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Type Airship
Creators Southern Scadrians
Captain Jordis
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Bands of Mourning

This ship is filled with enigmas.

— Professor Irich[1]

Brunstell is a Malwish Southern Scadrian airship captained by Jordis. It is constructed of wood and is three stories tall.[2] It has a broad, flat top with crenelated edges, like a castle's battlement.[3] It is similar in appearance to a boat, but with wings. The hallways have intricate designs and decorations on the walls and ceilings. It is likely powered by Southern Scadrian allomantic technology. It has an allomancy powered life boat called the Wilg.


The Brunstell set off from Southern Scadrial on a mission to find the Sovereign's temple and the Bands of Mourning. Its crew had around one hundred members who refer to the ship as male.[4] A storm caused it to crash in the Elendel Basin town of Dulsing where its surviving crew were captured by the Set. A large walled compound was build around the crashed ship. Professor Irich is studying the vessel in an attempt to understand its technology.

Professor Irich told visiting scientists Lady Stansi and Lord Stanoux that the vessel has sophisticated plumbing. There are rooms whose purpose is a total mystery; a room with black hoods hanging from the ceiling, and another with what appear to be musical instruments which make no sound. There are restrooms for male and female genders, but also a third version with an unknown symbol.[1]

In an attempt to interrogate the surviving crew, Irich had the members tortured and killed. More than half of the crew were killed in the crash and following imprisonment.[5] Allik Neverfar survived and escaped aboard Wilg when he was rescued by Marasi Colms.



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