Sovereign's temple

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Sovereign's temple
Owner Sovereign
Era Post-Catacendre
Region Seran Range, Elendel Basin
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Bands of Mourning

The Sovereign's temple is a building in the Seran Range of Elendel Basin. It was built by the Sovereign and his priests to house the Bands of Mourning.

Legend of the Sovereign's Temple[edit]

Allik Neverfar told the story of the Sovereign's Temple to Marasi Colms during their attempt to find it. The Sovereign left Southern Scadrial with a group of elite priests. They built a temple hidden in tall mountains and were commanded to guard the Bands of Mourning until his return. Some priests eventually returned to Southern Scadrial with stories of the Temple and its purpose. Many Southern Scadrians interpreted this as a challenge issued by the Sovereign to find the Bands.[1]

Location and Appearance[edit]

The Sovereign's Temple is located near the highest peaks of the Seran Range southeast of Dulsing. The temple is a bleak stone fortess, one story tall, and built of field stones. At the entrance there is a large statue of the Soverign holding a wooden spear. Inside the main hallway of the Temple are a series of traps intended to kill trespassers.[2]. Past the traps is a door surrounded by a number of unknown symbols. Pressing on three of the symbols activates the door, causing it to open. The three symbols are explained to be a language only the Sovereign knows and consists of a circle, a triangle, and some other (not described) symbol.


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