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Endowment by zoethatcher.jpg
Abilities Shard of Endowment
Titles Endowment
World Nalthis
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Warbreaker

My eyes are not those of some petty noble, to be clouded by a false nose and some dirt on the cheeks.


Edgli is the Vessel of the Shard Endowment.[2][3] The Tears of Edgli are named after her.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Good riddance.

—Edgli on Uli Da's death[4]

Edgli's appearance and even species are unknown; when speaking to the Returned, she has a calm, comforting voice. To them, she is gentle and kind, offering the possibility of coming back without pressuring them into it.[5] In private, however, she's a lot less personable. She's uninterested in meddling with the cosmere beyond Nalthis, and dislikes the idea of Shards interfering with one another; at the same time, she meddles with Nalthis itself extensively through the Returned.[6][7] She's said to be erratic, particularly when it comes to the manner in which she picks the people to Return.[8]

She actively doesn't wish to interfere with other Shards, in accordance with their agreement. She is disappointed that so few Vessels have kept to it, and considers those that break it to be fools, and believes that no good can come from two Shards residing on the same planet.[9][7]

Though she calls Hoid "Dearest Cephandrius", she seems to dislike him quite heavily; she is frustrated with his visits to her territory, chastises him for refusing to become a Vessel, and generally tells him off for trying to interfere with the matters above what she perceives to be his weight class.[10][11] She appears to be more amicable when speaking with Harmony.[12] While it might be due to both of them being Shards, she does not extend the same courtesy to Uli Da, and is dismissive of Aona and Skai's fate.[4][9]

Abilities and Attributes[edit]

As a Vessel of the Shard Endowment, Edgli is immortal and immensely powerful; she can even bring the recently-dead back to life through bestowing her splinters, Divine Breath, upon them.[13][14] Like other Shards, she is capable of perceiving the future, though it's unknown how good she is at it.[5] She does, however, rank higher than most in being able to spot Hoid, as she declares herself perfectly capable of detecting his "intrusions" on Nalthis regardless of what disguise he uses.[1] It's unclear whether this is some capacity granted to her by her particular Shard, or simply her own keen mind.


Like all original Vessels, Edgli is a native of Yolen.[15] She participated in the Shattering of Adonalsium, and took up one of the Shards, Endowment.[16] Honoring the deal that the Vessels made, to each go their own ways, she set out of Yolen and eventually wound up on Nalthis, Investing herself in it and becoming its sole Shard.[7][17]


  • Edgli is the author of the first of the letters in Oathbringer epigraphs.
  • The "E" in her name is pronounced as "eh", like in the word "echo".[18]
  • Brandon has repeatedly avoided stating whether or not Edgli is a dragon,[19][20] although elsewhere he has confirmed that only one of the current vessels is a dragon[21] and later he confirmed that Koravellium Avast is one.[22] This makes it unlikely that Edgli is a dragon as well.


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