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Cinder King
The Cinder King by Nabetse Zitro.jpg
Died [1]
Abilities Charred
Titles Cinder King, Sunlit One
Ethnicity Threnodite
World Canticle
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Sunlit Man
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We had violence. Crimes of passion. Arguments. But no actual killers. No trained ones. That was the Cinder King’s innovation.

Rebeke describing the history of Canticle.[2]

The Cinder King is a Threnodite on Canticle who became the leader of the Union and led the Charred.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

The Cinder King is tall with glowing red eyes. He has a cinderheart, but it is not as deep in his chest as the ones the Charred have. He covers the cinderheart with a black coat, but some of the light shines through.[3]

He is obsessed with power and believes it is his destiny to rule. He is interested in off-worlders, primarily for their stories of conquest. He often cheats and lies[4] and is insecure despite his boasting.[5]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Like everyone from Canticle, the Cinder King can take Investiture, called heat by the natives of Canticle, from other people of Canticle through physical contact. He can do this more powerfully than others and quickly kill the person he touches. The Cinder King is highly Invested from doing this to thousands of people.[6] He quickly heals from wounds.[7] He is also a great shot.[8]

The Cinder King can control the Charred through his cinderheart. The Charred receive his commands as a voice in their heads.[9] They also feel the Cinder King's emotions.[10]

He has access to Scadrian devices, such as bracers that freeze[11] and bands that increase weight.[7]


The Cinder King before ascending to leadership served as an executioner, during this period of his life he developed a keen interest in the nature of power and concluded that it was more powerful to have others follow his commands than merely killing them.[12]

The Cinder King later in life met a Thaylen worldhopper who was attempting to make contact with the natives of Canticle. Fearing that he was a demon the Cinder King killed him and recovered a series of encyclopedias on his person that informed the Cinder King of the existence of the wider Cosmere, as well as the people who inhabited it.[12]

Following this the Cinder King began to seize power throughout all of Canticle, eventually forming the Union. During the height of his power he held considerable influence over every corridor on the planet and all habitable regions.[13] He was known for his violent methods of controlling the natives and killed multiple off-worlders during his reign.[12]


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