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Tears of Edgli

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Tears of Edgli
World Nalthis
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Warbreaker

The Tears of Edgli are a plant found in the valley jungle of Hallandren on Nalthis. They produce dyes that hold fast in any cloth. Other dyes do not work nearly as well, making the plants highly desirable. They come in different colors and are very efficient for Awakening.[1]

Relation to Endowment[edit]

The Tears of Edgli are named after Edgli, the Vessel of Endowment.[2] They only grow in Hallandren because, much like the atium geodes in the Pits of Hathsin on Scadrial, they are dependent on the Investiture seeping into the ground from Endowment's perpendicularity, which is nearby.[3][4] Their ability to power Awakening much more efficently likely results from this Investiture and connection to Endowment.

The Manywar[edit]

One of the causes of the Manywar were the economic value of Tears of Edgli.[5]


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