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Shards Unknown
Investitures Lightweaving
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Liar of Partinel, The Lightweaver of Rens, Dragonsteel Prime

Yolen is a planet in the Cosmere on which the books The Liar of Partinel and Dragonsteel are set.[1]

Yolen is home to three sentient races[2] (humans, dragons, and Sho Del[3]) and was the origin of all humans in the Cosmere, with the technical exception of Scadrial where life was created directly by the Vessels of Ruin and Preservation.[4] The original sixteen Vessels (as well as Hoid and Frost) come from Yolen.[5]

Cosmere scholars like Khriss consider Yolen as the cosmere standard when describing the properties of planets, like their size and gravitation.[6]

As of the Rosharan year 1174, Yolen is still inhabited and is home to Frost.[7]



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