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Trell (Trellism)
Trell by Connor Chamberlain.jpeg
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

She looked down at the small spike in her hands, and heard a name from a year ago, spoken by Miles Hundredlives as he died. The name of a god from the old days... Who, or what, was Trell?

—Marasi begins researching Trell in earnest[1]

Trell is a mysterious entity worshiped by followers of Trellism on Scadrial.[2] Trell is also the name of the deity worshiped by followers of Trelagism,[3] though it is unclear to what extent these beings are related.[4][5] Trell became a force of opposition against Harmony sometime after the Catacendre.[6]


Trell is related to one of the sixteen Shards of Adonalsium.[7][8] The identity of that Shard is unknown, though some are more likely candidates than others.[9] It is possible that Trell is not itself a full Shard, but rather an avatar, or some other lesser being, which is merely related to a distinct Shard.[10] Harmony appears to use a vast, red haze around Scadrial to represent the intrusion of another Shard when meeting with Waxillium Ladrian, and Wax described a sensation of "dread and destruction" choking him upon observing it.[6][11][12] The appearance of red suggests that the entity is co-opting or corrupting the Investiture of another Shard.[13][14]


The name Trell has been used in many ways over the eons.[15] Trell is not native to Yolen.[16]

The onset of Trell's activity in the Scadrian System is uncertain, though the spread of Trellism, particularly among the Set, suggests Trell may have been quietly influencing events on Scadrial for at least several decades. Beyond Trellism, the first overt evidence of Trell's involvement came in the form of a mysterious spike used by Paalm to hide from Harmony's sight.[1] According to Harmony, Trell had surrounded the planet of Scadrial and was laying siege to Harmony's defenses sometime around 340 PC.[6]

Associated Magic[edit]

A silvery metal with distinctive, dark red spots is associated with Trell.[12] This metal has been utilized as a Hemalurgic spike in several ways. First and foremost is the strange way that such a spike blinds Harmony to the recipient of the spike.[1] Additionally, the spike may also be used to steal mysterious attributes previously unknown to the kandra. MeLaan theorized that Paalm was able to utilize stolen Allomancy and Feruchemy by means of these attributes.[1] Lastly, the use of such a spike in Rian appeared to cause, if nothing else, a level of psychological distress.[17] It is possible that Miles was spiked with this metal as well, before he died.[18]

There are red-eyed Faceless Immortals which appear to act as agents on behalf of Trell.[19] It is unclear who or what these beings are and how similar they are to typical kandra.


You are fools! One day, the men of gold and red, bearers of the final metal, will come to you. And you will be ruled by them. Worship. Worship Trell and wait ...

—Miles Dagouter's last words[20]


Followers of Trellism appear to trace the religion's roots to Trelagism as it is described in the Words of Founding.[2] The extent to which these religions are related is unclear, as the two religions share no apparent similarities beyond the name of their god.[4] Adherents of Trellism believe in a deity named Trell, whom they consider to be their creator in some capacity.[2][21] At least some among them appear to believe in an apocalyptic prophecy which claims that "men of gold and red, bearers of the final metal" will arrive and rule over the people of Elendel, and perhaps all of Scadrial.[20]

Miles Dagouter encouraged people to actively worship Trell, though the details on how Trell is worshiped are unknown.[20] Miles believed that Trell created him "to see wrongs righted" and that the religion's teachings proved he was "special" in some way.[2] It is unclear to what extent Miles' beliefs concerning social justice are held in common among other members of the religion. It is likely that some kernel of these ideas is pervasive in Trellism, given some relations to the philosophies of Paalm[22] and Edwarn Ladrian.[23]


Despite the religion's mention in the Words of Founding, it is relatively unknown among the general population of northern Scadrial.[24] Marasi Colms had a difficult time researching the religion, with few people willing to speak openly about their knowledge.[19] Several members of the Set, in both high and low positions, are followers of Trellism, and the organization itself may exist for the purpose of serving Trell.[25][19] Presumed followers of Trellism have been seen both swearing by[26] and giving thanks to[25] Trell.

Red-eyed "Faceless Immortals" appear to work on behalf of Trell, and have been known to visit followers of Trell on occasion.[19] Paalm also appears to be an agent of Trell,[1] though neither Paalm or the red-eyed Faceless Immortals show any signs of being adherents of Trellism.

Theories & Speculation[edit]

This page or section deals with theories or speculation.
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Trell is associated with one of the nine Shards that were known when trellium first appeared.[9][12] The color red has often been associated with Trell; for example, the red haze Harmony showed Waxillium Ladrian around Scadrial and the red eyes of the Set's Faceless Immortals,[6][19] but this does not narrow down the list of Shards Trell could be, since red is associated with corrupted Investiture generally, not a specific Shard.[13][27][28] Trell cannot be Preservation or Ruin, as Harmony did not know the metal;[1] it is also not Ambition, Invention, Mercy, Valor, or Whimsy, as they were unknown at the time trellium first appeared;[9] and it has been confirmed to not be Endowment.[29] It is almost certainly not Devotion, Dominion, or Honor as they are all Splintered,[30] which leaves Autonomy, Cultivation, and Odium as the remaining possibilities. Cultivation has exhibited few signs of interest in affairs beyond Roshar and it seems unlikely that she was responsible for the metal. Harmony distinctly mentions Odium in his second letter to Hoid but shares that he is worried that a Shard or Shards he cannot identify are encroaching on Scadrial,[31] suggesting that Trell is not Odium.

By process of elimination, this suggests that Trell is related to Autonomy. Direct evidence for this theory also exists. Notably, Khriss states that Autonomy often intervenes on other worlds[32] and Autonomy is known to have avatars on First of the Sun and Obrodai;[33][34] Trell may be an avatar of Autonomy manifesting on Scadrial. There is also a Daysider man named Trell on Taldain,[35] which strengthens the tie to Autonomy. The fact that Taldain is a tidally locked planet[32] and that the original Scadrian religion involving Trell, Trelagism, focused on the difference between day and night[3] may suggest the original religion had roots in Taldain; Autonomy is known to be worshiped in several religions,[36] so it seems plausible she is involved in Trelagism in some way. The metal trellium allowed Paalm to operate free from Harmony's influence,[37] a property that seems to align well with Autonomy's intent.


Brandon's plans for Trell in future books were not outlined until after he finished writing the original Mistborn trilogy.[38] As the Mistborn Era 2 books were not planned at the time, it comes as no surprise that Trell will have a much more prominent role in the Mistborn Era 3 trilogy.[39]


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