple and Edwarn having the small group outnumbered, they were at an impasse. Wax brought Edwarn and the others to the door, which Edwarn helped Wax open. Inside there was an empty pedestal, with broken glass but no Bands.[60] Telsin betrayed them, attacking along with Edwarn. They used an allomantic grenade and wiped Wayne and Marasi’s allomantic reserves, and Wax was shot badly. With Edwarn and Telsin having allomantic powers granted through Hemalurgy and the element of surprise, Wayne and the others were outmatched. Wayne escaped the room, though the others were captured.[61]

No. No. I can’t do this without you.

—Wayne to Wax as Wax began to die[62]

Wayne fell into a pit filled with spikes, but healed. He found Wax in a cave, who was trapped under a huge piece of rock. Wayne fought Edwarn, who fled. Wayne tried to free Wax but couldn’t, and wept as Wax died.[62] After Telsin took MeLaan’s spikes, turning her into a mistwraith, Wayne found her and shot her in the face with Wax’s shotgun. He knew her gold metalminds would heal her. He retrieved both MeLaan’s spikes and ReLuur’s spike. He then used MeLaan’s spikes to restore her to consciousness.[63]

Wax took the Bands of Mourning from Marasi, who had already used them partially, and defeated Edwarn, though Telsin escaped. After negotiating a deal with Jordis and her people, Wayne rode back to Elendel with the others on the airship. He talked with Wax about shooting Telsin, and they soon arrived back at Elendel.[64]


Waxillium Ladrian[edit]

You’re a bizarre pair, you know.

—Marasi to Wax[35]

Wax is Wayne’s best friend and partner. Wayne acts as Wax’s deputy. They have an easygoing relationship, and they often engage in banter. Wax was the one who saved Wayne when he was about to be hung for murder, for which Wayne owes Wax a debt of gratitude.[65] They have gone on countless adventures together, and have formed a strong friendship and trust. Though Wax laughs at most of Wayne’s jokes, he also wishes Wayne would not meddle in his personal life, such as disparaging Steris. Wayne and Wax have a cheerful competitiveness to them, sometimes counting how many enemies they each defeated in a fight.[33]


Maybe there was actually something there between them. If anything, Wayne didn’t seem the least bit put out by being reminded just how alien, and just how old, MeLaan was.


Wayne has a very close relationship with MeLaan, and is attracted to her easy-going manner and free spirit.[41] MeLaan admires Wayne’s skill with accents, and Wayne gives her pointers from time to time. Over time they grow quite close, and Wayne seems not the least bit perturbed about having a romantic relationship with her, despite her immense age and her being a Kandra. Their relationship becomes apparent when Wax finds them making out in a luggage compartment. Wayne’s romantic inclinations towards MeLaan are what causes him to break off his pursuit of Ranette.[53] When Telsin takes MeLaan’s spikes, turning her into a mistwraith, Wayne manages to shoot Telsin, recover the spikes, and save MeLaan.[63]

Marasi Colms[edit]

You’re important. You help out a lot! Plus, you smell nice, and not all bloody n’ stuff.


At first, Wayne has no understanding of personal boundaries around Marasi. He often harasses her, and makes rude or inappropriate comments about her in her presence. Marasi is embarrassed easily by any romantic or sexual topic, which encourages Wayne, who makes her the target of several jokes.[18] After a time, Wayne eventually becomes a better friend to Marasi, and their relationship improves. Despite his joking manner, he is still able to have several meaningful conversations with Marasi, and offers encouragement to Marasi amidst her self-doubt. Marasi occasionally confides in Wayne, such as asking about being in Wax’s shadow.[19] Even so, Marasi occasionally has to reign Wayne in a little when they work together, often acting as the voice of reason.[10]


Nah. She’s just angry. That’s how she shows affection.


Wayne often flirts with Ranette, but is continually met with hostility or indifference. Wayne doesn’t seem to care about how much he annoys Ranette, and often calls her "honey" or "darling". Ranette despises Wayne, and has shot him on four separate occasions.[35] Wayne eventually tells Ranette he is no longer interested in her, a decision largely impacted by a conversation with Marasi and his developing relationship with MeLaan, and Ranette is grateful and relieved at the news.[52]



  • Wayne uses the last name “Terrisborn.”[66][25]
  • If he had joined the Knights Radiant, he would most likely have been in the Order of Edgedancers. Most of the Orders would look very strangely upon Wayne.[67]
  • There will be in-world comic books in Mistborn Era 3 based off of him and Wax.[68]
  • Wayne was originally going to be a haberdasher.[69]
  • Wayne collected eighty different kinds of beer bottles at one point.[70]
  • Wayne is the best lay MeLaan has ever had.[71]
    • Wayne and MeLaan engaged in bondage, wherein Wayne was bound and had a safeword.[72]
  • Wayne's finances and investments ended up being worth around 120 million boxings.


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