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Prerequisites Cinderheart
Type Unknown
World Canticle
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Sunlit Man
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Charred are a classification of Invested being on Canticle.[1]


Charred are created using a corrupted sunheart, called a cinderheart, and stabbing a person in the chest with it.[2][3] This is typically done while attached to a spearhead.[4] Union has a machine that implants the cinderheart, although still being done with a spear.[5] Once the cinderheart is inserted heat will begin to flare, causing sparks and flames to spray out as the body is burned.[5] The person's pectorals, rib cage, and heart will burn away, leaving seared and blackened skin.[6] The cinderheart will then radiate from the center of the cavity.[5]

The immense amount of heat causes most of their memories and soul to burn up.[5][7] Giving a Charred even more heat can further destroy their memories.[5]

Sunlit Ones[edit]

Leaders of the Charred, known as Sunlit Ones, are created by removing some of the heat from the cinderheart immediately after it is implanted.[5][8] Sunlit Charred keep most of their skin and organs intact, leaving the cinderheart not as deeply implanted.[3][5] They also keep their memories, as the cinderheart is unable to finish burning away their soul.[5]

Abilities and Weaknesses[edit]

Charred posses supernatural strength, speed, and durability.[6][9][10][11] They are very effective in close combat and are consistently driven to act.[12][3] Charred can also use their cinderhearts to ignite explosives.[11] Their bodies are hotter than normal and can cause water to quickly evaporate if touching them.[4] Sunlit Charred are able to absorb a much larger amount of Investiture than normal, though being Charred does not grant someone the inherent ability to absorb Investiture.[3][13]

A major weakness of Charred is that they will collapse if heat is drawn from their bodies.[14] Charred will also not survive modern weapons, such as guns, and are not strong enough to break out of chains.[10][14] They can also be killed if they are unable to breathe.[12]


Despite removing a person's heart and other important organs, cinderhearts are able to keep Charred alive.[15] Cinderhearts constantly push heat throughout the body, energizing the Charred.[16] If their cinderheart stops working, they will immediately die.[17]

Cinderhearts will respond to a Charred's emotions, and may flare, dim, or change color depending on their mood.[7][17] Through their cinderhearts, all Charred are Connected, and can feel the presence of other Charred.[5]


You see how they can’t protest or resist? How they serve me regardless of how I treat them? I have absolute power over these.

Charred are Connected to their leader, a Sunlit Charred, who is able to control them.[5][3] Due to their compromised souls, the control can be strong enough that a Charred will barely even struggle while getting strangled if told not to move.[12][3] Charred are able to feel the emotions of their Sunlit One and may express and act on these feelings despite their current commands.[17][18] When left without orders, Charred are typically violent, and will growl or attack those close to them.[19][11]

If more than one Sunlit Charred tries to take control at the same time, the stronger one will win.[5][20] Sunlit Charred are not able to directly control too many Charred at a time, and often just give them general instructions.[3] Charred will not attack Sunlit Charred, even if they are not the one controlling them.[5]

Charred can be freed from the control of a Sunlit Charred by taking some of the heat from their cinderhearts.[3] This removes some of the corrupted coating placed on the soul and removes the darkness of the cinderheart. Charred freed from control will still feel the Connection and emotions of their Sunlit Charred, but will not hear orders from them.[3][18] It is unknown if this process is permanent or if the Charred needs to continue removing heat from their cinderheart to remain autonomous.[21] This process allows the Charred to think and speak, but they will not regain memories or personalities from before they were Charred.[16] They will still be quick to attack others, but this can be controlled through willpower and discipline.


At some point Scadrian researchers arrived on Canticle and began experimenting with the local investiture. One of these experiments led to them creating cinderhearts, and finding out how to create Charred and Sunlit Ones.[2] They also met the Cinder King and began trading with him.

During one of these trades, the Cinder King acquired the knowledge of how to make Charred and Sunlit Ones. He began doing this shortly after, creating the army by which he was able to conquer the world.

Notable Charred[edit]


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