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Night Brigade
Leader The Admiral
Type Mercenary company
World Threnody
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Sunlit Man
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I know of no force more dangerous.

The Night Brigade is a mercenary group originating from Threnody.[2]

Methodology and Goals[edit]

The Night Brigade consider themselves to be an army, and wear full military uniforms, despite the fact that their commander holds the title of the Admiral.[2] They are well-known throughout the cosmere as being brutally efficient, but at the same time, precise in their destruction, giving them a terrifying reputation. While they've wrecked entire planets, they do not go out of their way to pillage and burn thoughtlessly.[1] They -- or at least some of their members -- have some affection for Threnodite offshoot cultures, calling them "cousins".[2]

While they can presumably be hired, the Night Brigade has their own pursuits -- namely, the chase after Nomad and the Dawnshard he once held.[3] They have been hunting him ceaselessly for decades.[3][4] Like all others who seek to possess a Dawnshard, the Night Brigade have been hiding this, despite the fact that there is already an incredible bounty on Nomad's head.[5] It is unclear if they were the ones to have posted the bounty.


They’re the only army I know that makes you keep on fighting after you’ve died.

The Night Brigade's trademark power is the ability to control the shades created from dead Threnodites. As such, the members of the Brigade are expected to keep on serving after their deaths.[1] Their shades are tamed by the Night Brigade through methods unknown, though likely tied to the Continuity Chain, a weapon wielded by the Admiral. The Admiral herself is capable of commanding the shades with her mind, without the need for vocalized commands.[2]

Aside from their control over shades, the Night Brigade also possesses at least one spaceship, which allows them to bring devastation to entire planets.[6][1] This is also how they chase after Nomad. Their methods for locating him, however, are unknown; while they are able to scan a planet for his presence, how they find the correct planet is left unexplained.[1][2] They can track him down within merely a few days of his skip, ensuring that he is constantly on the run.[7]

The Night Brigade possesses the knowledge necessary to use Hemalurgy. They are aware of the cosmere's secrets, including the Dawnshards and what they're capable of.[8]


The Night Brigade arriving on Canticle

Very little is known about the formation of the Night Brigade. There was once a group on Threnody that sought to free their homeland from the Evil; it is possible that it might have ties to the mercenary company.[9] What is known is that the Brigade was formed of Threnodites, and has somehow gained the ability to command the shades. At some point, they have also acquired a spaceship, and a reputation for brutality.[1]

The Night Brigade began hunting Nomad some time after he passed on his Dawnshard. He initially turned himself in, hoping that he would be let go once they realized he no longer held their prize. However, he soon discovered that they would be able to turn him into a spike which they could then use for tracking down the Dawnshard's current holder. Nomad managed to flee them then, and has been on the run since, as the Night Brigade pursues him ceaselessly over the course of decades.[8]

After Nomad arrived on Canticle, the Night Brigade appeared only hours later, flying into the planet's orbit and beginning their search.[1] A group of Night Brigade's members, including staff seargant Truth-Is-Waiting and the Admiral herself, descended upon the surface. They stole one of the local house ships in order to blend in with the people of the Canticle and question them as to Nomad's whereabouts. Before they were able to locate him, Nomad managed to skip to another planet, eluding them again. However, during the same search, Truth-Is-Waiting discovered that the planet held a Scadrian research outpost, which could be questioned for information.[2]

Known Members[edit]


  • In early drafts, the group was called the "Dusk Brigade"; however, due to an error of transcription, this was mistaken to be the "Dust Brigade" for many years. Brandon eventually renamed it to the "Night Brigade" due to the fact that he already had a character named Dusk in the cosmere.[10]
  • The organization as a whole is a reference to The Black Company.[10]
  • Despite the name, the Night Brigade has no meaningful connection to Night Aether.[11]


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