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Shards Unknown
Investitures Unknown
System Rosharan system[1]
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Silence Divine
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There is Ashyn, the burning planet, which suffered a cataclysm long ago.
—From Khriss's essay on the Rosharan System[2]

Ashyn is a planet in the Rosharan system. It is the first planet from Roshar's sun [1]. The book The Silence Divine is set here.[3] The magic system involves people who gain magical powers from diseases.[4]

At some point, the humans living on Ashyn used the Dawnshards and/or Surgebinding to destroy most of the planet.[5][6] Some people fled the destruction and traveled to the neighboring planet Roshar, while others stayed in small pockets of habitable land.[7] This land includes the floating cities Ashyn is known for[2], kept afloat by conclaves of people infected with a certain disease that gives them the power to do so.[8] The planet is mostly barren, with a few fertile patches.[3] Although it is not known what the ecology of Ashyn was like before the cataclysm, it likely closely resembled modern Shinovar, as the plants and animals there are ones brought by the original refugees.[6] Ashyn currently has no Shard,[9] but Odium possibly spent time there as he followed the Ashynites to Roshar.[10] The current inhabitants of Roshar know Ashyn as the Tranquiline Halls.


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